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Spring 2006

Greetings, Friends on the Leading Edge!

The magic of Spring in North Carolina
(Photo by Julia R. Hamrick)
The season of renewal is upon us! While Spring, unfolding now in the northern hemisphere, may be the most obvious and familiar sign of this, there is renewal happening within us no matter where on Earth we are as we integrate the higher-frequency energy that is enveloping our planet and calling us to new levels of consciousness and behavior.

The signs of this renewal likely include demands from within you to, once and for all, address and clear out old “stuff.” Anything less than Love will not be able to survive in the brilliant new life you are creating for yourself. If you are being challenged now to deal with things you’ve tried to keep swept under the rug, just realize that you are being presented a great opportunity. As you transform, through acceptance and Love, whatever is obstructing your full radiance, you are creating a giant leap in awareness and a major enhancement of your experience of life. Know that this process will be far easier than it has ever been before if you allow it to be. Ask for divine help and it is absolutely there for you. Expect miracles and you will experience them!

It is vital that we live our vision of harmony through our choices, and answer, without hesitation, the powerful calling of our God-Realized Self to rise up and be Who We Really Are. If you drag your feet, they will be getting mightily scraped, as the movement upward into alignment will not be denied. Let go to the rising times and soar!

In Joy,

Julia Rogers Hamrick

In This Issue

Are there evil ones out to get us?

That’s none of our concern, really! See why focusing on conspiracy theories is the last thing you want to be doing if freedom for all is your desire.

Conspiracy Theories and Fear: What You Focus On, You Empower

Barely a day goes by that I do not encounter someone on the Internet passionately proclaiming that the world is held captive by a conspiracy of evil and that the helpless, hapless human inhabitants of the planet have been enslaved by a small dynasty of calculating, nefarious men (or aliens) and their wicked organizations. What could be more classically duality-matrix themed than that?

However well-meaning those that espouse this are, and however true these notions may possibly be in one view of reality, it is not a view of reality you want to focus on if creating a world of harmony and joy is your desire! Investing any passion in the duality matrix by being outraged about “evil” does exactly the thing that keeps you—and the rest of humanity—at lower frequency: increasing the power of entities in reverse polarity by feeding them with energy. Whenever you focus on or push against something, you empower it. The key is rising above it.

Have you noticed how much fear you tap into when you read, hear, or think about these ideas of being controlled and manipulated? Have you sensed the drop in your frequency and the diminution of joy that is triggered when you immerse yourself in these conspiracy discussions? What does this tell you? If you’re alert to it, you’ll know that you’ve moved into the territory of the part of you that thrives on fear.

What aspect of you is it that gets excited from and feeds off fear? It’s your reptilian brain. While the reptilian brain does handle some important jobs within you, like controlling your autonomic nervous system and making sure you don’t get run over by a bus, it is not the aspect of you that will lead you to freedom and happiness! Heeding the call of the reptilian brain leads you down in frequency and farther from the Paradise reality of ease and joy.

So, why would you lower your frequency by drinking in—and passing on to others—fearful stuff? In addition to the calling of your reptilian brain for more scary input, your reptilian brain is also about status—the smarter you appear, the higher your status. (In the reptilian brain’s world, status is a key to survival.) Your ego, which is the psychological overlay for your reptilian brain, finds gratification in demonstrating that you are one of the few that have waked up and caught on to the machinations of the evil-doers.

The irony is, however, that the more people with which you share the information, and consequently, the fear, the lower the vibrational frequency and corresponding consciousness level of the whole of humanity. And the more determined people become to overcome the evil by pushing against it, the more it is strengthened. So the more energy given to the theoretical conspiracies, the more the conspiracies—or the fear they generate—are empowered, and the further disempowered humanity is!

The lower your frequency/consciousness, the less you can perceive, and the more easily you are manipulated. So if you are worried about human enslavement (or whatever the conspiracy theory du jour is), the least helpful thing you can do is dwell on it and share the fearful stuff with everyone!

