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Autumn 2008

Greetings, Friends on the Way Up!

Make no mistake: these are the times we were made for. And you have everything you need to move through them with ease. The old is making way for the new in the consensus reality, and all we have to do is choose Easy World no matter what seems to be going on around us. We are to illuminate the way upward and onward for those who haven't yet discovered Easy World and their own powerful Light Within.

Crumbling rock gives rise to new life-forms
(St. Mary's Glacier, Colorado)

For many still firmly ensconced in Difficult World, it looks as if everything is going wrong. But you and I know that it is simply time for anything that has been vibrating lower than the newly uplifted Whole to undergo the natural process of disintegration. This has to happen in order for the new, higher vibrational level to birth new, holistic, harmonious forms to match it. New energy = new forms. Those who cling to the old, or allow fear to consume them will find this a very upsetting time. You know better.

These are the times in which we were designed to thrive! We have the tools. We have the understanding. We are ready. Don't let your fearful ego tell you otherwise. Ignore the fear-based evidence that wants to suck you in, and when fear comes up, just surrender it to your Spirit, have a #3 if you need to, and remind yourself that you live in Easy World where everything is easy. Difficult World is not a place you can survive any longer—you're just not a match for it anymore.

The key, as always, is to let your Spirit guide you. If you're one of the many experiencing some kind of crisis due to the transition, just know that it's because you haven't fully surrendered to your higher-vibrational Self; you're not yet totally trusting the process. That's okay—I have included an article just for you. Be sure to read "If You're in Financial Crisis (or Any Crisis), It's Time To Surrender."

When you surrender to your Spirit, you automatically enter Easy World, where the Design for Harmony reigns, and where the turmoil and trouble of Difficult World can't affect you. It moves you far above the vibrational zone where Difficult World exists, and into the realm where everything continually works together to support and increase your well-being. It doesn't matter what is going on in Difficult World, everything is always working out splendidly in Easy World, so it's definitely where you want to be. At your core, you know this. Just remember to choose Easy World as many times as it takes. (Be sure to sign up for your daily Easy World Power Thought and reminder to choose Easy World.)

And has there ever been a time when the remembrance of Easy World was more needed by the general populace? As you'll read more about in my story below, I am thrilled that mainstream publisher, St. Martin's Press, will be publishing my book, Choosing Easy World, so that greater numbers of folks can remember their origins and rediscover humanity's "Happy Place." It will be many months before the book comes out, so in the meantime, please help spread word of Easy World by sharing the official Easy World site with everyone you know to help them move through these tumultuous, Difficult-World times with ease.

This is it, folks! Our time to shine!

Love, Joy, Ease,

Julia Rogers Hamrick

In This Issue

My Easy World Book Deal!

I have exciting news! Choosing Easy World: A Guide to Opting Out of Strife and Struggle and Living in the Amazing Realm Where Everything is Easy, the book I'm writing about Easy World, has been picked up by a mainstream publisher, and one of the world's largest and most respected at that: St. Martin's Press! Here's the story—an Easy World testimony to be sure...

Literary agent Lisa Hagan in her Easy World cap

I signed with a literary agent this summer, Lisa Hagan, President of Paraview Literary Agency, who specializes in body/mind/spirit titles. I found her by Googling "Literary agent, Spirit" and she was the first name that came up! I knew right away that she was my—and, more importantly—Easy World's choice. Despite the common "wisdom" that says finding a literary agent is really, really hard—even harder than finding a publisher, which is also supposed to be really hard—it was certainly easy for me! (I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy.)

Lisa has been absolutely wonderful to work with and she loves Easy World—both the reality state and the book I'm writing about it. Just as I had intuited, she "got" Easy World right away and was happy to go about things the Easy World way—which is the only way to sell a book about EW, of course! I'm so deeply grateful to have her on the Easy World team. (Note the photo of the poster I made for the two of us to keep in front of us as we sought to discover who Choosing Easy World's publisher would be.)

