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Autumn 2007

Greetings, Friends on the Way Up!

"All disappointment—all angst in general—is the result of our response to the discrepancy between how things are, and how we thought / wished / hoped they would be. This is always a choice." –Julia Rogers Hamrick

I have always loved the saying, "If you want to make God laugh, tell Her your plans." So I suppose there is divine laughter underway! I had planned to finish out a year of photos of the apple tree (see last 3 newsletters) with a spectacular shot of it in autumnal glory. But the leaves, instead of transforming dramatically, are still green, and fading to beige—not exactly providing the colorful fall photo I wanted to light up the newsletter. Hence, instead, a photo of a tree in our neighborhood, looking truly glorious!

Am I disappointed? Nah. I'm no longer willing to be out of The Flow to wallow in disappointment and sweat the small stuff the way I once was—especially now that I've had a lot of experience with things so frequently turning out even better than I had planned, despite how they may have looked at certain points!

Being married to an idea of exactly how events should unfold is a recipe for disappointment. Not to mention that when the left brain, with its limited view, locks on to how something just has to be, you become unavailable to inspiration from the higher vibrational levels of your being which would lead you to true magnificence! So set your intention, but allow Universal Forces, which are always working in support of your well-being, to orchestrate things. Just relax, pay attention for cues that it's time to take inspired action in alignment with the Divine Design for Harmony, and marvel at the spectacular ride that ensues when you just go with The Flow. In other words, choose Easy World!

Enjoy this season and this issue of Rising Times!

Love, Joy, Ease,

Julia Rogers Hamrick

In This Issue

Effort or No Effort Required for Manifesting?

One of the discussions that comes up over and over on the forums at Powerful Intentions as new people join is the one which starts with the question "How much action is required in order to manifest?" I believe the real question could more accurately be stated as "Is effort required in order to manifest?" Making an intention, the first step in manifesting at any level, is an action, so yes, action is required. But what about effort?

In the mix of opinions, there is always (a), someone who absolutely insists that once you set your intention, you must snap into action and work hard to manifest it. This has been the prevailing viewpoint of our civilization for eons. But then, there is always (b), someone else who is sure that once you intend a thing, it will appear, effort or no effort, as long as you don't interfere.

These discussions frequently get heated, because one's perspective—one's truth—shifts based on the vibrational level where one is operating. What you see from where you are looks like the absolute truth from there! But there are as many truths about a topic as there are degrees of consciousness and human minds to consider them.

If you are operating at the frequency where what you comprehend is that hard work is required, then that's your reality. It's what you reinforce with your thoughts, and it is what you live out and see evidence of all around you because effort-in-manifesting is a vibrational match to your thoughts. So it does, indeed, appear to be absolutely real and true.

If you are operating at higher vibrational frequency, however, you will comprehend that effort is absolutely not required for manifesting, and your experience will match that. So, which is right? Both!

The higher you go in vibrational frequency, the less effort is required to accomplish even the most gargantuan-seeming tasks. Like…creating the Universe! Remember what it says in Genesis 1, verse 3? "And God said, 'Let there be light.' And there was light." Hello! God created light through simply allowing! There is no description of effort at all. The Creator just said "Let there be light." And light showed up.

God, of course, represents the highest vibrational frequency. The higher the vibrational frequency, the less effort required.

So, when you're operating at the vibrational level of an ascended master/avatar, you can manifest wine from water. No sweat. You can revolutionize the world by simply being.

When you're operating at the vibrational level of, say, Henry Ford, you can manifest a fortune and revolutionize the world by catching a vision and working hard to manifest it—and getting others to work hard, too. Definitely sweat involved.

And there are infinite levels in between, and infinite variations of inspiration plus sweat (or no sweat).

Basically, we're all right based on our vibrational viewpoint. However much effort we're inspired and energized to give to something is the right amount for us. So go ahead and sweat if you like. As for me, I'm getting more and more practiced at simply allowing!

For an example of no-sweat manifesting, check out my story on my blog called "Easy iPod."

A Reminder of a Basic Truth

Very simply, the Divine Design for Harmony is set up to assure your well-being and happiness. It is the "sweet spot" where The Flow of Love / Life Force is free-flowing. When you're within the force-field of this Design, with The Flow of Love not only flowing freely through you, but moving you easily along in the stream of life, you're happy. When you're out of it, you're not.

Likewise, when you are happy, it means you are in alignment with the Design for Harmony. It is a sign that you are doing what you need to be doing. It means you are allowing The Flow of Love / Life Force to move through you and propel you along without resistance. The more freely you allow it to flow, the happier you are.

When you are unhappy, it means you are out of alignment with the Design for Harmony. It is a sign that you are not doing what you need to be doing. It means you are not allowing The Flow to move freely through you; not letting it move you along easily. It means you are resisting The Flow. The more you resist, the unhappier you are.

So how do you feel? If you are not happy, make the necessary adjustments! Simply breathe, relax, and allow yourself to be pulled back into alignment by the powerful magnetic force of the Divine Design for Harmony. Drop resistance and let The Flow flow freely through you and move you forward with ease once more!

Easy World and Me

by Rick Hamrick

Julia’s remarkable rediscovery of Easy World has changed the lives of lots of people already, and the good news is spreading.

