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Winter 2006

Greetings, Friends!

Have you noticed? We’ve collectively entered a new frequency! Wooohoooo! This is what we’ve been preparing for, and at last, the signs of our Homecoming are increasing. I’d say “happy days are here again,” but that is not how some of us are experiencing our entry into the new. This is a period of adjustment—a time to allow our body-minds to catch up with the new energy shift upward, and a time to let go of anything that can’t sustain these higher frequencies. Make no mistake: any difficulty you may be having is simply the discrepancy between the old density giving way grudgingly to the new influx of Light. This, too, shall pass.

It will come as no surprise that our egos are a little shocked at the changes and their rapidly decreasing hold on us. We’re more able than ever to recognize ego’s dissonant tune, and to choose to turn down the volume. This may indeed cause ego to try and dig in out of desperation, but as we turn UP the volume on our God-Realized Self, ego’s voice becomes fainter and fainter.

It’s been a thrill for me to witness the rapidly increasing attraction of my work—which is, after all, all about rising out of the influence of the duality matrix, empire of the ego. What I’m observing is scores of people suddenly waking up and understanding that they no longer have to dance to the ego’s tune. The more of us who see this truth and operate from it, the faster the old ego structures will fall away to allow more and more of the Paradise reality to manifest.

The way to move through these times with ease, grace, and joy, is with acceptance, and with the calm knowing that the “remodeling mess” that is still around us is a temporary stage on our way to a new, more consistently harmonious experience!

Thanks for allowing me to be on this trip with you!

Love and Joy,

Julia Rogers Hamrick

P.S. Who do you know who might resonate with this information? Please forward this newsletter to them and help spread the joy!

In This Issue

Honoring The Dynamics of Synergies

Ever since I heard a channeled entity hold forth on the topic of “evolutionary synergies” some ten or fifteen years ago, I have been observing, with great interest, these energetic relationships. A synergy is defined by Webster as a “combined action or operation.” But an evolutionary synergy is that, and more. An evolutionary synergy is the product of two energetic entities coming together and creating an energy phenomenon—a third entity—that is exponentially more powerful than the sum of its parts, with the potential to not only carry the original two entities higher, but to raise the frequency of the Whole of Creation.

You have likely experienced evolutionary synergies hundreds of times in your life. When you are involved in one, you know it, even if you have never been able to name it. It’s the juicy, philosophical conversation you have where all involved are contributing enthusiastically, channeling wisdom, and feeding off of the energy that is being co-created by the group to fuel even more dynamic interaction. Or it’s simply goofing around with a friend, when a kind of alchemy occurs and suddenly everything is hysterically funny, and you find yourselves lifting off to another level, exhilarated. Some of the most exciting synergies are created between lovers who are open-heartedly exploring the delights of their togetherness. When a couple can sustain a long-term evolutionary synergy, this is called “true love.”

As a synergy is building, it feels magnificent! But when it stops building and starts to decline, it feels anything but. Like a balloon with the air suddenly let out, the energy drops in an instant. If you stay engaged even a second too long, you feel your own energy being depleted. When we don’t withdraw from a synergy in time, it turns “inside out” and begins to drain energy. This can be described as the synergy becoming “de-evolutionary,” and just as powerfully as it built energy up, it exponentially depletes the energy of all involved.

The key to staying in the joy space as relates to synergies, is to know when to release them. How? This is a matter of developing energy awareness and sensitivity. We have to be paying attention and voluntarily disengage at exactly the right time, before the synergy collapses and goes de-evolutionary. We must learn to release them while they’re still intact and we’re still feeling joyful. It’s one of those “quit while you’re ahead” propositions—but how do you know when that is? It requires listening to your inner guidance and following it. Imagine that the synergy is a balloon that can only hold so much air, and if you try to add too much, it pops. After you do this once or twice, you know when to stop inflating balloons, and so it is with synergies.

When we’re involved in an evolutionary synergy, it feels so magnificent, our tendency is to want to keep it up and keep the dynamic going and going. But synergies have lives of their own, and we have to honor them as what they are and not try to milk more out of them. Doing so is not only an exercise in futility, it is creating an exponential shift downward in frequency. And downward in frequency is not going to lead to greater joy and harmony! When we learn how to withdraw our conscious focus from a synergy at the right time and move along to what’s next, the momentum of that synergy can continue to generate energy indefinitely.

