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Recreating Eden: The exquisitely simple, divinely ordained plan for transforming your life and your planet

Paradise is not a piece of real estate but a state of being we know very well. It is our original state—the one we were designed to inhabit and the one to which we are destined to return. Recreating Eden trumpets the exciting message that the time has come at last for humanity to recreate the sublime reality called “Eden”—and that it is a remarkably simple, do-able process. Recreating Eden shows exactly how the paradisiacal state in which humanity originated was lost due to a critical shift in its relationship to its Creator, and more importantly, how it will be manifested once again by the exponential effect of individuals changing how they position themselves relative to Source.

Recreating Eden explains how the legacy of dysfunction passed down from Adam and Eve virtually guarantees that we will live a life of pain, struggle, deterioration, and death, unless we make the simple choice to opt out of the modus operandi humans have been utilizing since that infamous incident in the Garden. Recreating Eden shows how to return to the blissful existence humanity enjoyed before The Fall, delivering the promising news that despite how things may currently appear on the world stage, the process of returning to the Garden is already unfolding and can be accelerated by those of us who are willing to take the simple step necessary to enhance our own lives beyond measure, and thus increase the collective experience of Heaven on Earth. Recreating Eden provides the map back Home and a beacon to light the path to the single greatest shift in human consciousness since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

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Julia Rogers Hamrick, author
ISBN 0-9749277-2-4
Copyright September 2004
New Realities Publishing
Paperback 168 pages