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Spring/Summer 2008

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you think may be interested! If you'd like to make a comment in response to anything you read in this issue, just click here.

What you (choose to) see is what you get.

Greetings, Friends on the Way Up!

If this edition of Rising Times had a theme, it might be "Where's Your Focus?" Is it on all the things which appear to our ego-minds to be going wrong? Or is it on those things which are going right? More importantly, instead of judging right and wrong, which we're not equipped to do, can we simply focus on what makes our hearts leap up? Can we accept that all of what is occurring, no matter how it may seem, is a part of a larger process there's no way for us to make full sense of at our ordinary level of awareness?

As a gardener, I am acutely aware of how important selective focus is to my enjoyment of the garden, and ultimately, to its thriving. To be able to focus on those parts of it that are looking beautiful, and tune out that which is less appealing to my eye is vital. To not let thoughts of the many tasks which need to be done impede my ability to appreciate that which is in bloom keeps me sane and loving my garden. There are times, of course, when focusing in on the weeds, spent blossoms, or other things that need tending is very important. But in surveying the garden, seeing the beauty first is what makes it worth the time and energy it takes to keep it going.

When I'm able to do this, something curious occurs: the more I focus on how beautiful it is instead of what I'm judging to be not quite right about it, the more beautiful it becomes! This principle is applicable to all kinds of things in our lives. That's the key to happiness, you know. Focusing on that which is uplifting instead of that which is not moves you into the "joy space." When you're in joy, you attract more joy and more circumstances that promote and support joy, no matter what may be happening in lower vibrational realities.

My invitation and challenge to you is to choose your reality—and make it a beautiful one—by choosing your focus. This issue provides you with some articles and other tools for doing that. For your pleasure, I'm also including some photos, some taken by me, and some by my husband, Rick, of flowers we focused in on in the garden.

Rise, shine, and radiate the Divine—the Divine Human you truly are!

In Joy,

Julia Rogers Hamrick

P.S. You may have noticed that this is the Spring/Summer issue. I just never got inspired to do a Spring newsletter! I know some of you were waiting (I got emails!), but I was following the principles of Easy World which dictate that you only take action when inspired and energized instead of when you've sufficiently plied yourself with "shoulds" and "oughts" and pumped yourself up. I wish I could tell you I was easy with the whole thing, but that would be dishonest. I did try to put that "should" trip on myself to get a newsletter out sooner, but thankfully, that old-paradigm technique is just not that effective anymore! So enjoy this issue and we'll see when the Divine Design decides the next one is to be born...

In This Issue

Applying the three major strategies in this article will assure that your experience of a planet in transition is a move upward in vibration and joy!

Top 3 Spiritual Strategies for Moving Through These Transitional Times

The new energy has come in, and now change is in the works. From an empowered stance, knowing that you are creating your reality and are not a victim, please consider that if you are noticing greater intensity in weather, economic, political and human rights-related events, you've chosen to experience a reality where these things exist, even if they scare the bejeebers out of you—even if you can't believe you possibly chose it! If, however, you are now realizing that you'd like to create your next segment of experience so that it is more in alignment with joy, ease and peace, I would like to offer you a perspective and some strategies for doing so.

Because we've long been living a primarily duality-based reality, the influx of pure Love energy that is displacing the energy in reverse polarity (energy that has been affected by ego-mind) that has built up on Earth  is creating something of a churning effect. If we're not fully conscious of this, this churning can distract us from what is really occurring. Just know that as the old patterns are displaced, they may seem magnified in our eyes.

When we look at the old and new energies interacting and appear to be clashing, we can either decide it's all going very wrong, and create our experience to be one of pain, suffering, and horror (thus attracting more of the same), or we can elect to see it as necessary adjustments on the way to recreating the new Love-based predominant reality and emotional climate on the planet, and create an experience of flowing through the changes with ease and joy.

As the shift proceeds, there are a few key strategies for moving through these changes, and the more willing you are to embrace them, the easier and more pleasant your experience will be.

Strategy #1: Manage your focus. (Choose the reality you desire by what you look at.)

You choose the reality state you wish to enter and the type of experience you wish to have by what you focus on. You bring this reality to life by the amount of passion you invest in it. Be careful with your emotional energy, and don't invest it in that which you do not want more of. Make a point of being dispassionate about the events you observe unless you want to create a vibrational match to them, and thus, bring them closer to you and more fully into your own experience.

Look for that which is beautiful to you instead of what is not. Invest your passion in it. Focus on the many desirable aspects of your experience, even if your ego-mind would rather fixate on what it judges as wrong. Suspend judgment and practice calm acceptance. That doesn't mean you have to like what you see, just that you don't move yourself out of alignment by judging it as bad or wrong. The act of judging always puts you in the realm of the fear-based self—the ego—and ego's world is not the kind and gentle place I'm guessing you'd like to be immersed in.