Once Lisa was on board, she sent a query to a bunch of publishers. Immediately, Jennifer Enderlin, Executive Editor and VP of St. Martin's, responded, saying "I love it! Please send the proposal right away!" So, she did. After a great phone conversation between Jennifer and me, and after she and the folks at St. Martin's did whatever publishers do to figure out if they're going to publish a book, I received an offer from them—and in record time, I might add! Even though they'd had some qualms about my less-than-beefy (according to their measurements) platform, Jennifer had gotten them to say "yes," and she is—as I am—totally committed to making this book a success. Jennifer is not only a force to be reckoned with, she's lots of fun, too, and I am so happy and amazed she's on the Easy World team as well!

So, how easy is that? Why do people say it's so hard? Because they're living in Difficult World and following the DW rules. No matter the challenge, when you choose Easy World, the magic is going to happen!

Please Help Me With This Book!

Add your energy to this project and help me get word of Easy World out to the planet in the most impactful way possible! Here are a couple of easy things I'd so appreciate you doing:

  • Please share your own true Easy World stories
    If you have a cool experience that occurred  because you specifically chose Easy World that you're willing to share, I would really love to know about it. If it fits well with the other stories I've collected, it will be used in the book! (Don't worry about the writing of it—I'll polish it up for you—just the basics will be fine.) If your story is used in the book, I'll send you a signed copy of Choosing Easy World when it is published!

    Please submit your story via the Contact Us page on my website. Be sure to include your full name and your phone number so I can call to discuss the story with you if need be. (If you sent a story before, please know it's still under consideration!) I need your story no later than November 15, 2008.
  • Please ask any questions you have about Easy World
    There's going to be a chapter in the book with Easy World Q&A. If you have a sincere question about the workings of Easy World, please ask it. I'll answer it for you, and both may be included in the book to help readers understand Easy World better. Submit this via the Contact Us page on my website.

Start Your Day in Easy World and WIN AN EASY WORLD CAP!

Let me remind you to choose Easy World and connect with its power as you start each weekday! Beginning Monday, October 27, you can receive a f'ree daily morning email from me featuring an Easy World Power Thought and the Easy World Invocation to make it easy to spend your day in the realm where harmony reigns and everything is easy! Sign up for it here. (You can, of course, cancel at any time.)

AND, if you're one of the first 100 to sign up, you'll be entered in a drawing to win an Easy World cap like the one you see on Lisa above! Click here to subscribe to the Daily Easy World Empowerment list and be entered in the drawing.

This is a separate subscription from the one you may already have through JuliaRogersHamrick.com—you will NOT automatically be on the new Easy World list, so be sure you sign up for it if you want to be empowered in this way! And if you're not yet on the JuliaRogersHamrick.com list, do sign up for both!

Be sure to visit the Easy World Boutique for great Easy World items to help you spread the word about Easy World!

If You're in Financial Crisis (or Any Crisis), It's Time To Surrender

With the world's economy on such shaky ground as the old structures crumble to make way for the new, there are millions of people who consider themselves in dire financial straits. They are facing such potentially core-shaking events as home foreclosures, job losses, and bankruptcy. Many are experiencing utter desperation because they just don't know what to do.

If that's you—or if you're in any situation that has you feeling in dire straits—I invite you to do the most powerful thing possible: surrender. Give everything over to your Spirit to sort out. Turn it over to the wise, powerful aspect of you to handle, and be willing to listen for and act on your Spirit's guidance in taking any practical steps that need to be taken.

I invite you to use this experience as your proving ground for your beliefs—to put your spirituality to the test—so that you can demonstrate the very truths you've adopted and have made your intention to live by. And what better time is there to do that than when your back is to the wall? Up against the wall is a power place when you decide it is. When you're up against the wall, the most powerful response is to say to your Spirit, "I surrender this to you."

Only One Thing is Standing In The Way of The Abundant Life You Were Designed to Live

Your very design as a human being calls for you to thrive, live in harmony, and be abundantly blessed. But there is an important part of this that many have missed. This harmony and abundance depends on you listening to your Spirit's voice above all other voices, and following its guidance faithfully. That is how the Creator set things up for humanity to live a life of joy, ease, and harmony.

