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Autumn 2005

Greetings, Friends!

This issue finds us just after Katrina and Rita devastated not only much of the Gulf Coast and New Orleans, but our illusions of external safety as well. It would appear that Americans are coming out of denial whether we wanted to or not! While I certainly can’t find it in my heart to celebrate the annihilation of people’s homes and families and the incomprehensible suffering involved, I will say that whenever an illusion is blown away, it is a step toward healing and greater integrity, and we can find assurance in knowing that all is unfolding according to plan, even though it may be a challenge to see sometimes.

Remember, Earth is being renovated and we can’t let ourselves empower the chaos by getting sucked into the fallacy that something is going wrong because we’re seeing a major remodeling mess. Fortunately, we know that by keeping our focus out of fear and despair and on Love, we keep our energy from contributing to the turmoil, keep from magnetizing it further into our experience, and offer a vibrational oasis of calm, peace, and safety for others as well as ourselves. (My blog entries of 9/3 and 9/4 are about my own challenges with staying out of despair and focused on Love during Katrina’s aftermath.)

Understand this: there is no safety to be found on Earth while under the jurisdiction of the duality matrix. Peace and calm are not features of duality. I talk about why in this issue’s lead article, “Prime Matrix: The Only Safe Place.” The other two main articles in this issue have the theme of self-acceptance. At first glance, you might not see the relationship between that and rising above the duality matrix to “the only safe place,” but there are many powerful connections as you will see when you read them.

Rise, shine, and be Who You Are!


Julia Rogers Hamrick

In This Issue

Prime Matrix: The Only Safe Place

Our universe operates from a primary reality matrix and a sub-matrix. At this point in time, the sub-matrix, duality, is prevalent in the Earth experience, but it is not our original reality-state, or the one that will ever offer us the peace, harmony, joy, or safety that we long for. In fact, its turmoil is downright dangerous—actually, it’s deadly! The only safe place is the Prime Matrix, and the more of our consciousness invested there, the more peaceful and harmonious our experience will be.

Prime Matrix, also known as the Unified Field of Oneness, or the Divine Design for Wholeness and Harmony, is where the qualities we seek reside and where we must be in consciousness if we want to experience them. Prime Matrix is the high-frequency, original design for being, and is the state of perfection and wholeness described in the sacred texts of many religions as “The Garden of Eden.” What happened when Adam and Eve succumbed to temptation and defied their Creator, who had told them under no circumstances to eat of the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, was that they activated duality. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is more aptly called, “The Tree of the Concept of Good and Evil,” because good and evil are merely notions until given life by the highly creative human mind. What the Creator knew was that by “eating” that “fruit”—by beginning to think in terms of “good” and “evil”—they would activate an operating system in which they were not designed to survive, much less, thrive.

The human mind is a powerful influencer of energy. It shapes the nature of energy’s expression, and controls whether energy is harmonious or not. The result of billions of human minds over the millennia, thinking in terms of good and evil and other opposites, has created strong currents of energy coalescing around each concept. Once these energy currents were established, it created a powerful magnetic framework that tends to keep us trapped in it until we remember how to opt out of it. Duality not only describes the framework that is established by thinking in terms of good and evil, it also encompasses all thinking that is characterized by opposites and by comparisons. Any thinking that relies on their being “more than one,” necessarily takes you out of Oneness and into the tumultuous duality matrix.

The big clue to why Oneness is safe, and duality is not, is contained within the terms themselves. In Oneness, there is one, un-fragmented energy. Therefore, within Oneness, there is no possibility of conflict. In duality, there are two energies—opposites—moving in inverse directions, the poles of which human beings have labeled  “good” and “evil,” When opposite energies interact, there is the potential for conflict. Think of a machine with moving parts—when two parts touch and are moving in opposite directions, friction results. Friction, conflict, and turmoil characterize life in the duality matrix—that’s easy to see by simply checking the front page of any major daily newspaper! Duality is obviously not where you want to be if you’re seeking the safety of peace and harmony. 

In practical terms, think of how many wars have been started because of someone’s certainty that their idea of things was good and someone else’s was evil. It brings to mind radical Islam and fundamentalist Christianity, both of which are certain they are on the side of “good,” and that the other is on the side of “evil.” After 9/11, we are acutely aware of the danger that lies within the juxtaposition of those two ideologies. neither of which can possibly authentically lay claim to the whole truth, because their ideas are built around the concepts of good and evil instead of Oneness and harmony! As long as there are factions out to prove that they are on the side of right, and that someone else is on the side of wrong, the duality matrix thrives, and danger looms. The ultimate irony is that, because of the nature of duality, any time you invest energy in empowering “good,” you empower “evil” as well! As you can see, duality is a trap, with no way out except through acceptance and Love.

