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Winter 2005

Greetings, Friends!

The Light is increasing and Joy abounds! At least that is so when they are your focus and your intent. And how powerful your focus and intent are! They are powerful enough to create a new reality for the planet. That's our job, of course, and it is a joyful one—in fact, it can't be done without it being joyful! It's time to increase our tolerance for Joy and expand it on purpose so that no matter what happens, we are at home at the frequency level of Joy.

Even in the face of an event such as the massive tsumani of last month—no, especially in the face of such an event—our Joy is vital. How can we be joyful when so many of our planetary family died, were injured or lost everything? It's not a matter of being joyful about that, it's a matter of being joyful despite it. The only true compassion is the building of a bridge upwards in frequency so that the frequency of the Whole is lifted up above the level where suffering and turmoil exist. Joy is a marker of being at higher frequency.

Because most of us reading this are distanced physically and psychologically from the events that occurred half a world away, we are able to remain dispassionate far more easily than those whose lives were directly affected. That means we are responsible for doing the crucial job of holding steady and lifting things up through our Love and Joy. We do not serve anyone by adding to the fear and sorrow—our true and most noble service is through rising in frequency and lifting everyone up in the process. Sending your Love and prayers and financial contributions is powerful. Continuing your journey upwards to Eden is not only powerful, it is transformative for all of us.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Rising Times as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Boundless Joy,

Julia Rogers Hamrick

P.S. I'll be in North Carolina again from approx. April 21-28 attending a wedding and doing a few public events. I'll be letting you know exactly when and where soon. I'd love to see you!

In This Issue

Pass the Remote!

Changing the Channel on Fearful Prophecy

With the recent massive tsunami, earthquakes, volcanic activity, typhoons, flooding, mudslides, etc., I’d be surprised if your renegade mind hasn’t indulged in at least a moment or two of considering the various apocalyptic Earth-changes prophecies. I must confess that mine has. And some of the dire prognostications about what is to occur are enough to scare the bejeebers out of you and drag you down in frequency in the process! So I’ve been asking my Self over the last week to share some wisdom to help me maintain perspective here, withdraw energy from my fearful self, and keep me focused on our movement upward in frequency. So here’s some of what I was given:

If you don’t like what you’re seeing, change channels! We don’t have to create according to fearful possibilities! If we want something different, it’s time to empower something different. After all—it’s all energy and WE are the Creators. Those that want to create according to an apocalyptic prophecy are free to do so, and are free to experience their creation, but those that don’t want to, don’t have to participate! Global destruction, and all that entails, is not a scenario we are required to empower. We can choose to focus our attention on a different plane of reality, a different dimension, a different possibility. The possibility in which Earth and her children are birthed into Light in great joy.

Every possibility is available to us, and we are continually choosing which plane of reality to attune our consciousness with, and empower, based on our attention and our emotions. While we may have forgotten that we have the power to do so, we can change the locus of our consciousness like we change the channel on a television set. If you tune into the “TV station” that is set to a doomsday “program,” and allow yourself to invest your passion into what you see there, or even just make an ego investment in “knowing what’s going to happen,” you will become a part of the program; you will empower it with your emotional energy, and experience it in all its Technicolor trauma and gore. But if you decide that program is not for you, simply change channels and opt out of that reality! Stop watching the scary stuff, stop creating based on external evidence drawn from the world created by generation after generation of minds out of alignment, and instead, choose to focus on and feel Joy. This does not mean struggling to divorce yourself from your feelings of helplessness or fear—remember, what you resist persists. It means surrendering them to your Spirit whose pure Love will transform them.

Why do so many of us stay at least partially tuned to the trauma-drama channel even though it horrifies us? If you’ve read Recreating Eden, you won’t be surprised to find that it is the doing of the fear-hungry, reptilian brain-driven aspect of ourselves—the mythological “serpent”—seeking more reverse-polarity energy from which to feed. In the ego-dominated world, there is a lot of reverse polarity juice to be partaken of in “drama mode,” and if we’re not conscious of what we’re doing (and we’re usually not when we’re at lower frequency), we will simply follow energy without regard to what it is aligned with, and feed more energy into it, thus lowering our frequency further. Oh, how we love to feel energy moving—even energy in reverse polarity—and with the serpent clamoring to be fed, there can be quite a tug toward focusing on fear-based information, even in those of us who are more awake and, at some level, know better than to do so! But by focusing devotedly on your Spirit instead, you will naturally be subject to that tug less and less. And you will find that you will attract and be attracted to more and more Love-based information instead.