But you cannot expect the level of abundant blessing you were designed to enjoy when you allow the loud, panicked voice of the Fearful Self to drown out the calm, sure, wise voice of your Spirit. And heaven knows, this whole economic scenario is riling up our fearful aspects and causing them to scream bloody murder! Financial trouble strikes right at the major hot buttons of your Fearful Self, also known as your ego.

The threat of losing one's home, of not having enough food, of not being able to provide abundantly for one's family, of feeling like a failure, and so on—these all hit ego right where it lives (no pun intended). Because ego's agenda lines right up with the agenda of your primitive brain, known in the Triune Brain Model as the reptilian brain, that part of you that is concerned with your physical survival, it is particularly stressed at anything to do with threats to survival or status. And when ego's buttons are pushed, it is loud and insistent on getting your attention.

But you can't let the threatened ego take over and drown out the voice of your Spirit. You need to do whatever it takes to soothe the poor, terrified thing into quietude so that Spirit's voice can be heard in response. The key to doing this is to raise your vibration, because the higher you go, the fainter ego's voice is, and the clearer Spirit's voice.

However, various sections of that require immediatemedical attention. Read more: gulickhhc.com/drugs/gastrointestinal/flagyl.htm

The Fearful Self Must Be Allowed Its Say, or There Will Be No Peace

The thing is, though, ego is not going to let this happen without first being heard. Ironically, in order to quiet it's voice, you will first need to let it express itself. Your helpless little-child ego-self is going to need to wail it out and your teenaged ego-self is going to need to yell about how unfair it all is. Every level of ego will need to discharge its anger and express its fear. That is not dwelling on the negative; it is managing your vibration by managing your feelings. Trying to go higher without clearing out all this emotional energy is futile. Stuffing your fear and trying to paste a smiley face on it in the name of being positive is just not going to work.

You may recognize this emotional release as being Step 3 from the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System. Whenever you feel the fear and emotional energy building up, have a #3 and clear it out on purpose. That is how you clear the way to the empowering guidance of your omniscient Spirit.

After releasing the fearful emotions, use some of the many tools listed in the Step-By-Step system to transcend your fearful ego and go higher in vibration, and, thus, closer to your Spirit. Uplifting music, aromatherapy, physical exercise, appreciating nature—or a combination of these or others—will help you move higher and higher. As long as it feels pleasurable to you—as long as you're feeling better and better—you know what you are doing is uplifting you.

Surrender Again, and Again, and Again

If you find yourself worrying or trying to think your way through the problem, it's time to surrender again. Your Spirit, always in alignment with the Design for Harmony, knows exactly what to do to bring you to your highest level of well-being, no matter the circumstances or the problems you may have created by allowing ego to lead. When you are aligned with your Spirit, it will tell you the practical steps you need to take in the process of sorting out a problem or moving to a more peaceful situation. Your Spirit is also a dispenser of miracles if you're sufficiently surrendered and available to receive them.

The solutions your Spirit has for you won't require engineering by your left brain—your left brain will only be needed to carry out the instructions Spirit gives you. Your left brain won't be able to come up with the ideas to solve the problems—it would have already done so if it were able. Spirit will provide the ideas and solutions, but you have to be tuned in to receive its messages.

When you worry, plot, plan, and control, you are on the wrong wavelength to receive the perfect guidance of your Spirit. When worry sets in, just turn it around by saying, "I trust you Spirit. I surrender this to you." How often do you need to surrender? How ever many times it takes. Your frightened ego will try to convince you that relying on your Spirit is impractical, but that's only because it can't see high enough to grasp what your Spirit is able to do that it can't.

Keep affirming your trust in your Spirit. Praise your Spirit for its brilliance and power (this is not for your Spirit's sake, but for your own!). And to really keep yourself in the zone, go ahead and thank your Spirit with all the enthusiasm of someone who has just been told that all her problems have been solved, because that is the very outcome that is being created when you trust your Spirit and follow its guidance to the abundant life you were designed to live.

You can access the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System here. Other pertinent articles are Why Don't You Just Give UP?; Non-Resistance: When Spiritual Wisdom Escapes You, It's the Way to Go; The Solution to Your Problems: Rise Above the Trouble Zone and you might want to read of my own dramatic surrender experience in the introduction to my book, Recreating Eden.

