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Autumn 2004

Greetings, Friends!

We are certainly living in exciting times! Those of us who have been on the path Home for awhile remember hearing the prophecies for the transitional period we're currently experiencing, so it likely comes as no shock that extremes of polarity have intensified! For those of you to whom all this craziness comes as a surprise, hang on! It's only a phase. From weather patterns and seismic activity, to the highs and lows of human behavior, life in the "duality sector" can certainly be a wild ride—a ride you may wish weren't so doggone turbulent.

An illustration I use in my talks and workshops you'll be able to relate to if you've traveled by air is that of what jetliner pilots do when encountering air turbulence. They climb in altitude! That is what we are called to do as well. The only way out of the turbulence of these interesting days is to rise up—rise up to the "smooth air" of higher frequency. Thus, I have christened this fledgling newsletter, "Rising Times." Buckle your seatbelt, keep your eyes on the prize, know that you're not alone, and enjoy the climb!


Julia Rogers Hamrick

Love and Politics

You'd have to be sequestered in quite a remote location indeed not to be aware of the upcoming elections. Beyond casting your vote, you have the power to ensure that whomever has the loftier motives is elected.

Election 2004 and the Anesthesia of Lower Frequency

If you, like I, have found yourself frustrated at the current political state of affairs and are concerned about the outcome of the upcoming presidential election, I have a read on the situation that may be helpful in understanding why things are the way they are. And, what we can do to support a harmonious outcome, aligned with the highest possibilities available to us.

The question that kept coming up for me was, "Why are so many otherwise intelligent people being fooled into believing that the factions currently in power are doing what is in our country's highest interests? Why are so many unable to look at the situation with clarity and see that they are being deceived?" Until recently, I was utterly perplexed at what seemed to be the unwillingness of so many people to comprehend what is actually happening; to figure out what the current administration is doing and why. So, in my oh-so-enlightened way, I called out, "What the #@%* is WRONG with these people?!"

And Higher Intelligence answered: "They can't see clearly because they are under the anesthesia of lower frequency, lured there by the appeal to their reptilian brains."

As you know if you've read Recreating Eden, the key to rising up to the higher frequencies of being where harmony reigns is to ignore the siren call of the "serpent"—to listen and obey the voice of God sounding within you instead of the voice of the most primitive portion of your brain—what I call "the serpent within." The way to rise in frequency is to serve the agenda of Love instead of the agenda of the serpent—to align with the Divine Design for Wholeness and Harmony instead of the subschema for disharmony.

Consciousness and frequency are correlated. The higher your frequency, the more dynamic your perceptions: the more conscious and aware you are, and the more able you are to see Truth. The lower your frequency, the less aware you are: your perceptions dull and you are more vulnerable to deception. When you resonate with the voice of the serpent, you are pulled down in frequency and your perceptions are diminished.

What is the agenda of the serpent? What is it that the serpent's voice draws us toward? To answer this, we will look at the characteristics of the reptilian brain—the most primitive part of each human being, that part of us that is at home in the lower frequencies. These are the motivators driving the reptilian brain; and the serpent, as well:

Territoriality     Tendency to follow precedent
Greed     Awe for authority
Dominance     Compulsiveness
Aggression     Ritual
Self-preservation     Prejudice
Social hierarchy     Resistance to change
Threat reactivity     Deception
Status maintenance     

Do any of these themes seem familiar? Perhaps you recognize them as the tools the government is using to justify actions that are contrary to the goal of harmony and peace. Perhaps you recognize that they appeal to the lower nature of humanity. To the degree that human beings allow those factors to motivate them, they are aligned with them and pulled into the inharmonious, tumultuous reality the serpent presides over.

All of the characteristics on the above list are fear-based. When those in power prey on human fears, the serpent is strengthened. Fear is the primary food of the serpent—feed it fear and it thrives. When the serpent within you is fed, thriving, and its influence grows stronger, your frequency drops in proportion. When your frequency drops, your awareness drops. When your awareness drops, you are even more susceptible to the serpent. When your frequency is lowered and your perceptions dulled, you are, in essence, "under anesthesia."

