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Praise for Recreating Eden

"Recreating Eden is a breath of fresh air! (Julia's) ability to assist us in remembering who we really are and how to reconnect to that part of us that is the Truth is brilliant. You can feel her Love and Spirit fly off the pages as she gently shows you the map to find your way home again."

—Linda Salazar, Palos Verdes, CA

"Recreating Eden is an outstanding spiritual contribution that will raise your level of awareness, your understanding of the games of ego, and will help you to rise above fear on all levels to become fully aligned with Source every moment of your life. This book reads as beautifully as it is written, filled with heart, soul and most of all, Divine Truth. I highly recommend it for spiritual awakening."

—Barbara Rose

"…Recreating Eden is a powerful and life-changing discourse that draws new revelations from an ancient parable."

—Midwest Book Review

"As an energy teacher, healer and intuitive, I've longed for a book like this for many years-a volume I could share with clients and students no matter where they were on their spiritual path. At last Spirit has gifted us with such a book, a divine plan that we all can follow to our destination…"

—Diana Henderson, Raleigh, NC

"…Of all the books I've read about these evolutionary times and your role in the world, Julia's Recreating Eden explains it the most simply, and with extraordinary insight…A MUST READ!!!"

—Ellen Kennon, St. Francisville, LA

"You may even wish to read it again and again, for this book continues to offer amazing new and fresh insight every time. The essence of Eden is far more than an idea--it has the power to become a living reality!"

—Donna Michael, Nashville, TN

"…I find myself talking about this book all the time, and often getting it out during conversations so I can quote Julia exactly. I'm so lucky this book found its way to me!"

—Kristin Frackowiak, Denver, CO

"…Since reading (Recreating Eden) …there is more ease and beauty in my own daily life and also in relationships with others."

—Barbara G. Creech, Belmont, NC

"Hamrick's plan (and specific instructions) for filling our lives with joy and harmony, for opening our hearts, for tapping our creativity, and for re-remembering our essence is a life preserver on the sea of our possibility. All we have to do is grab it.

—Sherry Roberts, Apple Valley, MN

"I would highly recommend this book for the beginner on the path as well as the experienced aspirant."

—Steven Gage, Raleigh, NC

"Julia Rogers Hamrick hits the mark with this gem of a book."

—Richard Myers, Denver, CO

For full reviews from which these excerpts were taken, see Recreating Eden's page on Amazon.com.