While we may be operating at a frequency where we have at least partially forgotten our power to choose and create, and while in that state, have added to the fear-infused duality-driven consensus reality by default, we actually have limitless choices on what realities we empower. We have free will to choose and create differently. Free will isn’t something that was designed to get human beings in trouble—it was designed so that we can create any scenario we choose to in order that God’s creation be unlimited. Any prophecy is simply one possibility out of an infinite number of possibilities—just one description of one occurrence on one plane of reality. That’s because God is still creating—creating through us by the choices we make. And as the master teacher, Jesus, taught: “my father’s house has many mansions” (Creation has many dimensions). Therefore, if we don’t like the one we’re in, we simply need to choose a different one.

And how do you do that? Change frequency! Transcend fear by tuning into the broadcast of your Spirit, thus withdrawing from duality. Refuse to entertain a lower-frequency broadcast and rise up to a new level of consciousness. Spend your time in the Unified Field of Oneness and Harmony. Focus on your Spirit’s messages of Love and Life and Light and Joy and Peace and Harmony. Act from that place of divine knowing, and in so doing, tune out the frightening stuff that is being generated by the part of you whose entire existence depends on keeping you at lower frequency. Believe me—if you are attuned to your Spirit, and there’s anything you need to do to keep your body and soul out of harm’s way, you will be inspired to do so—not out of fear, but out of the natural response to the impulses of your Spirit.

A timely example of this is the story of the family of my stepdaughter’s friend. For many years, they’ve spent every Christmas vacation on the beach at Phuket in Thailand, which was devastated in the December 26th tsunami. This year, however, they decided to forego their trip, which saved them from being in the tsunami’s path. Of course, there was no way of knowing at the human level about the impending devastation when they made the decision. Divine protection? It would surely seem so. (Of course, as you know from Recreating Eden, when you are completely, utterly aligned with your Spirit, and thus choosing a wholly different reality, you are not in a realm where turmoil or travail even exist, and protection is a moot point! But until that time, it is nice to know that divine protection is in force for those willing to exercise faith, listen, and act upon their guidance.)

I know that many of you reading this have a deep knowing that you are to be of service in this time of major planetary transition, and you may see that service as assisting humanity in surviving cataclysm. I’d like to suggest that another possibility for service is in withdrawing energy from “the worst case scenario” and blazing a pathway to a higher frequency where global devastation is not required. Perhaps you’re willing to consider that your greatest path of service is to switch over to the channel of joyful ascension so that, by the power of unified radiance, it is easier for our sisters and brothers to rise in frequency and leave the “all hell is breaking loose” channel behind as well. When we focus our energy on peace and Love, that is what we experience and empower for all of us.

So, friends—it would seem we have a choice to make. I personally don’t wish to participate in manifesting the global chaos and destruction possibility, however likely it may look from here. (Obviously, we’re currently tuned into a station where Earth is going through some fairly drastic physical changes or we wouldn’t even be having this conversation!) I prefer the scenario where we surrender to God In Us, and rise up to a new frequency where the story will read, “While there was a possibility of Mother Earth cleansing through a great cataclysm, we chose, instead, to lift up all Creation through our Love and alignment with Spirit, and thus Earth and her children peacefully became shining and new again in the process.” So I will be setting my consciousness to that channel. Check in and see if your Spirit agrees with this “let’s create it higher” view. If so, please join me in choosing an easy, joyful transition. It’s far easier to create and sustain a reality when we do it together!

What’s that smell?

I have been using and teaching about essential oils for more than eight years and consider them indispensable for maintaining health, clearing emotional energy, raising frequency, and promoting spiritual communion. I have a LOT to share with you on this topic, so consider this Part One, and the first of many articles on aromatherapy and raising frequency!

The Fragrance of Spirit

Back before I moved to Denver, while I was still living in my native North Carolina and house-sitting for my snowbird parents, quite the ice storm struck, and the branches of the towering pines in our yard were breaking off from the weight of their coating. As they snapped, it sounded like rifle shots, with spears of icy wood falling, some puncturing the ground where they hit, or in some cases, smashing whatever was in their path. So, like the sensible, and, I confess, frightened being I was, I called some friends who didn’t have tall pines in their yard to stay with them for the duration. A wise move for several reasons—the danger from the trees and the power outage during single-digit temperatures, not to mention, the joyful camaraderie of gathering together to ride out the storm.

After a couple of lovely days playing games and watching movies in their warm and cozy home (in which the power held steady), the storm cleared, the roads became passable, the power was restored in our neighborhood, and I returned home to discover that the icy trees in the yard were doubled over the house, looking like they were about to break off and smash into the roof. Miraculously, no major branches had fallen on the house, but it sure looked like those trees might go at any moment. I was so very ready to be home, but had to stifle fear as I walked in the door and checked the house. Suddenly, there was a powerful, almost overwhelming scent of jasmine, seemingly, from nowhere! Nothing subtle about it—it was so loud, it was as if I had stuck my nose in a bottle of jasmine oil (and at the time, I don’t even think I owned a bottle of jasmine!) What the heck? Angels! It was the fragrance of the angels. A moment or two after that realization dawned, the aroma faded, but the smile on my face only got brighter. The angels were telling me not to be afraid—that they were present and on the job! I did not worry about it for another minute. And not a single branch broke off onto the roof.