If you've ever experienced being under general anesthesia for surgery, you may remember the feeling of disorientation, of memory failure, of lack of will, of general weakness—basically, an inability to think clearly or to act from strength, necessitating a dependency on other humans to make decisions for you. This is the effect that lower frequency has on human beings! This is why the people who support the continuation of the current administration seem unable to see what's what: They are unable! Their perceptions have been disabled by the anesthesia of lower frequency.

Lest you look smugly at those people who are being deceived by the serpent into believing that the operating procedure being applied by those in the highest echelons of our government is right for our country and the world, let me admonish you that it's not just those "others" who are under the anesthesia of lower frequency—we are all connected; all One. The frequency of the Whole is lowered when any one of us succumbs to the call of the serpent.

Are you—at least sometimes—guilty of looking at the situation and allowing despair to overtake you? Of believing it is inevitable that the voice of the serpent will prevail and that whoever generates the most fear will win the election? Deciding that there is nothing you can do because it seems so hopeless? Then you are under anesthesia to some degree as well! That is what the serpent is counting on. Will you let the numbing effect of lower frequency suck you in? Will you let fear pull you under—and along with you, all over which you have dominion in the frequency hierarchy?

There is something practical and immediate you can do that has the potential to change everything. I believe it is something we MUST do, as it is our duty as conscious, aware beings. I always say that in any relationship, the person with the most consciousness is responsible for steering things on the highest course. This is no different. Those of us who can see what is going on—those of us who are operating at a high enough frequency to see what's what—are responsible for steering the course of our country upward out of the influence of the serpent.

Raising and keeping our frequency as high as possible serves to pull the frequency of the Whole higher, raising it up out of the anesthetizing lower-frequency realms. Once human beings are out of the range of lower frequency, the voice of the serpent grows more distant and small until it no longer has power. Indeed, the serpent does not—cannot—exist at the higher levels of frequency. Would-be leaders under the spell of the serpent have no power at the higher levels of frequency.

How does this work at a practical level now? The only way to raise your own frequency and thus the frequency of the Whole is to be Who You Are and do your primary job as a human being: to radiate Love. When you are in judgment mode, however, you are not radiating Love. You are empowering the serpent and lowering the frequency of the Whole. When you are fearful about the state of the world, you are not radiating Love—you are empowering the serpent and lowering the frequency of the Whole. When you are in despair over the way things appear to be going, you are not radiating Love, you are empowering the serpent and lowering the frequency of the Whole. Stop that!

When you radiate Love and trust that all is in Divine Order, regardless of appearances, you are empowering the Divine Design for Wholeness and Harmony and raising the frequency of the Whole. And you are in position to be divinely guided as to whatever practical actions you can take that are in alignment with the purposes of Heaven and will authentically support the unfolding of a higher possibility for this country—indeed, for Planet Earth.

There is only one way out of the realm of the serpent—the subschema for disharmony—and that is up in frequency. You are powerful. You have what it takes to lead the way upward and, in the process, to raise up the Whole of humanity to the level where Love and Harmony reign. While our goal of returning to the Garden may take a bit longer to accomplish, raising your frequency level even a little bit over the next few weeks can make the crucial difference between being asleep and being awake for a significant number of American voters currently under anesthesia. You have the power to affect the outcome of Election 2004 in more ways than you may have realized.

Power Tools

Speaking of your power to make a difference, I have an additional idea for creating change using another tremendously effective built-in tool, and yes, you can do it in your bunny slippers!

Experience A New Reality NOW

You have some really potent creativity tools at your disposal. As a co-creator with Great Spirit, you were endowed with everything you need to create realities! Those abilities are built into you. One of the most effective creativity tools you have at your disposal is your ability to experience something before it becomes a tangible reality and empower it to manifest. How do you do this? You use your amazing imagination to create an energy template, and then apply your passion to magnetize substance to it! In other words, use creative visualization, charged with feeling, to pre-experience something that you desire and birth it into form.

Decide on something that is your true heart's desire, and imagine, in full, glorious color, with all your senses engaged, how it will feel when it is a tangible reality. One technique I love to use when doing this is imagining myself on the telephone with a friend sharing the exciting news that whatever it is has come true. For example, I might pre-experience something along the lines of "Can you believe it? I just won that trip to Fiji I've always wanted and I'd like you to go with me!" I imagine my friend screaming with excitement and both of us going bonkers with joy and excitement, making plans, discussing logistics etc. While doing this, I feel in my gut the exquisite butterflies of elation I would feel, I hear the friend's voice, I imagine the smells in the room, taste the tea I'm sipping, feel the weight of the phone receiver in my hand, etc. The more real you can make it, the more powerful it is. Remember, feeling the feeling-turning on the joy-is critical to the process. And using your quality of playfulness will "turbo-charge" it!