What is it that “kills” an evolutionary synergy and reverses it so that it drains instead of generates energy? No surprise, it’s ego. Whether it’s simply ego clutching at a moment in time, trying to make it last beyond its season, or ego deciding it can claim this energy for itself by attempting to steer the “ship” in the direction that serves its agenda, or ego not trusting in the wonderful feeling and needing to slow things down, it’s always ego that pops the balloon of this kind of “magical” interaction. If you’ve ever been in a spiritual learning situation where the group energy is really high and an evolutionary synergy is growing, and then someone decided to ask an irrelevant question, or was insensitive to the needs of the whole and insisted on dwelling on something that only they were interested in, you know what it feels like when a synergy is not honored. The energy plummets.

As we expand and become more aware of our participation in dynamic synergies, it is our sacred responsibility to be sensitive to them, monitoring the energy and our relationship to them, so that we do not contribute to these energy entities going de-evolutionary, but, instead, foster evolutionary synergies that continue to leaven the frequency of the Whole into infinity.

North Carolina Visits

I’m in the process of putting together a spring trip to North Carolina. My target for being there is the week of April

Photos by Darrel Roberts
24-May 1. I’m planning to be in Winston-Salem and in Raleigh for talks, workshops, and attunements. Check the Events page for details as they become available. I’d love to see you!

When I was at SFF in Raleigh in October, I was flying so high, I failed to pass around my information-capturing sheets, thus my NC database is incomplete. I know that lots of you Raleigh folks came to the website and signed up for email, but that doesn’t let me know where you’re from. So if you’re from Raleigh—or anywhere in North Carolina—and want an email when my schedule is set, please contact me and let me know!

ALSO, I’ve been invited to present a 5-day, 2-hour-a-day course at the Southeastern Spiritual Conference in Guilford College June 18-24. From what I understand, the conference is like a metaphysical camp for grownups! The theme for the conference is “Playing in the Heart of Spirit,” and my intensive is titled, “The Paradise Process: Keys to Reclaiming the Bliss That is Your Birthright.” My course is in the afternoon, and there are a lot of other cool things to choose from for mornings and evenings. I’ll be offering personal appointments, too. Plan to come and play with me! For details, see the Southeastern Conference website.

Instant Frequency Boosters

Palm-Rub Sevens
Place your palms together and rub back and forth, seven rubs. Once you are used to what seven rubs feels like, speed up your rubbing so that one set of seven takes only a second or two. Pay attention to the sensations in other parts of your body while doing this—tingles! Do multiple sets of this whenever you feel the need to rev up your frequency. Seven sets of seven really works spectacularly! (Thank you, Brenda McCann, for discovering this and letting me share it!)

Infinity Bridge
Close your eyes and imagine that there is an infinity symbol bridging your left and right brain hemispheres, with one loop on each side and the crossover point in the center where the corpus callosum would be. See the symbol lit up with energy, and see this energy using the symbol as a kind of track. Run the energy along the lines of the symbol rapidly, as many times as feels right to you. Your eyes will probably want to sweep along with the energy as it goes around and around. Remember to breathe!

Quick Mini-Meditation
With your eyes closed, face forward, roll your eyes downward toward your chin and hold (unless you do regular eye exercises, you will feel a mild strain). Gradually roll them upward (should take about 10 seconds), stopping when they are pointing toward your 3rd Eye (center of your forehead). This, too, will cause a mild, and not unpleasant, strain. Hold for 10 seconds, and release eyes to relaxed position. You will be a little spacey immediately after doing this, so probably not wise do it at a stoplight when you’re driving!

Amygdala Click
There's one more instant frequency booster I want to share with you. It's called "clicking your amygdala," and the implications for fostering joy (same as raising your frequency) are immense. Instead of writing out the instructions for you, I'm going to direct you to Neil Slade's website. The instruction, per se, is about a third of the way down the page, but you'll want to explore more, I'm sure!

And because Neil's site is huge, here's another link with a different twist on the amygdala clicking technique.

Power Tool

Quality of Origin: Inner Unity

As children, we are born with our brain hemispheres integrated and working together as they were designed to be. We are adept at navigating an ever-flowing stream of consciousness, going easily from attunement with the diffuse state of the indefinable, to the focused state of the definable. Being comfortable in the unstructured, receptive realm of the inner feminine is vital to receiving Life Force in the form of thoughts and impulses from Spirit. But just as important is being able to instantly switch to the structured, action-taking realm of the inner masculine. This ability to bridge both states is essential in carrying out your Spirit’s purposes in the world. Doing this requires that your brain hemispheres work in concert.

