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Below I'm pasting in what Chyrene Pendleton, who interviewed me for her radio show, The Isle of Light, sent out to her list today about the interview. I enjoyed Chyrene immensely. She is quite the bright light!

Thanks so much, Chyrene!

(For those who are here looking for the Step-By-Step Frequency-Raising system, you can find it by clicking here. )



Julia Rogers Hamrick

"Raise Your Frequency and Return to Paradise"

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The Isle of Light presents Julia Rogers Hamrick, spiritual-growth facilitator since 1982, intuitive counselor, energy channel and author of Recreating Eden: The exquisitely simple, divinely ordained plan for transforming your life and your planet. Chyrene Pendleton is the host of this highly enlightening and very timely discussion called, "Raise Your Frequency and Return to Paradise".

During the show, Julia describes the events leading her to Eden and what inspired her to write, Recreating Eden.

"When you let go of all the emotion you've been stuffing down, all the fear and all the sadness and all of the energy that comes when we get a disappointment -- when you let go of that energy, you clear out the pipes so that the Life Force, which is also known as Love, can flow more freely which raises your frequency because that's really what is required to raise your frequency, is the allowance of a free flow of Divine Love Life Force through you..."

We learn how Paradise on Earth is actually a state of being rather than a location as many of us have been taught and how we can all learn to find our way back to Paradise. Julia enlightens us with the true meaning of "The Fall of Man" from the Garden of Eden (in the Book of Genesis).
Julia also gives us steps on how to get ourselves into alignment and reveals many powerful tools we can use right now to immediately raise our frequencies. For example, one very powerful tool is aromatherapy. Julia describes how smelling it "brings your energy into your frontal lobes" but it has to be therapeutic-grade essential oils or even a natural fragrance from herbs or flowers in your garden.

"When you have the absolute maximum amount of Life Force flowing through you as is possible, and still be a human in a body, you have reached Paradise...The less Life Force you have flowing through you, the lower your frequency."

Julia Rogers Hamrick has free, monthly teleseminars which are interactive and designed to help you raise your consciousness. For instructions on how to participate, join her mailing list at:

Raise Your Frequency is the name of the forum, founded by Julia. The intent of this forum is "to provide a platform for sharing ideas around raising frequency." To join, visit:

Julia's blog, Journal of the Journey Home to Eden, can be found at:

To order Recreating Eden, which is also available at and metaphysical bookstores, and to receive Julia's quarterly newsletter which has more ways to raise your frequency visit her website at:

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since 1982 when a health crisis catapulted her into an intense spiritual awakening and knowledge of her calling. Julia has designed and led a multitude of seminars and other growth experiences over the last two decades with the purpose of enhancing people's lives while expediting the transformation of humanity's consciousness and Planet Earth in turn.

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A free, monthly subscription to the newsletter/Ezine also called, The Isle Of Light is available.




Rita said:

I look forward to read the newsletter.
greetings, Rita

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