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Winter 2007

Greetings, Friends on the Way Up!

It's winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and here in Denver we've had a lot of snow, including a couple of major blizzards accompanied by frigid temperatures. I confess, I allowed being snowed in with the airport closed and giant snow drifts blocking our exit from the house to bring up my fears. “What if we have an emergency and help cannot reach us? What if something happens to a family member and I can’t get back to North Carolina? What if the power goes out? What if? What if? What if?” Not exactly my most high-vibe moments! (See the article in this issue called “What If” to see how I switched this.)

After the end of the second blizzard, I went out to take pictures because I wanted a really nice winter shot of a sunny day showing the bright snowy branches so stark against the vivid cobalt sky. As I raised my camera to take the photo you see here, I spotted a squirrel in the tree top. It had been quite some time since I had seen any of our backyard creatures, such was the harshness of the weather, so it surprised and delighted me to see this little guy.

I got an inner nudge to look up what squirrel energy represents in Native American animal medicine, and the first thing I found when I googled it included this: “If …Squirrel has recently entered your life, lighten your load of things that are unnecessary …thoughts, worries, and stresses.” Got it! Thank you, Squirrel Spirit!

So I have since moved to what I call “Easy World.” In Easy World, you simply relax knowing that everything is being perfectly taken care of with no struggle or strife. There’s no worrying in Easy World—once you worry, you’re simply not there anymore. And once you’ve been to Easy World, you do not want to leave! Won’t you join me there? (There’s a link below to my blog entries about Easy World).

As we manage our focus, stay in ease and joy, and stay out of fear, our evolution is supercharged and oh-so-much more fun. This issue of Rising Times is devoted to assisting with that!

Onward and upward!

Love, Joy, and Ease,

Julia Rogers Hamrick

In This Issue

What If?

Have you noticed that your mind is continually trying to use your imagination to create scenarios to correlate with its fearful ideas? Your imagination is an equal-opportunity power tool, and your limited ego-mind frequently appropriates it to conjure up a match to that which it is afraid of. The mental language that most frequently precedes these fearful creations is “What if?”

What if I take this financial step and lose everything? What if I open my heart and it gets stomped on? What if I take this new job and I hate it? What if I choose the wrong outfit and I’m miserable? What if I burn dinner? What if I’m late? What if the car breaks down? What if I miss her call? What if I look like a fool? What if, what if, what if!

Then your mind searches its database for images to correlate with these “what if” scenarios, and creates a scary visualization to match up with the fears. Which, of course, gets your fearful feelings going. And then, because feelings are the fuel for creation, you’re empowering the manifestation of the very thing you don’t want to happen!

Happily, you are not obligated in any way to stay with the mental movie of the worst-case scenarios that your misaligned ego-mind would like to play for you! Indeed, you’ll get far happier results if you don’t. You can pull the plug on ego’s projector and use your imagination to create something more desirable with your aligned mind.

The quickest, easiest way to neutralize the undesirable “what ifs” is simply to choose a new “what if.” Thus, if you’re getting ready to make a financial decision and your fearful ego goes into the “What if…” game, simply switch it from “What if I take this financial step and lose everything” to “What if I take this financial step and I gain a lot and my life is enhanced?” allowing your mind to create a joyful scenario to match, and empowering it with your feelings.

What if I open my heart and experience more Love? What if I take this new job and it’s stimulating and prospering—the perfect next step for me? What if what I am wearing doesn’t even matter and I enjoy myself no matter what? What if dinner turns out to be delicious? What if I arrive in perfect Divine Timing? What if, what if, what if.

When you give your mind something to visualize and empower in service to the Divine Design for Harmony, it simply won’t be available to empower the Divine Design for Disharmony!

Power Tool: Imagination

Your imagination is your connecting point to all possibilities. It is where you download divine ideas, view holograms of them, and charge them with energy. It is where you not only draw into your sphere the vibrational template for that which you desire to manifest, it is where the energy coalesces and picks up substance to be brought into form. It is your creative laboratory and a holy temple, as it is where you connect with your true Creator Self and the realm of all possibilities.

Your Creator Self—which I also call your “God-Realized Self” because it is the aspect of you that is completely aware of its true identity—is the supplier and manager of the blueprint for your creations. Because this larger You is omniscient, the blueprints it provides are always in alignment with the highest evolutionary possibilities for you. Therefore, you want to coordinate with it as closely as possible.

Your Child Spirit—the unadulterated essence of you that was present in the beginning of your life and still lives within you—and your Creator Self are so close as to be inseparable. They exist side-by-side, and for an express pipeline to your Creator Self, you can access your Child Spirit. Your imagination is most effectively utilized when you allow yourself to return to the naïve state where everything is possible and there is nothing off limits. Therein lies your power.