I know how effective "pre-experiencing" is because I once used it to go from being unable to walk at all (or even lift my legs) to being able to climb a steep hill without assistance in a mere two days! And despite a myriad of obstacles, it unfolded exactly as I had pre-experienced it. What an amazing moment that was! I not only achieved my goal, I knew I had discovered a most remarkable tool.

I hope you'll give this a whirl. It's a lot of fun, and did I mention, powerful? You might even want to apply this to creating how you'd like to be feeling on November 3…

Instant Frequency Boosters

Simple, sure-fire strategies for climbing up to a higher level in no time flat!

  1. Do something meaningful for a total stranger without putting judgments on whether or not they deserve it, and of course, without expectation of reward. And do it anonymously! You will be amazed at how great this feels. (Pay someone's restaurant tab, take someone's newspaper up to their porch, put some money in an envelope and put it on someone's windshield with a note "You are loved," pick some flowers from your garden and take them to a nursing home to be given to someone of the administration's choosing. The ideas are endless!) When you are a conduit for divine blessings, you are automatically raised in frequency.
  2. Go out in nature and instead of expecting nature to rejuvenate and nurture you, consciously transmit your love and appreciation to nature. Zap! Up in frequency you go!
  3. Say "thank you." Visit, call, or write someone to thank them for a kindness—even one from long ago. They'll be thrilled to hear it and you'll feel wonderful, too. Gratitude is powerful.
  4. Breathe! Just by taking some deep, conscious breaths, you will find yourself in a clearer space. When you imagine yourself rising higher with each breath, you will!
  5. Last, but most importantly of all, consciously, unconditionally radiate Love to all Creation. This is your primary job as a human being, and you are hard-wired to do it, so no instruction should be necessary, but here's a hint: it will be easier to do if you center yourself in your heart and do the breathing exercise in #4 first!

The Reviews Are In!

Okay, ONE new review is in! We just found out that Midwest Book Review gave Recreating Eden a glowing review:

"Recreating Eden: The Exquisitely Simple, Divinely Ordained Plan For Transforming Your Life And Your Planet by Julia Rogers Hamrick is a self-help guide grounded in the…tale of humankind's origins within Eden. Encouraging the reader to connect with the part that recalls his or her origins in paradise, and offering [the] means to restore…purity and grace within the mortal world, Recreating Eden stresses the importance of attuning oneself to the Divine Design and fostering harmony through the power of one's own decisions. …Recreating Eden is a powerful and life-changing discourse that draws new revelations from an ancient parable."

Thank you, Midwest!!!

The Lyrics That Ignited

This summer marked the 35th anniversary of Woodstock—the event that inspired Joni Mitchell to write her song of the same name. Did her lyrics have a subliminal impact on you?

And We've Got to Get Ourselves Back to the Garden

Thirty-five years ago this past August, Woodstock made its mark on our collective psyche. Capping off a decade of unprecedented consciousness expansion catalyzed by the "smack up side the head," harsh realities of the Vietnam War, by the burgeoning use of mind-altering substances, and by the emergence of new, inspired music with its often message-oriented lyrics, Woodstock was a phenomenon. The marker event for a generation. Woodstock provided newly aware Baby Boomers a rallying point—if not at the festival itself, at an idyllic place in their imaginations. While the actual festival on a dairy farm in New York's Hudson Valley was not without controversy and many less-than-harmonious components, the storied Woodstock spirit of unity that still shines through it all is emblematic of our age-old desire for a higher way of relating with one another; of a more loving existence—the existence of our origins—and our destiny. At our depth, we know Oneness. With all its warts, Woodstock, and the song it inspired, helped trigger our remembrance of it.