Fragrance is a frequency marker. It is one of your brain’s responses to frequency. The angelic frequency smells very much like jasmine. Other frequencies correlate with other fragrances. Ancient Egyptian royalty, whom we know were well-versed in esoteric knowledge, were great believers in using essential oils as a way to get closer to “the gods” because they understood that the higher frequency of divinity was attended by beautiful fragrance, and that fragrance could raise frequency. Huge wax-sealed jars of essential oils have been found in Egyptian tombs (still viable after thousands of years!), ostensibly placed there to assist in bringing the departed closer to the gods.

I remember the first time I shared the Feelings Kit (Young Living’s collection of 12 essential oils for clearing emotional issues) in a healing session. The young woman I shared it with exclaimed, “that smells EXACTLY like heaven smells!” It was a spiritual experience for her as the frequencies of the oils touched off her remembrance of the frequency of Oneness. I’d had precisely the same response the first time I used the 12 oils on myself! It is almost impossible to maintain lower frequency in the presence of high-frequency essential oils. Since joy is a frequency marker, and since so many natural essential oils catalyze a joyful response, it only makes sense to correlate the two and use these amazing tools to bring us closer in frequency to God In Us and Heaven on Earth.

Only therapeutic-grade essential oils have the profound, frequency-raising effect I’m talking about here. While pure, natural oils distilled to maintain all the chemical constituents and frequencies of the plants they come from can catalyze healing and help to raise frequency, lower-quality oils will not have the same effect. And certainly, synthetic fragrance will not! Indeed, synthetic fragrance has a deleterious effect on the human body. The mind and body were designed to be balanced with natural essences and are harmed by imitations. For more information on this topic, visit my essential oils page.

Can paints change the world?

Magical Light-Filled Paints, Magical Light-Filled Connections

I have a story to share about a powerful connection I recently made. I’ve already told a bit of it on my blog, but in case you’re not reading every installment (and holding your breath for the next one), you may have missed it! In case you did read those entries, here is a brief synopsis and then the rest of the story…

While doing some research about home remodeling on Gardenweb’s “That Home Site” home-decorating forum, I came across a thread where the hot topic was “Full Spectrum Paints,” and the designer who formulates them, Ellen Kennon. There was such enthusiasm from people who had used her paints, I just had to go to her website to check it out. Before I had read a whole sentence on her home page, I felt a huge wave of energy and I burst into tears! Not sad tears, not happy tears—just a “there’s strong energy here that relates to me” emotional reaction, catalyzed by my Spirit. That’s not something that has happened to me but a couple of times in my life, and I sure didn’t see it coming this time! I wasn’t able to deduce what my reaction was about at the time, and considered writing to her to see if I could get more input but thought, “What will I say? ‘Your website made me cry’?” So I shelved the idea and pushed it to the back of my mind, but still had the sense that something more was to come of it when the time was right.

Amazingly, about six weeks later, there was a message in my inbox from sender “Ellen Kennon”! She said she’d been checking her webstats and saw that I had linked to her site in my blog, so she went to see what recreating-eden.com was about and felt an immediate connection with it and me (though I don’t believe she cried!). We started a correspondence—she’s an amazingly personable, joyful and insightful woman—and I traded my book for her hand-painted paint samples, and thus both Recreating Eden and Full Spectrum Paints gained new enthusiasts!

I’m sure by now you are asking, “What’s so special about those paints?” First, she follows Mother Nature’s technique for color by making each of her gorgeous Nature-inspired paint shades from balancing every hue in the spectrum, using seven different pigments to make up each color (even the whites are made this way!) so that the paint is multidimensional. Ordinary house paints usually use only a few pigments and lack the radiance that using the entire spectrum creates. You probably already understand that white light is composed of all the colors of the spectrum, and that light equals energy, so it stands to reason that walls painted with Ellen’s paint “come alive.” But that’s not the only reason her formulas are magical—she also imbues them with her prayers and affirmations that everyone that comes in contact with her paints will be joyful and balanced!

According to the comments on the decorating forum, people with little awareness of energy or of the power of color have reported feeling enlivened and more joyful when they are in an environment enhanced with Full Spectrum Paints. How exciting! We know that when people are in joy and in balance, their frequency is higher. Remember, joy is the feeling response to being raised in frequency, of being in the vibrational realm of your Spirit, and closer to the ultimate environment: Eden. Now think about the potential impact of this on the world. The more of us that are experiencing joy, the higher the frequency of the whole. So, as Full Spectrum Paints become more and more popular and catalyze the joy response in such a simple, yet impactful, way for more and more people, imagine how the overall frequency of humanity is lifted! And that’s the name of the game in creating Heaven on Earth: raising the frequency of the whole in whatever ways possible. It makes me want to paint all the walls everywhere in Ellen’s paints!