The sadly humorous thing about conspiracy theories is they thrive off fear, and knowing about them does not create some sort of important awareness that leads to moral victory and a triumph of “good” over “evil.” You can’t ”overcome evil” by railing against it or even focusing on it. In order to escape the clutches of evil, you have to opt out of the reality where there is such a thing as “good” and “evil.” And the way you do that is by rising in frequency above the duality matrix through choosing joy and unconditional radiance—the way of the spiritual master. This comes as a disappointment to the reptilian-brain-driven ego, that thrives off the notion that fighting is the way to solve problems!

The most powerful thing you can do with your awareness is to choose to focus on and dwell in joy, and to radiate Love instead of fear, thus bringing the whole of humanity up in frequency. That is what will actually set humanity free. True freedom from the tyranny of fear is found simply by raising your frequency out of fear and into joy by choosing to shift your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want.

Human beings only comprehend their true power when they are at a high enough level of consciousness to do so. So if what you want is to empower humanity, focusing on joy, and raising your own vibrational frequency to the level where joy is your experience, raises the consciousness of humanity and offers your fellow human beings the opportunity to comprehend their power. When you know your own power, it is no longer possible to be a powerless victim. So do yourself, and all humanity, the service of keeping your focus aligned with Love and joy.

Airy-Fairy? Not this Power Tool!

If you think faith is a lovely notion but not very practical, you’d be wrong!

Faith is one of your premier Qualities of Origin, the characteristics you were born with that enable you to be the fully enlivened, fully creative being you were designed to be. Far from being a passive, airy-fairy idea, faith is definitely a power tool—it is one of the most potent of your inborn “creativity toolkit.” There are two aspects of faith—one is a general expectation of well-being, and another is the expectation of the manifestation of a desire. In this two-part article, we’ll look at both kinds of faith.

Part One

Faith: Your Energetic Link to The Divine Design for Wholeness

Over-lighting faith is a pervading inner sense—a knowing—that there is a higher organizing force that is continually creating according to a model of wholeness and harmony and that all is in "Divine Order;" that all is well. When you embrace this knowing, your life entrains to it, proving you right, with circumstances organizing according to it so that your life experience reflects your resonance with harmony. What a blessing this is! It is an energetic tie to the Oneness Matrix. We were born with this “expectation of harmony” and it is not until we begin to focus into the duality matrix and allow ourselves to be receptive to our limited ego's fears that our faith dims. As we awaken and begin our spiritual journey back to Wholeness, we undergo various stages of faith evolution.

Many of us go through the stage in which faith is an absolute belief that a parental God is handling things. Absolute belief is powerful, indeed. And this works wonderfully well when you are at a certain level of consciousness development and haven’t yet glimpsed the understanding that God is not external to you—but that you are God incarnate, and that you are creating everything in your experience. As we grow in consciousness, and understand the Truth of Who We Are, absolute belief evolves into absolute knowing. Absolute knowing is beyond faith--absolute knowing is as powerful as it gets. This is the reward of surrendering to your God-Realized Self, the aspect of you that has never left the frequency level of God-knowingness.

This is what we’re evolving toward. But there is a point in between—a point at which you have grown beyond the idea of the parental God, but haven’t yet made it to total energy mastery and absolute knowing. While you’re at this in-between point, with much of your experience spent in the sublime higher frequencies, and one foot in the duality matrix with ego doubts rampant, faith is what sustains your vital energetic connection with the Divine Design. Faith is a true gift of grace, and like a sort of "divine porch light," it illumines your way Home.

Part Two

Faith: Its Role In Your Creative Process

Faith is a practical mechanism that empowers you to take the impulses you receive from The Divine—the impulses signaling to you what is longing to be born through you—and make sure these budding creations have the energy they need to manifest. These creations may be things—or they may be situations or states of being, such as healings, greater prosperity, higher consciousness. Faith is the energy path to go from where you are now, to the experience of that which you desire.

