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11 Vital Understandings for Recreating Eden

  1. Eden is a frequency—the frequency at which you were designed to thrive. The only way you can fully thrive is by rising upward in frequency to the realm you were created to inhabit.
  2. Every problem on Earth—without exceptioncan be solved by a rise in frequency.
  3. Radiating Love is the key to raising frequency. You are designed to be a radiator of Love, and you instinctively know how. Whenever you encounter a situation that is inharmonious, or problem that seems to have no solution, itís a sign that more Love is needed, and is a call for you to do your primary job as a human being: radiate Love.
  4. You are Spirit in human form. Your life does not belong to your ego, it belongs to your Spirit. The most important role you can play in this life is to be Who You Are—indeed, being your Self—your Spirit in human form—is your key to the Garden Gate.
  5. Your primary purpose for existing is to be a transmitter/radiator of Love. When you do your job consistently, the re-creation of Heaven on Earth happens spontaneously.
  6. You are a co-creator of reality, and as such, you need to understand that your focus + your emotions = manifestation. To manifest Heaven on Earth, keep your focus in the Unified Field of Oneness and Harmony, and be passionate about it! To manifest more of the misaligned world, keep your focus on it and engage your emotions in it.
  7. With every choice you make, you are empowering either the Divine Design for Harmony and Wholeness or the schema for disharmony.
  8. The deepest shadows are adjacent to the brightest light—focus on the bright Light instead of the shadow. When the Light is obscured, remember that on a cloudy day, you need only rise up above the clouds to see the sun shining. Do not be fooled into believing the Light has dimmed just because a shadow is present!
  9. Your Spirit has never left Eden. Joy is the feeling response to being in the higher-vibrational realm of your Spirit and, thus, closer to Eden. By choosing to feel Joy, you allow yourself to rise upward in frequency to re-unite with your Spirit and dwell in Eden.
  10. Raising your frequency raises the frequency of the Whole of Creation. Heaven on Earth is created by each individual making choices that raise their own frequency so that the frequency of the Whole is lifted up to the frequency of Eden.
  11. It’s time to put Love first in every situation and walk our talk. No excuses, no rationalizations. It’s time to be Who We Are and do what we came here to do!
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