Thankfully, I don’t have to be in charge of that mammoth paint job. Multitudes are now being powerfully magnetized to Full Spectrum Paints. Ellen and her paints were discussed in the February issue of Architectural Digest, which has caused a quite a swell in interest, and, as it turns out, the conversation on That Home Site has to date spawned a few messages shy of five 100-message threads discussing Ellen’s Full Spectrum Paints. Many of them are new Full-Spectrum devotees offering expressions of wonder at the difference Ellen’s paints have made in their environments, and how they’ve even won people over who didn’t get it at all before they saw the paint on the wall.  Ellen reports that her phone is now ringing off the hook and her business has almost quadrupled in the last couple of months. It would seem that she is creating quite the “joy wave”!

Ellen writes a quarterly newsletter that features information on color therapy, “enlightened” decorating, and other energy-related topics. Archived issues, as well as the past Full Spectrum threads from That Home Site, can be accessed on her homepage, www.ellenkennon.com .

Power tools

Love that water!

If you’ve seen the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know,” or have read Masaru Emoto’s book, The Hidden Messages In Water, you have some familiarity with the idea that thought forms influence the crystalline structure of water. Harmonious thoughts organize water crystals into beautiful, whole, colorful symmetrical forms; inharmonious thoughts organize water crystals into incomplete, asymmetrical dull-colored forms. Because the planet is around 70% water, and our physical bodies are around 70% water, we can promote the healing of both through offering our blessings to the waters of Earth, including the water that constitutes a large part of our personal physical vessel—our “Earth suit.” In an effort to bless, soothe, and heal the waters that underwent seismic shock and arose during the tsunami, picking up the fear vibrations of the humans involved, Emoto has instigated a world-wide prayer circle to send loving thoughts to the oceans. You can read more about this at www.masaru-emoto.net.

Because your body is electrical, and water is a supreme conductor of electricity, you must be optimally hydrated to be healthy and radiant. A personally empowering way to utilize the water-and-thought-form technology is to hold the water you are about to drink or cook with (purified water, naturally) and imprint it with Love, the master vibration, by consciously radiating Love to it. You can also send it the message of “balance,” “harmony,” “wholeness,” or any other sacred vibration. When you consume it, intend and know that it will not only increase your frequency through hydration, it will bring the vibration you intend more fully into your body! Drinking a glass of inspired water is a real “instant frequency booster.” Below, find more!

Instant Frequency Boosters

  1. When you find yourself under stress, put your hand over your heart “Pledge of Allegiance” style. It will calm and center you. A calm, centered person’s frequency is always higher than a freaked out, scattered person’s!
  2. Step outside and breathe in some fresh air and let the sun kiss your face (even on a cloudy day, the sun is still there, though invisible to our eyes). This one is SO simple, but how often have we forgotten to do it?!
  3. Say a heartfelt “thank you” to your Spirit for anything that occurs in your life, even—no, especially—that which you aren’t too thrilled about! (You know that when something inharmonious occurs, it’s a signpost that alerts you that you have wandered off course so that you can navigate yourself back to alignment!) Gratitude puts you back in alignment and raises your frequency.
  4. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile!
  5. Hug yourself and say “I love you” to YOU on behalf of your Spirit!

Soliloquies are okay, but…

…someone’s missing on my blog and it might be YOU! Wishing to discuss these interesting times from an uplifting perspective? I sure am. Come on over to my blog! I usually write in it several times a week, and probably would do so even more regularly if people were writing back! There’s a comments feature where you can speak to whatever it is that I’m talking about—and my topics range far and wide. Heck—you can even start a new topic if that’s what’s moving with you. I must tell you it is a little strange to be having what frequently feels like a one-way conversation for months on end, but many of you have told me you’re reading “Julia’s Blog,” so come on out from behind that one-way glass and play with me! You can leave your comments anonymously by using a different screenname if using your real name seems a little too out there for you.

I also love getting your emails. Give me feedback on the book or just let me know what you’re experiencing on the path Home!

To my partners on the journey:

Thank you, thank you…

…thank you for the five-star reviews on Amazon.com! Enthusiastic readers of Recreating Eden have posted stellar reviews there to help others find their way Home. If you’ve read Recreating Eden and would like to join in the cause, we welcome your contribution. It doesn’t have to be written like a professional review, it just needs to be heartfelt! Thank you also for the warm words you’ve offered me in person, on the phone, and through email on how you feel about Recreating Eden and how it has affected your life. It’s extra fuel for me to get the job of spreading the word done! And most of all, thank you for being Who You Are and doing what you do to increase the Love and Joy in the world!

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