Your inner masculine and inner feminine are the aspects of your body-mind that are in charge of your energy flow. They govern your alignment with your Spirit, thus with Source, and, when properly aligned, keep Life Force Energy flowing through you in balance. Your right brain hemisphere, home to your inner feminine, is designed to interface with your Spirit to receive its impulses and intelligence and communicate them to your left brain hemisphere. Your inner masculine, which resides primarily in your left brain hemisphere, is designed to use its ability to interact with the world of form to take harmonious action on the impulses.

(To say that the inner feminine is resident only in the right brain hemisphere and the inner masculine only in the left is not completely accurate and is, indeed, an over-simplification. But for the purposes of this discussion, we are going to equate the right brain with the inner feminine and the left brain with the inner masculine because it is the easiest way I know to explain this concept.)

It is essential that the whole energy sequence is carried out. It is vital that both aspects of your mind are working toward this end. Your inner feminine must be attuned to receive the flow of energy in harmony with the Whole and your inner masculine must be ready to act upon it. To keep your energy moving and in balance, your inner masculine must take the Life Force Energy and information received via the inner feminine’s attunement, and utilize in appropriate action. Energy that comes in must be projected out.

Because we were born into a world where this energy sequence has been disrupted and the left brain is endeavoring to operate without benefit of the wisdom and energy from Source, we learn to act upon the ego’s impulses rather than our Spirit’s. Most of us have some degree of dis-integration, with the relationship between the inner feminine and inner masculine within us having broken down.

Frequently, the right brain receives instructions from Spirit that the left brain fails to carry out. And the left brain embarks on courses of action based on it’s own interactions with ego’s limited perspective and erroneous messages and input from the five senses, instead of Spirit’s higher wisdom, thus carrying out activities devoid of true meaning, and often, out of harmony with the Whole. Only when the left brain and right brain are operating in concert, and in proper sequence, can you be optimally effective. Or truly joyful.

To better understand this, think of your own life experience. Have you ever had a divinely inspired idea that you were very excited about but couldn’t seem to manage to manifest it? This is what happens when the inner masculine “refuses” to carry out the instructions from Spirit through the inner feminine. Or have you ever felt that you were spending your time in meaningless, frustrating activity that gave you no satisfaction? This is what happens when the inner masculine insists upon taking action based on external cues without information and guidance from Spirit via the inner feminine. These are classic symptoms of inner feminine and inner masculine that are not cooperating.

In order to live a life of ease and joy and do your part to restore the balance of energy on Planet Earth, it is imperative that your inner feminine and inner masculine be working together as they were designed to be; as they were when you arrived on Earth. There are many techniques for re-integrating these two brain hemispheres, such as through sound, through physical movements, through meditation, and through brain exercises, and you may want to research these, but the easiest, fastest way to get them working together is to do what you were designed to do: consciously radiate Love unconditionally. It’s something you innately know how to do and is impossible to achieve without the cooperation of your inner feminine and inner masculine operating as they were designed to.

For the macro view of the importance of the optimum interaction of inner feminine (Eve) with inner masculine (Adam), be sure to read Recreating Eden: The Exquisitely Simple, Divinely Ordained Plan for Transforming Your Life and Your Planet.

One of this issue’s Instant Frequency Boosters is designed to help get your brain hemispheres back in sync.

Respecting the Spiritual Sovereignty of Others

As we ascend in frequency, there is an angst-generating phenomenon that seems to be quite typical. At a certain stage of gaining consciousness, we assume that it's our mission to coerce others into sharing our vision, and into doing what we see as being right for them. When it backfires on us, as it always does, it's frustrating and often painful. At the least, it's exhausting, because it's an impossible mission. And, it takes a toll on your own frequency level.

When you have climbed a little higher up the mountain than someone you care about (or perceive that you have!), you may believe that your expanded view means that you are duty-bound to get them to adopt your understandings as their own, "for their own good." But each of us is on our own adventure, and we really are overstepping—not to mention, attempting the impossible—when we insist that someone see what we see and do as we think they ought to.

This is especially frustrating when it is someone we love dearly, and we see a freight train coming at them—and they can't seem to see it! We so desperately want to save them from being clobbered by the train. But who's to say that the freight-train experience isn't what’s appropriate for them at this time? In fact, that's totally accurate. By the Law of Attraction, we always attract a vibrational match.