Strategy #2: Follow the Wisest Leader (Stay in Alignment)

Listening to and following the guidance of your Spirit is the best strategy for experiencing Love, joy, ease, and peace always, but it is especially vital when times have more potential to be chaotic than ever. With so many factions trying to exert their influence over what you think, feel, and do, including the sensationalistic, ratings-driven news media which is constantly appealing to your fear-based reptilian brain, it is essential that you tune out everything that might block your Spirit's calm, all-wise voice so you can follow its impeccable guidance.

Your fear-driven ego is going to try and run your program, but ego is not at all capable of keeping you safe and happy. Only your Spirit can do that. Because your Spirit is always in perfect alignment with Source, ignoring your fearful self and surrendering to your Spirit is how to bring the rest of you into alignment as well. This not only gives you access to Divine Wisdom and guidance, and accurate signals for taking appropriate action, it's how you move to the higher vibrational realm where ease and peace prevail.

Strategy #3 Let Go (Relax and Detach)

Have you ever noticed that even when it is patently obvious that you have no physical control over certain events, you clinch up just as if it will somehow help? Let go. Just relax and allow things to happen unless you are truly inspired—guided by your Spirit—to take action. Choose Easy World! If there's anything you can do to make a difference in an active sense, your state of relaxation will assure that you are available to be inspired by your all-knowing Spirit, the aspect of you that you want to take your cues from!

And there's another kind of letting go that will be necessary at times: detachment from the things you feel you simply cannot live without. The more you clutch and cling to things in fear—even to your very physical beingness—the lower your vibrational frequency, and the more painful your experience. The more you invest passion in your fear of losing something, the more likely you will lose it. Become as emotionally neutral as possible about it.

There's one exception to the no-cling rule: cling to your Spirit and know that no matter what happens, you can trust your Spirit completely to provide that which you need.

For more on this, read this excerpt from Chapter 7 in Recreating Eden.

A Gift for You! I'm handing you the remote...

To assist you in keeping yourself tuned in to the reality you desire, I created a tool for you to use. Download your "I Tune My Receiver" mini-poster here. 

We perceive that our happiness is dependent on circumstances, but that's just what your ego-mind wants you to believe. Don't be fooled!

How Happy Are You Allowing Yourself to Be?

How happy are you allowing yourself to be? If you are feeling less than joyful, know that it is a choice you're making. Sure, to your ego-mind, it can look for all the world that circumstances are such that you cannot possibly be happy—that you are perfectly justified in being unhappy—and truly, if you want to be, go for it! But know that there is no mandate to be unhappy, except for the one your ego issues, no matter the conditions! You truly can choose to be happy despite whatever is going on—if you're willing to.

At essence, your emotional state is always one of choice, albeit, not always a conscious one—in fact, not usually a conscious one. But if you make it a conscious choice, you'll find life to be ever-so-much-more pleasant and fulfilling. And once you recognize that you are choosing to be unhappy, you are empowered. You're never in an empowered state when you're viewing yourself as a victim—a victim of circumstances or of anything else. When you take responsibility for how you're feeling—either happy or unhappy—you've made a big leap toward authentic empowerment. And when you're empowered, your experience of life can become what you deeply desire it to be.

Happiness—joy—is your natural state; your "default setting," and when you're not experiencing it, it's a simple matter of checking to see what reason ego has come up with to resist joy by shutting down the flow of Love / Life Force Energy through you. Ego has a million excuses for doing that. It can be anything from something prominent such as someone you love has just died, to a fear about something in the future, or a reaction to something you simply didn't expect. Often, it's that things don't seem to be going the way you have decided they ought to be going. It can even be something as infinitesimal as you were out of your favorite breakfast food this morning, and had to eat something different! Indeed, oftentimes, when you check in with your ego, you'll find no major rationale for being unhappy. Your ego just thrives on being disgruntled, and so will use any little excuse to stay in that mode.

But once you're on to ego's game, you can elect to override it. The bottom-line truth on happiness is that it is a function of how much Love—how much Life Force Energy—you're allowing to flow. Ego's job is to keep you from flowing optimal amounts of Love so that you'll be at lower vibrational frequency and available to experience what being there is like. As you may have figured out, lower vibrational frequency is the realm of pain and unhappiness. Thus, when you're not happy, it simply means ego has effectively reduced the flow so that your vibrational frequency has dipped, and your mood corresponds to that place in the scheme of things. Fortunately, once you're aware of the way this works, you can identify that this is what has happened and make the conscious, deliberate choice to allow Love to flow freely anyway.

There are times when you can catch yourself choosing to be unhappy and turn it around by simply deciding to change your focus. Other times, you may need to reach for something more. If you find that shifting easily back to happiness is an impossible-seeming challenge from the lower level you've fallen to in your ego-induced state of lower energy and correlating state of lower consciousness, then you can engage in some of the many vibration-raising activities and use the tools which bypass ego's resistance to moving higher on the vibrational scale. Utilizing the Step-by-Step Frequency-Raising System will rapidly bring you back up in vibration to your natural state of happiness!