Power Tools: Practical Strategies for Consciously Aligning with Your Spirit

Practice your "listening" skills

When you surrender to your Spirit, you need to then listen for guidance and be available to act on it. This will become a habit, and you'll find that the more surrendered you are, the more your ideas and actions will naturally be in alignment, but if this is new to you, playing the "What Would You Like Me To Do Now?" game gives you practice in staying attentive and attuned.

Here's how you play: Give yourself a set time period for playing in this kind of focused way (though you'll really want to make this your 24/7, 365 strategy!) An hour or several will work. Express your intention to your Spirit to follow its guidance. Then, simply say to your Spirit, "What would you like me to do now?" and wait for a response. When the response comes, act on it.

Whatever it is that comes to you to do is probably it—whatever feels harmonious and that you have energy for. If it feels really good, or like a relief, to do it, you know your interpretation of the guidance was accurate. If you feel strong resistance to doing it, or your attitude about it is less than loving, it is probably your ego horning in with its own ideas about what you should do. "Shoulds" are not from your Spirit! When it's time to do the challenging stuff, it will become easy and you'll be internally motivated and energized. No forcing allowed here, as that means it's not guidance from your Spirit.

If it's not clear to you what your Spirit is "saying," simply do whatever feels authentically good to you because that is always what your Spirit wants you to do!

As soon as you complete the thing, ask again, ""What would you like me to do now?"

Don't edit the messages coming through, and don't get hung up on any ideas of loftiness or whether or not what you feel guided to do fits some agenda or other—simply do it, even if it doesn't make sense. You may feel silly, or even self-indulgent, but that's okay. Judgment will not advance you in this game.

Keep your focus on your Spirit and your willingness to take action on its guidance. Unless whatever it is poses a danger to yourself or others, keep doing what you "hear" and "feel" to do, and after each task, ask "What would you like me to do now?"

Enjoy the adventure!

DSEFS: Partner with Your Spirit to Offer A Blessing

"Do Something Egoless For Someone" is the next strategy for aligning more closely with your Spirit. Source, the font of Love, is completely egoless and is always giving without any thought to how anyone is going to receive this Love. Because your Spirit is your interface with Source, and is completely aligned with Source, you can become more aligned with your Spirit when you do as Source does, and simply do something loving without concern for results. You will be partnering with your Spirit to offer something to someone.

What does it mean to do something egoless? It means to give something without expecting credit for it—from anyone! It means to do something loving for someone without them even knowing it was you who did it. It means to do something purely for the joy of offering a blessing, and never requiring to know how the blessing was received.

How does this work, practically speaking? There are infinite ways you can implement DSEFS, but here are some possibilities. You can leave cash on a park bench for someone to find. Or mail cash to a random address you find by opening the phone book with your eyes closed and sticking your finger in.

Don't worry about the usual admonitions against sending cash, or being concerned you might be giving money to someone who "doesn't deserve it"—whoever receives this blessing is none of your business! You're not giving to need here; you're giving a free and easy blessing for the joy of giving it, no strings attached. If you're mailing it, you can include an unsigned note saying "A blessing for you from Spirit" or whatever you're guided to write.

It could be that you do an anonymous favor like shoveling the snow off the sidewalk in front of someone's house that is not in your neighborhood who you don't know and who doesn't know you. Or dropping off flowers or a stuffed animal at a nursing home and asking the staff to give them to a resident of their choice. Use your imagination to come up with something you'd love to do. The trick is not to use your ego/judgment to decide who to offer this blessing to, but that you allow your Spirit to decide for you and you give freely.

As you do the thing, tap into the fountain of Love that is pouring forth to you from Source through your Spirit, and feel the Love pouring forth from you to bless your world.

Offer Gratitude for Everything—Everything

Another way to align with your Spirit is through gratitude—not just gratitude for the things that you understand and that please your ego-mind, but gratitude for everything. Just because your ego-mind refuses to recognize some things as blessings doesn't mean they're not. You just aren't at a high enough vibrational level to recognize them as such.