The threat of danger is not just from overt acts of human violence toward each other. Even the weather is influenced by the strong polarity in human thought energy. The increase in storm activity and severity is a reflection of the extreme polarity currently manifesting in the duality matrix. The imbalances in the environment are not just the result of the choices made from lower consciousness on the part of humanity (the duality matrix creates lower consciousness because it lowers frequency, and frequency and consciousness are directly proportional), it is due, as well, to the skewed energy patterns created by human thought. Our world is an absolute mirror of our consciousness and the energy we influence with our thoughts. We will only experience real peace and safety at all levels of our experience when we choose to strengthen the Oneness matrix and empower it as the operating system from which we live.

So why would you spend time out of Prime Matrix and in duality at all if it is a choice? There’s an aspect of you that is highly invested in duality: the psychological entity known as your ego. Duality is created and sustained by the ego’s specialty: judgment. Judgment is a thought dynamic whereby the ego makes determinations about things based on comparisons such as what is “good,” and what is “evil.” To escape from the duality matrix, we must let go of the concepts of good and evil and think in Oneness terms again. This requires relinquishing judgment, the ego’s favorite activity, and the one that sustains the duality matrix. Instead of thinking in terms of “this is good,” and “this is evil,” we must employ acceptance, which is the only way out of duality.

Acceptance of something isn’t condoning it, it is simply viewing it in terms of neutrality. You may think that refusing to judge things as good and evil, right and wrong, is the way to allow evil to flourish. That is the big lie that the ego tells to keep us trapped in duality! Escaping the duality matrix depends upon our willingness to stop feeding the ego’s need to judge and be “right,” and simply to love. The more you participate in the nonjudgmental act of loving, the more aligned you are with the Prime Matrix, and the more loving and harmonious your experience. Love, in fact, is a feature of Prime Matrix and does not exist in duality, so whenever you choose Love over being “right,” you’re opting out of duality and strengthening Prime Matrix, the “only safe place.” When enough of us choose to radiate Love unconditionally, we will trigger a transformation that will make Earth the peaceful, harmonious place we all long for it to be. And, in the meantime, we will find our own experience more peaceful and less fraught with danger.

For more on how to rise out of the duality matrix, be sure to read Recreating Eden: The Exquisitely Simple, Divinely Ordained Plan for Transforming Your Life and Your Planet.

Instant Frequency Boosters

  • Turn off the TV! Curtailing television watching will boost your frequency anytime, but pulling the plug on your exposure to the horrifying scenes featured on the news will keep your energy from being sucked into reverse polarity and raise your frequency during times of turmoil.
  • Stretch! Stretching increases energy flow which raises your frequency. The feel-good aspect of stretching also adds to its frequency-raising value—when you feel good, other things tend to line up to increase your feeling of well-being.
  • Melt. Release all the tension in your body and allow your body to “melt” in the chair like you were in a Salvador Dali painting. Feel the chair supporting you and breathe out all the stress keeping your body rigid and upright, sending it down into the Earth as fertilizer. (Be aware that if someone sees you doing this exercise, they may call the paramedics!) When you need to come back to attention, stretch and breathe in fresh energy, taking on only the amount of “starch” needed to hold yourself up and function, leaving the “fertilizer” to Mother Earth to transform.

The View from Here

Julia’s Blog has a new look—in more ways than one! It has a new format, and a pair of peepers. Check it out! If you haven’t yet discovered my online journal, you’re missing my radically honest confessions about bridging the gap between being 100% human and 100% divine! The view from the gap is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes inspiring, oftentimes instructive, and sometimes none of the above—but it’s always honest and usually thought-provoking. Updated 2-3 times a week, it’s where I go when I want to talk to you—I hope you’ll join in the conversation!

Self-Acceptance: Key to Transcending the Duality Matrix

As an infant, still immersed in Oneness, you accepted yourself unconditionally, and were completely without shame or self-consciousness. Until someone told you, or implied to you, that there was anything unacceptable about you, your behavior, or the situation into which you were born, you accepted yourself in every way. It didn’t matter what you looked like, if you were rich or poor, what your skin color was, if you had a deformity, an alcoholic parent, fashionable clothes, ragged clothes or no clothes.

You accepted your body completely, including your genitals and your bowel movements, and did not experience them as something about which to be ashamed or to hide. You did not question the validity of your feelings, the sound of your own voice or the grace of your movements. You did not compare yourself to anyone else, or wish you were someone other than who you are. You simply were, and that was that. You were whole and still operating out of Prime Matrix—Oneness—fully expressing your essential qualities, with Life Force moving through you at optimal levels. You had not yet been disempowered through judgment.