Instant Frequency Boosters

Massage Your Brain
For a rapid relaxation session that also moves your energy into the frontal lobes of your brain where you experience bliss, the major indicator of being at higher frequency, simply imagine that your brain is being gently massaged from the base, up and over and all around. Imagining that this is being done by an angel or ascended master may increase your ability to let go to the bliss! If you are tense, you can start the imaginary massage at your shoulders and neck and then move to the brain.

Look at the sun—or maybe not
Okay—don't stare at the sun (unless you're a serious, experienced sun-gazer who knows the proper way to do it), but do turn your face to the sun and  "look" at it through your eyelids with your eyes closed for 10 seconds or so.

Wash your troubles away
Take a shower and cleanse your aura. Visualize the water washing away everything in your energy field that is not prospering you physically, mentally,  emotionally, or spiritually. Imagine your Light increasing and becoming more and more radiant until you feel clean on all levels, then "polish" yourself to full radiance with your towel!

When I was writing Recreating Eden, I learned many, many things I did not previously know. (That's the fun of inspired writing!) One of the profound understandings delivered to me during that process is that we are designed to radiate Love.

Meditate or Radiate? One Is Easy and That's a Clue!

Radiating Love is a, if not the, primary function of a human being, and the better we are at doing it, the greater the rewards we receive. Radiating Love is the key to attaining higher vibrational frequency, and higher vibrational frequency delivers all that we desire such as clarity, wisdom, ease, joy, creativity, true power and fulfillment—and, of course, the feeling of being immersed in Love—of being Love. Radiating Love provides the feeling of being connected with Source that we crave.

Clarity, wisdom, ease, joy, creativity, true power and fulfillment, and the clear sense of connection with Source, are the motivators for and benefits of meditating as well. What is meditation? It's the practice of removing the ego from your mental processes so that your inner feminine, receptive aspect can move into full alignment with Source the way "she" is designed to so that you can rise to higher vibrational frequency. If you've ever meditated, you know that "turning off" your ego-mind is the hardest part.

But is coming into alignment and rising in frequency really supposed to be difficult? I don't believe so. What if meditation is only a substitute for what you are really designed to do?

Yes, meditation requires subduing your ego-mind. Radiating Love requires the same, but instead of turning off your left brain, it engages your left brain in doing what it is designed to do: taking action on behalf of your Spirit.

You see, your left brain, inner masculine, is the action-oriented aspect of your brain. It thrives on taking action—that's what it's all about. Though it spends much of the time acting of its own volition, prompted by the fearful impulses that originate in the reptilian brain (thus, being your ego), the true purpose of your inner masculine is to take action based on the inspiration of Spirit. It is a valuable aspect of your divine humanity—it is designed to carry out Spirit's will in the world.

So it is very much an action-oriented entity. When you try to prevent it from doing what it naturally does, it rebels and tries to assert itself, something I'm sure you know if you've ever meditated. Your left brain without a job to do serving Spirit becomes your ego and serves its own agenda.

But when you radiate Love, you engage your inner masculine, left-brain in serving Spirit, because radiating is an activity that requires your masculine aspect's cooperation. When your left-brain is busy radiating Love, it is unavailable to act as your ego-mind. When your left-brain is busy radiating Love, it is in alignment, and allowing your right-brain, inner feminine, to be in alignment as well.

The only way you can radiate Love is by having all of yourself in alignment. When you radiate Love, it means you are in total alignment so that maximum amounts of Love can flow. This raises your vibrational frequency and moves you into the realm where clarity, wisdom, ease, joy, creativity, true power and fulfillment, and a clear sense of connection with Source are the result. And there is no argument from your left brain; indeed, there is full cooperation. It's very, very easy, and that's a clue. The Divine Design is set up to make things easy for us.

What I have found is that one minute of deliberately radiating Love is equal to hours of meditation in terms of the beneficial effects. Many of my students have confirmed that to be true for them, as well. Even 10 seconds is profoundly effective. Of course, the ultimate benefits are found when you manage to stay in alignment and radiate Love all the time, no matter what else you are doing. But making a point to spend time deliberately radiating Love will change your life profoundly in desirable ways that you simply must experience to believe.

It's vital, however, that this is done properly. Focusing the Love on someone or something is not so effective because it invites the ego–mind in with thoughts of who deserves it and who does not and who needs it and who does not, etc., and once ego enters the picture, the flow of Love is automatically diminished. Radiating Love as the sun radiates from the core outward in every direction, without any thought to where the rays of light are going or by whom it will be received, is the way to be in total alignment to experience the immense benefits of doing what you were designed to do: radiate Love.