Though she did not attend, singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell caught the spirit of Woodstock and was inspired to pen what became the theme song for the festival of "three days of peace, love and music." Her friends, that era's super-group, Crosby Stills and Nash, popularized her tribute to the essence of the festival, and "Woodstock" became one of the most powerful connecting points to the Woodstock experience for those of us who weren't there, becoming, as well, one of the most beloved anthems of our idealism. Mitchell's words not only captured the fabled Woodstock vibration, it planted a seed in consciousness, challenging us with a mandate, the words of which constitute the last lines of the chorus: "and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden." I believe they represented an initiation—a call to remember what we are meant to do. The song was a depth charge of sorts, intended by the divine intelligence that sparked her to write it to detonate inside of us over time and awaken us to the task at hand.

I was a rising tenth-grader the summer of Woodstock and even if I'd had a clue, I feel certain my parents would have flung their bodies in front of any vehicle that might have attempted to take me there. But along with so many of my generation, I was infected by the Woodstock spirit nonetheless. Of course, no matter how cool the music was at Woodstock, or the cultural chic it represented at the time, it was not primarily the festival itself that we were actually attuning with and celebrating, but the strong feeling of unity that, according to lore, prevailed there. The stories of people sharing, of helping each other in the difficult circumstances that only hundreds of thousands of people trapped by blocked roads, jammed together, and enduring a shortage of food, continual downpours, and a limited number of toilets can create, are eclipsed in power only by descriptions of the "vibe" that pervaded the festival. The magic of Woodstock was that it activated our recollection of Oneness—of life at a higher frequency—that lives inside us and always has.

Oneness consciousness, though all-too-frequently overshadowed by ego, is a part of our nature—our original design. Woodstock was merely a catalyst to remember. The miracle of it was that, according to reports of festival-goers, so many people acted from that consciousness during the extraordinary event, letting Oneness and love guide their interactions with others. Interestingly, it has been reported that the instigators of Woodstock had advertised it as three days of peace, love and music not so much to convey the spirit of their vision for the festival, but to capitalize on the rapidly expanding hippie movement and achieve a maximum draw. They figured as well, that the slogan would inspire festival-goers to be on their best behavior, and therefore keep the trouble factor to a minimum. However, I believe that they, too, if unconsciously, were attuned with a higher wisdom that utilized them to orchestrate an event that, unbeknownst to them, would kick off a greater opening in humanity's consciousness. I find it phenomenal that multitudes who weren't even there understood what had happened—that they "got it"—and that the ripples of the Woodstock experience were felt everywhere. Perhaps this is because it was time to remember on a wide scale that Oneness is our calling. That getting ourselves back to the Garden is our deepest desire. That we are, however challenging it is to recognize it, on our way.

While the movement toward the Garden is visible only to those "with eyes to see," it is unfolding as surely as a rose unfurls its petals in the summer sun. The outer signs that it is time for the process to accelerate are many—the Harmonic Concordance, the Venus Transit, and 2012's end of the Mayan Calendar. Even the deepening shadows that can be seen in any daily newspaper's headlines are an indicator of increasing Light, as shadows are always deepest where the light is most intense. But most telling of all are the signs within each of us—our sense of disenfranchisement with the world the way it is, our increasing repugnance at participating in the machinations of a world caught up in the soul-damaging ego-pursuits of a lower frequency existence, and the intensified longing for a transcendent spiritual reality that truly feeds us—in a nutshell, our yearning for Home. Yes, it is time.

We are stardust
We are golden
And we've got to get ourselves
Back to the garden

Let's go.

It IS Written in the Stars

There are some fascinating overlighting events occurring in the heavens that are shaping, in rather dramatic ways, not only the harmonious outcome of our journey, but what we're experiencing as we rise up through the turbulence of duality on our way to the "smooth air zone" of Home. My friend, Allison Rae, who stewards a site out of Crestone, Colorado called "The Star Center," shares some really interesting information about the astrology of the moment in her article, "Faces of the Goddess." I think you'll see that, as she says, "the heavens are giving us a sign"!

Julia's Two Cents

Ever had to resist the urge to read someone else's diary? Now you don't have to! You can read mine. "Julia's Blog" is now a part of the Recreating Eden website. While I won't promise to blog daily (that would be setting myself up for rebellion—know what I mean?!), I pledge to blog as often as I have something to say. And as many of you know, that ensures a whole lotta bloggin'! There's a "comments" feature so you can offer feedback if you feel like joining in the conversation. Check frequently for new stuff…

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