Only when your caretakers, who were embroiled in the duality matrix, the realm of opposites, comparisons, and of the judgment of what is “good” and “bad,” acceptable and unacceptable, began teaching you that some things about you were okay and others were not, did you begin to see yourself as less than perfect. Only when someone praised some things about you and criticized others, or compared you to someone else, did you learn to do the same. This was not natural for you—you had to learn to shift from the sense of holiness and perfection within you, to a sense of incompleteness and imperfection. You had to learn to judge yourself—to not to fully accept yourself. You had to learn to step out of Oneness into the Life Force-depleting, frequency-lowering duality matrix, the realm of judgment.

Your acquired lack of self-acceptance is truly crippling you more than you may know. It has kept you tied to the duality matrix, because all your judgments about everything are rooted in your lack of self-acceptance and your judgment of self. What you are not able to accept in others is intimately tied to that which you cannot accept in yourself, and this pattern of judgment keeps you stuck in the duality matrix. Letting go of self-judgment, and re-learning self-acceptance is key to releasing yourself from the trap of duality.

No doubt there are characteristics or conditions you have developed as a result of your tenure here on Planet Earth that are not desirable to you and, certainly, it may serve your divine purpose to change them. But the irony is, when you fail to accept whatever you wish to change, it simply puts you in a position from which real transformation and healing is impossible, because it keeps you out of alignment with Source, out of the flow of Love, which is the only transformational, healing force there is! Remember, acceptance is not about liking something or condoning it. Rather, it is acknowledging it in a neutral way. It is saying, “I will not judge because I do not have the capacity to fully understand how who I Am and what I express fits into the Whole of Creation. I will not judge because I do not know the totality of God’s desire for experiencing what it is to be human.”

Certainly, if it is true that the Creator’s primary goal is to experience every facet of Her or Himself, then whatever you, as a facet of God, manifest in your being—whether desirable to you, or undesirable to you—is a part of providing God with a complete experience. Therefore, to judge yourself is of no use, except to keep you trapped in the pain of duality. Only through non-judgment can we move out of duality, and truly be in alignment with Source where we are able to release anything that doesn’t suit our divine purpose, and experience the joy and fulfillment of being and doing that which we are designed to be and do.

So, as you can see, acceptance of yourself is a major piece in the process of returning to the higher frequency of joy and harmony. Because the habit of judgment is so deeply ingrained in humanity, self-acceptance is something that you will need to practice and practice and practice. But doing it is liberating in a way that you will not conceive of until you experience it. There is nothing that will raise your frequency as effectively as true self-acceptance. To get there, try offering yourself the same patience, compassion, understanding and Love you might give a disabled child in your care—for that is what you are. Operating in the duality matrix has crippled you, but by refusing to withhold Love from yourself, and practicing the unconditional acceptance you embodied as an infant, you take a truly powerful step toward rising in frequency, healing the wounds sustained in the duality matrix, and rising back up in frequency where your life is harmonious, joyful, and filled with Love once again.

©2005 Julia Rogers Hamrick

I will be offering a free teleseminar, “Self-Acceptance: Key to Transcending the Duality Matrix” October 25 to further explore the ideas in this article. Watch for details!

Power Tool

Essential Oil Blend “Acceptance”

One of the essential oil blends I’ve found most transformative—and particularly so for supporting my own movement toward full self-acceptance—is called “Acceptance” (imagine that!). By applying a drop or two on the outside of each ear, and using a method called “Vita Flex,” I stimulate the points of the ears that correlate to issues around rejection and acceptance. Other areas I pay attention to relate to issues about mother and father, and we know that those relationships factor into our ability to accept ourselves. For instructions on applying Vita Flex, read the Stanley Burroughs classic, Healing and the Age of Enlightenment. (Vita Flex is not necessary for the oil application to be effective, however, it may enhance its effectiveness.) To order Acceptance, visit my Young Living website.

What You Think is Wrong With You May Be Something Right!

I want to introduce you to a radical notion. Maybe what you think is wrong with you, is actually something that is right with you! Sadly, some of our unique and important personality traits are misunderstood and not accepted by ourselves or by society. So many of the things we decide are personality defects are simply things that do not fit into our culture’s ideas of what and how we are supposed to be. They are characteristics that, if properly cultivated, may be our true strengths, but because they don’t fit easily into the world the way it is, they may not be valued in our society, and we may decide they are defects and judge ourselves as defective. When you stop resisting about yourself that which you have judged, and accept it instead, you may find that, at the very least, you are now in position to transform it, since only when you are out of the realm of judgment are you able to channel Love, the only transformative force in the universe. But even more exciting is that you may find, instead of a liability, you have a characteristic that is something to cultivate and celebrate! And it may even be a clue to your divine role and purpose on the planet!