The next time you’d like to tap into your highest creative abilities, try doing something that brings out your Child Spirit. It could be singing a song out loud to yourself about your desire that you’re making up as you go along, getting out pots and pans and beating on them and intending that they are raising the energy for your manifestation, or doing a freestyle dance to some fun music and just letting the ideas flow—whatever raises your vibration and puts you in a playful, creative state. If doing such things by yourself is not appealing, then get together with a friend that has an easy time tapping their Child Spirit, and play and giggle together!

All Is Well: Your Access to the Vibrational Ladder

“All is well.” This is, perhaps, the most powerful mantra I know. When you say it, it connects you to ultimate truth—the truth above the illusion of whatever chaos or disappointment that may be presenting itself in your consciousness. It provides an entrée into the experience of all being well. “All is well” connects you with your over-lighting knowing of Divine Order, and, thus, with the ever-flowing stream of well-being from Source. It lifts you out of fear and into the truth of the matter.

Let’s break it down:

All = the totality of Creation
Is = the state of Being
Well = healthy, whole

We know that, above the level of our ego-minds, wholeness and perfection describe the constant state of the true Being that we are, and all our creations at that level. We also know, when we are in our wisdom, that even chaos is in Divine Order. Only in the world of duality, which is created and sustained by ego, is there disintegration and a judgment of things being wrong. So to move out of the realm where things seem less than perfect, and into the realm where we can see the truth and have the experience of harmony, we need a sort of vibrational ladder. “All is well” serves as that ladder.

Using “All is well” as an affirmation is a way to re-focus your alarmist ego-mind, whose mission seems to be to find and focus on what it sees as wrong, to a higher truth. “All is well” withdraws energy from ego and transcends it. Ego, which can sometimes seem determined to keep you aligned with the very thing you wish to remove yourself from, can only be neutralized in your experience by choosing a higher-vibrational thought and feeling, allowing you to rise above it. You know from experience that resisting ego is futile, as ego is the resistance master and always wins the resistance game, so the way to transcend it is by a deliberate shift of focus.

Getting in the habit of saying “All is well” when you’re having an easy time believing it, and then continuing to say it to yourself no matter what comes up, is a helpful strategy. It will assure that when you find yourself in a situation that isn’t looking so harmonious, “All is well” will be on the tip of your tongue. That way, you won’t have to thrash around in the mind-numbness of lower frequency looking for the way up and out, you will have immediate access to your vibrational ladder. 

Instant Frequency Boosters

It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and doing those things for ourselves which balance out the cold, or otherwise nurture us physically, are powerful frequency raisers. One of the simplest things we can do when we need a shift is a moment of self-nurturing. To that end, here are a couple of activities that will raise your frequency. You probably already know about these, but if you’re like me, being reminded to practice them is quite useful!

Take a tea break

Make yourself a cup of hot, herbal tea. Everything about the tea experience is nurturing: the act of preparation, the warmth, the aroma, the flavor, the fluid replenishment (black and green tea contain caffeine and are dehydrating, so this applies only to non-caffeine herbal teas and tisanes).

My personal passion is rooibos “red tea” from South Africa. I love everything about it: its earthiness, its flavor, its antioxidant power (greater than green tea), its adrenal and renal healing power, and the sense of self-nurturance I have when I drink it.

Doing something that you know is supportive to your health is always a vibration enhancer as it brings you into alignment with your Self. There are a multitude of brands and flavors  of red tea available, and I haven’t found one I didn’t like. Just look for “red tea” or “rooibos” on the package, or for any herbal tea that sounds appealing and is labeled “naturally caffeine free.”

Give yourself a hand massage

You probably know that your feet contain reflex points that correlate to every organ and system in your body and that a reflexology foot massage is a very health-supporting type of massage to have. Your hands have all those reflex points, too, and you can stimulate them with a simple hand massage. If it’s cold where you are, you can probably also benefit from some lotion (be sure it does not contain mineral oil or other petroleum products) and that will make the massage easier.

You don’t really need any specialized information for this—just concentrate on what feels really good, but if you want to know which reflex is where, do a Google search for hand reflexology.

Focus on the fire

Light a candle, or, if you have a fireplace, make a fire. The fire element balances out the damp and the cold and provides a focal point for your consciousness. The dancing flame activates a primal response in your brain that easily transports you into a meditative space. You can gaze at the flame in meditation (an ancient technique) for a minute or two for a quick re-centering, or for an extended period if you have time to really zone out.

Or simply have a lit candle in your environment as subconscious link to the fire element and that primordial connection. You may want to invest in a beeswax candle for this as most commercial candles are made with petroleum-based wax.

Just the act of lighting the candle or fireplace logs with the consciousness of re-centering is a frequency booster because it causes you to pause and take a deliberate step toward balance and reconnection with Source.

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