Sure—offering gratitude for that which you like and which makes sense to you is uplifting—do that in abundance, but expressing gratitude for that which you don't like and don't understand takes you out of resistance to whatever it is. Dropping resistance is necessary in order to release Love to flow freely through you so you can rise in vibration—and, thus, moves you higher on the vibrational scale to a level at which you are a closer vibrational match to your Spirit.

Even when your evidence-addicted ego mind is saying that something that has occurred is wrong; that something signals impending disaster; or that something you have attracted into your life is not what you really want, say—and with all the sincerity you can muster: "Thank you, Spirit!" If your ego is not willing to allow you to express gratitude for the thing itself—the thing it finds undesirable, just express gratitude to your Spirit, period.

Unconditional gratitude is a rapid way up out of lower vibrational frequency, where the perception is that something is wrong, and to higher vibrational frequency, where you see that everything is lining up to support your evolution to a higher state of well-being. Gratitude moves you up to the vibrational realm of your Spirit, where everything is always in harmony.

Want to Fix the World?

If you would like to fix the world, you're out of luck. It's impossible. And besides, it doesn't need fixing—things are unfolding just as we've created them to. But you can change your experience of life on the planet so that the reality you're tuning in to is one you will like and enjoy more—one that more closely matches your loftier visions of how you'd like it to be!

How? You do it just the way you change your experience of anything you don't like: You radiate Love. Your ego-mind may be asking "What difference will that make?" The difference it will make is that it will raise your vibrational frequency up to a level where the reality you're accessing is a more harmonious one. The higher you go on the vibrational scale, the more harmonious the reality.

How do you radiate Love? You are hard-wired for this, so it is second nature, but here are the basics:

Relax. Center yourself. Feel the energy in your heart center coalescing. Feel this Love expanding there. Send it forth like the sun sends forth it's light. Radiate it out from your heart center in all directions at once, like the sun radiates out from its core. Do not direct it at anyone or anything—simply send it forth. (Focusing on all the directions from which the Love is radiating will keep your left-brain busy so your ego won't be able to interfere.) Remember to breathe while you're doing this. Feel the Love growing with each in-breath, and feel it radiating more powerfully with each out-breath. Do this for 10 seconds, or longer.

This is something you can easily do whenever you think of it, wherever you are, in any situation. Whenever you are not happy with what's going on, radiate Love. When you are happy, radiate Love and go even higher. The practice of radiating Love will change your life—and your world!

Join us for "group radiance" during my next free teleseminar October 28, Easy World or Difficult World, when we will radiate Love together as our way of enhancing our experience of the U.S. Presidential Election on November 4. And, if it should turn out I'm wrong about it being impossible to fix the world, Love is surely the thing that can!

Special sale on Recreating Eden, the perfect book for right now!

Because Recreating Eden is such a powerful tool for remembering Who You Are, for learning how to allow your Spirit to manage your life, and for inspiring you to let go of judgment so that you see the perfection of the times, New Realities Publishing is offering it to you, our loyal list members, for only $10 plus shipping from now through January 3, 2009. You can buy up to 5 copies per person at this special price, so consider giving RE as holiday gifts! This offer is only good through this special order page on our website.

Attunement Hiatus Coming Up

Due to my intense focus on meeting the deadline for getting the manuscript of Choosing Easy World to the publisher, I will not be offering attunements during November and December. If you were hoping to have an attunement sometime soon, be sure to schedule it a.s.a.p. because there are limited slots left for October.

Next free teleseminar with Julia Tuesday, October 28

Easy World or Difficult World--the Choice is Always Yours
No matter how challenging things are, you can always opt for ease and joy and real solutions by choosing Easy World! Life is too complicated? Not in Easy World. Things looking hopeless? Not in Easy World. Economic times are tough? Not in Easy World!

Join Julia for this teleseminar on the very practical power of choosing Easy World. We'll also have a non-partisan meditation for the upliftment of the political process in advance of the November 4th U.S. Presidential Elections which affect us all, even citizens of other countries.

9pm Eastern / 8pm Central / 7pm Mountain / 6pm Pacific

(For other time zones, check the time zone converter and use 9:00 p.m. New York time as your reference).

If you're on either of Julia's email lists, you'll receive the access information via email the morning (in US and Canada time zones) of the teleseminar.

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