For example, if you are someone who moves from career to career,  job to job, and can’t seem to make anything “stick,” you may feel that you are a failure, and judge yourself as defective. If you have not settled on one thing and mastered it, but have tried many things, continually moving from one endeavor to the next, you may believe that something is wrong with you because, according to society’s values, you are supposed to find a career, get very good at one thing and work at it until you retire. Consider, however, that the capacity to keep moving from one thing to another is a strength, and the willingness to attempt new things means you are flexible and adaptable and ready to re-group at a moment’s notice, always available to go where Spirit leads you. This is a valuable trait—an evolutionary trait—if not in the eyes of society, in the whole scheme of things. The Divine Design needs versatile people like you!

Some of your qualities may simply be problematical because they are misplaced—you are not in the right situation to utilize them. What if you are someone that tends to be loud and animated, and you work in a hospital or library or other place where being loud is a mismatch, but you’re having a hard time reining in your energy? Can you think of any role in which being naturally loud and animated, a sign of someone channeling a large flow of energy, would be a plus? Besides being a stage actor, a comedian, or motivational speaker, perhaps those characteristics would come in handy for crowd control in an emergency, or for working with the hearing-impaired! Or perhaps you are meant to learn to channel that powerful energy for healing. Instead of judging your characteristics as wrong, consider that you may simply be in the wrong situation to optimize those strengths.

Procrastination is a biggie for many of us, and a trait that we tend to dislike about ourselves. What is procrastination? It is the decision to defer action until you are internally moved to act. Granted, oftentimes procrastination is a rebellious reaction instead of a real choice. Many of us have had overly coercive parents who did not honor our need to attune with the flow of Life Force within us and coordinate our actions with our own sense of what to do when, so we’ve unconsciously used procrastination as a way to try to take back our power. Viewed as a strength, procrastination may be interpreted as a sign that you are unwilling to live your life according to an externally dictated schedule, and understand that waiting for energy to well up in you telling you it’s actually time to get a thing done is a way of aligning with divine timing. When you stop vilifying this pattern and begin to utilize it for what it is, you can see that there are times when putting off action has been the right thing to do—and, you may find that you will choose to act promptly more often, once you free up your attitude about procrastination and stop reinforcing it through condemnation.

The list of possible misunderstandings about yourself is as long as the list of qualities you don’t like. Instead of fighting your innate tendencies, perhaps it is time to accept and use those qualities to serve in a higher way. Before you permanently judge that something about you is wrong and needs to be changed, try this: Make a list of those things about yourself you find unacceptable. Use your imagination to come up with how and why those things may really be strengths in disguise. Brainstorm this—no answer is too far out when you’re brainstorming. The very thing you like least about yourself may be one of the most important tools you were given for carrying out your Spirit’s purposes here on Earth!

Certainly there are things about your personality that you don’t like that are simply adaptations to the dysfunctional situation on Planet Earth, and bringing these parts of you that may be out of balance into balance may be exactly what is called for. It is crucial you understand, though, that the only way to balance and transform these aspects of you is through Love—and love requires acceptance. Your lack of self-acceptance means that you are out of alignment with Source, and out of the flow of Love. Love is the only force that can transform this or any other aspect of you, so self-acceptance is a must either way. Self-acceptance is the key to your transformation!

North Carolina, Here I Come!

I will be in North Carolina next week, speaking and doing a workshop and attunements. It will be lovely to be back home, even if it will be a whirlwind tour. I’ll be speaking to the Abraham group in Winston-Salem Oct. 5, then I’ll be the presenter for Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship in Raleigh Oct. 6, doing attunements in Raleigh Oct. 7, a workshop there Oct. 8, and attunements in W-S on Oct. 10. For details, see the Events page at recreating-eden.com. I’d love to see you!

As We Evolve, So Does Our Website

We’ve added a couple of new features to Recreating-Eden.com over the last week or two. There is now a collection of my articles archived there—some of them have been in the newsletters, but there are new ones as well. There is a feature that lets you email any of these articles directly from the site so you can spread the message with ease!

On the “Order” page, you can now purchase tapes or CDs of the September teleseminars. We’ve also consolidated the pages devoted to the book, Recreating Eden, and added a page with some of the wonderful things people have had to say about it. And have you read “The Eleven Vital Understandings for Recreating Eden”? Check it all out!

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