Today, I’m going to tell you a little about my own experiences in Easy World, and how much it has helped me to enjoy life and live it in the moment.

When Julia first told me about Easy World, I was intrigued but didn’t really get going with it myself. As it became somewhat of a phenomenon on the Powerful Intentions site where Julia created a forum specifically for and about Easy World, I became more interested.

Finally, as I was having a particularly challenging day at work, I started using the mantra “I live in Easy World, where everything is easy.” It is nothing new to discover how much one’s life experience changes when one changes his or her viewpoint, but it is amazing to see it so dramatically and almost magically.

That day, there were several problems which were proving difficult, and literally within the hour, all three of them were solved. Two were technical issues which we had been battling for weeks, and one was a people-related problem which had been a nagging issue for several days.

This was about six months ago, and ever since, as soon as I begin to notice that I am feeling as if the whole world is against me, I stop what I am doing, breathe, tell the Universe that I live in Easy World, and relax. It helps me every time, because if I am experiencing a sense of separation and difficulty, it means I have allowed myself to wander outside of Easy World. I’m the only one who can allow that to happen, and that’s okay! I’m also the only one who can prompt a return to Easy World, and it only takes seconds to get there from anywhere.

The secret is that, when you are in Easy World, you are literally out of your own way. What you are inspired to seek is drawn to you, and what you are inspired to do is easily done. By allowing all the powers of the Universe to work on your behalf, instead of pretending that you are a sole entity who has to do everything for yourself, you harness the magic of Easy World.

Prove to yourself that it works for you, too. Today’s the perfect time to try it!

Power Tool: Surrender

At first blush, calling surrender a "power tool" may seem an oxymoron. But surrender is one of the most powerful tools in our toolkits.

In our culture, surrender is looked upon as giving up. It is seen as what one does when one is defeated or just can't go on. But giving up—giving up the struggle to operate as if you were a stand-alone entity and not wired into the awesome power of Source—is perfect! The term "giving UP" is truly appropriate because when you surrender, you give your burdens to a higher-frequency entity, and shoot right up the vibrational ladder!

So who—or what—are you surrendering to? Your Self, the omniscient, high-frequency, Source Being your personality is just a small part of. At the same time, you are aligning with the Divine Design for Harmony that your Self is constantly ensconced within. When you surrender, you close the gap between yourself and your Self, and you allow the immense magnetic force of the Design for Harmony to pull you to it so that you are in The Flow once again. This truly is where all the power is, and where things work out perfectly and with ease.

Here in the realm of duality, we tend to get so polarized into ego's myopic, megalomaniacal, insane world, that we get misaligned and forget we're aspects of Unlimited Being. We feel disconnected from the Divine Design for Harmony and out of range of the infinite blessings that flow within it. When this happens, and we "run off into the ditch," it's time to let the aspect of us that is all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-powerful take the driver's seat. It's surrender time.

Though often prompted by loss, surrender is not actually an activity of losing—it's the way of the true winner! And while defeat is, indeed, a great cue for employing this power tool, surrendering in advance of desperation is definitely recommended! In fact, being continuously surrendered and aligned with your Self is the path to authentic empowerment and true joy.

Here are a couple of resources to help you with surrendering:

For more on the interface between you, your Self, and the Divine Design for Harmony, and her own story of empowerment through surrender, read Julia's book Recreating Eden.

Instant Frequency Boosters

Turn on the light!

With shorter days here in the Northern Hemisphere, a wonderful way to experience an instant lift is to simply turn on the light! I know I always feel better when I flip that switch. Optimally, you are using full-spectrum light bulbs which are healthier for you because they mimic natural sunlight. You can now get them in compact fluorescent format—better for the environment, too! A bit pricey, but well worth it!

Sing your affirmation

Did you know that music is within the purview of the right brain hemisphere, and lyrics, the left? When you choose an affirmation, make up a tune to go with the words (this process in and of itself can be a frequency booster if you'll let go and play with it!) Then, when you need to refocus, sing your affirmation! You will not only shift your focus to an idea that uplifts you, you'll be using your two brain-hemispheres together, and that is definitely a frequency booster! As a huge bonus, singing your affirmation will assist it in becoming embedded in your subconscious. (Why can you remember lyrics to songs you learned when you were a child but not lots of other things? The music!)

Say the magic words

What are they? "I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy." I have found nothing faster or more potent for shifting me out of Difficult World and into alignment with the Design for Harmony than those words. For more info on Easy World, see Rick's article in this issue, and visit ILiveInEasyWorld.com.


For those of you who haven't yet discovered it, I thought I'd let you know that I offer personal appointments which I call "attunements." You can read about them, including testimonials from lots of folks who've had attunements with me here. If you are truly ready to accelerate your spiritual growth, consider having an attunement!

On Julia's Blog

High Level Relationship Healing Tool

Recently, this somewhat oldie was recalled to my attention at just the perfect time, and I thought you might be able to benefit from it, too! Check out this tool.

And the saga continues

The patient souls who have been waiting for the next part of the story will be happy to hear that I finally posted Finding My Soulmate Part 9 (If you haven't yet read installments 1-8, just go to Julia's Blog and use the search window to search for "soulmate saga.")


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