Faith creates a lifeline of energy so that whatever it is you desire can attract the energetic substance needed for it to manifest. You maintain the integrity of this lifeline simply by assuming that it is unfailingly nourishing and strengthening the energy template of whatever it is that you wish to birth so that it can come fully into your experience at exactly the right time. Doubt, which is anti-faith, creates an energy blockage that deprives your desire of the energy it needs to manifest. 

Acting as an energy bridge from what you are experiencing now into what we perceive as the future, faith connects what you conceive of and desire in this present moment across space-time to the point at which you can accept its manifestation. Until we have reached the point in our spiritual evolution where we are acting as the energy masters we really are—masters who have dropped all resistance and can manifest things instantly—faith plays the role of connector between concept and execution over a span of what we perceive as time.

Faith is a tool that requires cooperation from the ego. Otherwise, through fear, doubt, disbelief, and resistance, it is the ego that impedes our total creativity, and our ability to instantly manifest. Our ego-minds are extremely short-sighted, and tend to believe that if they can’t see it, it doesn’t exist—that if no movement is perceptible to it, then no movement is occurring. But the lion’s share of the creative process takes place in the unseen realms, so faith allows you to hold the lifeline of energy in place so that what is coalescing around your desire can be fed while the manifestation has not yet appeared in this dimension.

When we help the logic-loving ego understand that unwavering faith is not an abstract concept, but is a practical necessity for creating, having, doing, and being all that we long for, we can more easily get it on board and get it to drop its resistance. A masculine-polarity entity such as the ego is action-oriented, and needs to contribute. An ego without a job serving Spirit is an ego fomenting doubt or dissent, and drawing us down in frequency. So give your ego-mind an opportunity to participate constructively in your divine creations by empowering it to take any necessary practical action in the 3-D world, and by encouraging such activities as making collages or writing stories about how the manifestation of your desire looks and feels. Even your ego will be enthusiastic when the results of your faith become undeniable, and it will more readily allow you to experience that pervasive, constant knowing that all is in Divine Order.

There will come a point at which you are high enough in frequency, and so aligned with your God-Realized Self, the true creative aspect of you, and so absolutely certain of your ability to create your desires, there will never even be a flicker of doubt. Until then, know that faith is a vital tool for being the creator that you are.

Report from the trenches

If you find yourself spending your days in the dog-eat-dog arena that is Corporate America (or, fill in your own country’s name), you’ll want to read on.

Maintaining a Spiritual Focus in the Corporate World

The following article is by Rick Hamrick, my male counterpart, otherwise known as my husband, my best friend, protector of my sanity, sometime funny man (provoker of much eye-rolling), and my strongest supporter, who manages to maintain a spiritual focus while working for a large corporation.

Is it possible to work for a typical, large American corporation while retaining your true nature? In particular, if you are, for lack of a better term, a believer in the unity of all of us, can you come away unscathed from a daily dose of “eat or be eaten?”

The corporate world is one which is rampant with reptilian energy--the “I can only win if you lose” kind of world view. Interestingly, I have seen a gradual change from that short-sighted way of looking at things to one that is more in harmony with a “we are all one” view of humanity. That being said, though, I still find the energy of a corporate headquarters to be full of competitive sizzle. There are more than 60 people in my office with a job title of Vice President or higher. These folks are generally not easy-going. Most are “stress magnets.” They draw drama to themselves.

In my job, I work directly with all of these people, so I have developed some easy-to-use mechanisms both to help me avoid accumulating too much of the stress the executives of the company have around them, and to help them release some of the stress they are holding onto.

The most important is humor. Making a joke when a VP feels like he or she is in a life-threatening crisis (they never are—we’re in real estate, not firefighting, brain surgery, or the infantry) can be effective. Sometimes, I get a baffled look that tells me the person is beyond helping out of their stress at the moment. Most of the time, though, I get a relief laugh—you  know, that kind of laughter that you hear when someone avoids a disaster just barely. It’s a nervous laugh, but it is providing relief.