Try it right now. Center yourself in your heart and imagine you are the sun. Spend just 10 seconds radiating Love without aiming it at anyone or anything. You are hardwired to do this, so don't over-think it. Do this as many times a day as you think to do it. While I suspect you'll soon desire to do it for longer periods because it feels so good, 10 seconds will give you potent effects and has the advantage of being fairly non-intimidating!

I would love to receive your feedback on this after you've tried it. Please send me a message.

Power Tool: Holy Tea!

The Super Easy Way to Cleanse Your System, Improve Your Health, and Prepare for Holding a Higher Vibration!

We are Spirit operating as human beings, and our bodies, or, as I like to call them, our "Earth suits," are the equipment we use to act as the interface between the spiritual and material  realms. They are what allow us to enjoy all the fun aspects of materiality—of being in form and exploring Planet Earth, enjoying her wonders. That is, if they are healthy and in optimal working condition. The better our bodies function, the more fully Spirit can inhabit them and the more freely, easily, and effectively we can do our job of radiating Love and enjoy our Earth incarnations.

But as I'm sure you have experienced, living on the planet at this time means being exposed to toxins that not only don't support the health of our bodies, they undermine it. The myriad of pollutants in our air, water, food, and other aspects of our environment tax the body's purification systems to the max and either threatens to overload them (or already have), leading to disease, dysfunction, and great discomfort. In so many ways, our capacity to hold a higher vibration is diminished when our bodies are just not up to it. For example, it's quite the challenge to be radiant and rise up to the joy space when you are convulsively sneezing from hayfever, or have a massive headache, both of which can be brought on by a toxic liver.

There are lots of cleansing programs out there—I've tried many of them. And, to be fair, they have all been effective to a degree. But they've either required fasting, or adding some kind of food or supplemental substance that was unpleasant to consume, or was unpleasant in its results, or, the product created such a drastic reaction that it activated an almost unbearable healing crisis. I can honestly say that there are none of them that I'd be willing to use on an indefinite basis. But this past autumn, I was introduced to a product called Holy Tea. It is a cleansing product like none other I have tried.

First, it's really delicious. Not strong tasting at all. And you can mix it with your favorite herbal, green or black tea if you like. I usually drink it plain. You make up a week's worth at a time, refrigerate it, and then pour however many ounces work best for you (usually 12 or more ounces, depending on dilution) and drink it either cold, room temperature, or hot (but never microwave it—you'll kill the valuable enzymes in it) with meals, snacks, or alone. It contains powerful detoxifying herbs—Holy Thistle, Persimmon leaves, Malva leaves, Marsh Mallow leaves, and Blessed Thistle that cleanse and decongest your liver, kidneys, colon and other eliminative organs so that they can more efficiently clean your blood. It is so detoxifiying, you need to take any prescription medicines at a different time than you drink your tea or they may be washed out before doing what they were prescribed to do!

You can read lots more about the countless benefits of Holy Tea and many testimonials from longtime Holy Tea drinkers here:

That link goes to my Holy Tea site. Yes—after drinking it for a few months, I loved it so much and it helped me so profoundly, I became a distributor, and it has taken off all on its own from just my mention of it here and there. In fact, my monthly tea is now paid for and I'm bringing in a few hundred extra dollars (increasing monthly!) just from talking about it on my blog now and then and in a few emails. I'm almost embarrassed at how little effort I've put in compared to what I've received! People seem to instantly recognize that it's something they need and they don't hesitate to try it. You can get a week's trial pack, but that's the expensive route.

If you join the Holy Tea Club, which costs nothing, you get a 20% discount on a month's worth of tea, a free website where people can join under you once you start sharing what the tea is doing for you (you don't have to sign anyone up—you just give them your Holy Tea web address and they do it themselves), and there's no obligation at all—you can quit at any time and never have to do anything with your distributorship at all if you don't want. It only makes sense to go this route! You can save even more if you order your tea on autoship because you get free shipping and you can cancel or change your autoship at anytime by a click of your mouse! I know this for sure because I've done it a few times. It's an Easy World business, for sure!

You need to start with the tea slowly and see how your body responds and make any adjustments in the amount you drink. Give it at least a month's try before making an assessment of how it's working for you. How long should you use it? As long as you're still living in a toxic environment—as long as you're still wearing your Earth suit! I've been drinking it daily for 9 months and have found it amazing how many layers of "stuff" there are to be cleared.

Holy Tea is a powerful tool for clearing your body of the toxins and blockages that may be preventing you from containing an optimal amount of Light, from radiating an optimal amount of Love, and from having an optimal amount of fun here on this magnificent planet where Earth suits are not optional if you want to be a Divine Human playing the human game radiantly!

For more on what Holy Tea has done for me, visit my blog —this link will take you to the entries where I discuss Holy Tea.

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