Besides, being run over by a metaphorical freight train is often just what someone needs to cause them to surrender to their God-Realized Self and catapult them higher in frequency. Why would you try to deny them this opportunity? Why would you try to usurp the spiritual sovereignty of another? Even if it is your child, your husband, your mother, or your best friend, they are spiritual beings, on their own quest, and you don’t get the privilege of choosing for them. Yes—even those we love dearly have a right to the unlimited experience that free will and autonomy allows—even when it threatens to take them away from us.

Something important to understand if you’re the one trying to get someone to see higher is that if they are vibrating a match to the freight train, and what you want them to see or do came from an understanding you gained from being at a higher level of frequency, there is no way for them to see it. Because those freight-train experiences are lower frequency phenomena, and because the higher understanding is a higher frequency phenomenon, they won’t be able to see what you see because there is a vibrational mismatch. If something is vibrating at a significantly higher frequency than where someone is in consciousness, it is invisible to them, and impossible for them to see.

Who is that wants to impose these "enlightened ideas" on others anyway? Is it the aspect of you that provides the higher-frequency view? No. it is your ego. Ego is the one that is judging that someone else isn't in exactly the right place in consciousness for them, having the experience that is right for them at any given time. Ego is the one that is scared and wants to control what happens in its world. Ego is the one that has decided that the experience someone else has chosen is wrong. Ego is the one that wants others to conform to our own ideas, however lofty or not lofty, because it wants to run the show, even though it is ill-equipped to do so. Ego simply does not have the unlimited view of the Whole of Creation that it would need to make an accurate judgment of what's what. Ego is not fit to run your own life, much less the lives of others!

Poor ego—always trying to do the impossible. The one thing ego is an expert at, though, is keeping us tied to the duality matrix. While trying to coerce someone into doing what you judge that they should do, you are simply holding yourself in duality, and thus at lower frequency. That takes you in the direction you'd rather not go if your intention is enlightenment and greater joy, and actually affects others in a way that is opposite of what we desire for them.

This is not to say we have no real power in the lives of others. We can, indeed, make a powerful difference. We can be the lighthouse—a beacon cutting through the fog—so that when someone we care about is tired of struggling with the monster waves and heavy surf (and the freight trains!), and desires to come to the peaceful waters and safety of higher frequency, we are simply there, shining our Light, offering them an illuminated passage Home. And even more exciting is the understanding that when we stop judging their experience as wrong, staying peaceful and centered in our own beingness, we are higher in frequency, which raises the frequency of the Whole. That is what actually helps others, because when the frequency of the Whole is raised, it has a magnetic effect on each individual that helps them move into higher consciousness spontaneously.

Empower yourself and others by keeping your own frequency high. Do this by staying centered and aligned with your God-Realized Self, thus stopping your ego from running your program and trying to run the programs of others. Radiate Love unconditionally, because this is what you are designed to do and is what raises the frequency of everyone else in an exponential way. Our busybody egos don't like to admit it, but it is true that we are able to offer far more empowerment to everyone else when we simply stay in alignment, mind our own business, and allow others to have their own life adventure without trying to interfere! Raising your frequency, and thus, the frequency of the Whole, is only possible when you “live and let live.”

Illusions are the heaviest of burdens. What a relief to be able to drop the burden of being responsible for everyone else's experience!

Recreating Eden Study Groups

I was excited that within 24 hours of announcing the first Recreating Eden Study Group via teleconference, it was filled up! As of this writing, we have a waiting list of seven people. I’m considering offering another f’ree group, so if you’re interested, and I don’t already have you on the list, please contact me!

By the way, if YOU are interested in leading a Recreating Eden study group with your friends, at your church, or at your local library, we’ll be happy to offer a discount on the books and provide a study guide. Just let me know!

F’ree Teleseminars

If you haven’t yet joined us for one of the f’ree monthly teleseminars, be sure you're on our mailing list, and make a point of doing so in the upcoming months! We have a lively time, and people attend from all over the planet. Our January seminar drew people from Australia, Hawaii, Canada, and all regions of the U.S. We even had one intrepid soul drag herself out of bed at 2 a.m. in Dublin, Ireland, to join us!

And speaking of the teleseminars, the recordings of November’s and December’s are now available on CD and you can listen to audio samples of each of them when you go to the Recordings page.

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