The key is to bring perspective back into the mix. When people get so laser-focused on one task to the exclusion of all else, anything that interrupts is seen as cutting a lifeline. But it is not a lifeline at all: it is the connection to their stress induction. Cutting it is exactly what is needed.

Another technique I use is to beam Love. By that I mean, when I see someone obviously in the throes of some critical task that has them stoop-shouldered from the burden and frowning from the stress, I consciously create a beam of stunningly white light that is pure Love from me to their heart. This does two things, both positive in that moment. It makes it almost impossible for me to take on their burden in the way they are carrying it (a 500-lb bag on their backs) because I am not in a receptive mode! I’m busily beaming, so I’m a transmitter, meaning my receptive side is turned to Source. Also, it can prove helpful to the other person should there be even the slightest opening for them to receive what I am sending.

Working in the headquarters of a big company is not easy for anyone. It can prove troubling in many ways, not the least of which is the tendency for the work environment and the stress it can bring to leak over into your home life. I find it imperative to have at least fifteen minutes of time when I first get home to mentally and energetically change gears. It helps to keep from bringing the energy of the office into my time with Julia and the work we do together to promote the message of Recreating Eden.

One last thing to keep in mind: while these techniques are a great help to me, it is also helpful to think of the benefit, however small and hard to detect it may be, that I bring to the corporate world with my own energy. When we maintain our integrity and continue to shine our Light at work, even when the reptilian energy is beckoning us to join it in the duality-based forum of win or lose, who knows how valuable that is to the others around us? When I am at the office, I am not simply surviving the type of energy I often find there, I’m also helping to shape it into something more harmonious! If you haven’t yet realized your own power to make a difference in your workplace, try some of my techniques and invent some of your own. You might realize that you are in that setting for a greater purpose than just earning a paycheck!

North Carolina’s going to be a lot more joyful in early May

I’ll be presenting multiple Intentional Joy events in both Winston-Salem and Raleigh, NC, the first and second weeks in May, including talks, intensives and private consultations. For event details, click the city names above. I would love to see you!

And downright blissful in June!

No matter where you live, consider coming to the Southeastern Spiritual Conference in Greensboro, NC at Guilford College June 18-24! I’ll be facilitating a progressive five-day workshop “The Paradise Process—Keys to Reclaiming the Bliss That Is Your Birthright” at this “summer camp for grownups” and there will be lots more great teachers and fun activities to enjoy. You will not believe the price, either—Pay by April 22 and get the early bird rate of $580 for all conference activities, room and board! You can hardly stay home for that amount, and you surely won’t have as much fun! For details, see Playing In The Heart of Spirit

Instant Frequency Boosters

Give Up and Wail

“I give up!”
The most empowering, frequency-raising thing you can do is to surrender your ego’s will to align with the greater will of your God-Realized Self. “I give up” is a mudra (a sacred gesture) that gets this across at a visceral level as you say the words either silently or aloud. (Thank you, Rick Hamrick for coming up with this mudra!)

  • Touch both palms of your hands to your chest to signify “I.”
  • Extend your hands, palms up, out in front of you to signify “give.”
  • Raise your extended hands, palms up, toward the sky to signify “up.”

You’re not gesturing skyward to imply that your God-Realized Self lives in the sky, but to signify “higher in frequency.”

The Siren
Using your voice to raise energy is an ancient practice. You’ll find The Siren to be a sure-fire way up in frequency, even if you start in the dumps. If you’re chakra-aware, you’ll notice that you move sound/energy through every chakra as you tone your way up, which is very balancing. This is really cool to do in a group.

Start by sounding “oooooooooooooooo” (with a long ‘o’ that rhymes with “glue”) at the lowest note your voice will go and raise the tone up smoothly over a period of a few seconds, from as low as you can easily go to the highest you can easily go, like a siren starting up, and hold the highest note as long as you can. Repeat as needed (or desired—it’s so fun and enlivening, you’ll likely want to do it a lot)! Do not force the sound—let your voice gently wrap around the sound so as not to cause vocal strain.

April’s F’ree Teleseminar will teach some new moves

Mark your calendar—our April teleseminar will be April 25 at 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central, 7 pm Mountain, 6 pm Pacific, at no cost other than your long-distance charges. The topic will be Dancing with Ego: Learning to Let Love Lead For details, see our Events page.

Questions—I need questions!

Do you have a question about life that you’d like me to take a shot at answering? I find that I am very inspired by questions, and frequently find out things I never knew before in the process of answering! You can send your question via the “Contact Us” feature on the website, and if I find myself inspired by your question and choose to answer it on the “Julia Answers” page we’ll soon be adding, you’ll get a free download of one of the teleseminar recordings!

Answers—I have answers!

The article below is an example of how questions inspire me. In discussing the idea of withdrawing energy from the conspiracy concept (see “Conspiracy Theories and Fear” above), someone asked the question: “If we ignore what people are saying about conspiracies, and take what amounts to the ostrich approach, how can we stay informed so that we can make wise decisions and not be manipulated and controlled?” In answer, I was inspired to write the following:

Staying Informed Without Information

First, the key to maintaining energy autonomy is to rise in consciousness above the level of victimhood. This cannot be done by immersing yourself in and empowering the concept that you are a victim and that someone is out to get you, even if that may be true in one picture of reality.

And perhaps the ostrich is onto something! If you want to tune your receiver to a higher frequency station where a more desirable reality manifests, it is going against your purpose to be taking in more and more data from the reality you would like to move out of. You have to shift your focus to the reality you prefer and pull the plug on the reality you do not prefer by refusing to feed it any more of your energy via your focus. Then you have exponentially more precious life force with which to empower the reality in which you are free, and live a life of harmony, ease, and joy. It is imperative to remember that we choose our reality by virtue of our focus.

From the standpoint of the current reality, the one in which you’ve tuned your radio to the “conspiracy station,” what you are basing this "need to be informed so that you can’t be manipulated” on, is living your life from your logical left brain's observations—i.e., needing to get outside information from which to make your choices and gain your perceptions.

What if, instead, you lived in such a high state of attunement with your God-Realized Self that you are naturally able to intuit whether something is healthy for you or not? What if you could feel when something is not in alignment with the schema for harmony and wholeness? What if you could tell by your emotional index (which is designed to monitor the integrity of energy) when someone is being dishonest and/or manipulative?

This is not achieved by taking in more left-brained information—especially fear-based information—but by living in attunement with the aspect of yourself that stays in constant perfect alignment—the vast aspect of you I call your Spirit, or your "God-Realized Self" (the “you” that is operating from the God-knowingness that is available when you are totally receptive to Source.)

When I channeled my book, Recreating Eden, it became clear to me that we are so very skewed toward using our logical minds, we are truly vulnerable by virtue of relying on outside information instead of using our own internal gauge. Our reliance on getting information from others keeps us at lower vibrational frequency because it means we are necessarily less perfectly aligned with Source.

As is highlighted in Recreating Eden, whenever your receptivity is to external voices instead of to the voice of God sounding within you, you are out of magnetic alignment and there is a gap of sorts between you and the Source of All, and your frequency is lowered. The lower your frequency, the more asleep you are, and the more vulnerable to deception and manipulation you are. So any way you slice it, giving attention to conspiracy talk makes you susceptible to the conspiracy reality!

For articles I’ve written that are related to these concepts, see “Election 2004 and the Anesthesia of Lower Frequency” and “Changing the Channel on Fearful Prophecy” And, of course, for the primer on the relationship between frequency and experience, be sure to read Recreating Eden!

Now, be sure and send in those questions!

Can You Hear Me Now?

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