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Excerpts From Recreating Eden

From the introduction — Through the Garden Gate: A Glimpse of Eden

Have you been to Paradise? Whether you can consciously remember it or not, I know you have—in fact, we all have. The Garden of Eden, the mythical Paradise of the Bible, is not a piece of real estate—it is a state of being. It is our “home” in the truest sense—it is our home of origin and our home of destiny. From the moment we departed from there, we have yearned to return and though we’ve lost our way, that yearning has driven us throughout our lives. At the deepest level of our beings, we long to be completely free of stress and in harmony with all Creation the way we were intended to be—the way we were in the beginning. We long to be whole and fully energized with Life Force. We long to have everything provided for us the way it was in the Garden. We long to experience the pure joy and total ecstasy we remember from our beginnings.

Though most of us do not consciously associate all of the longings we experience with our primal need to return to our original state of being, it is present in everything we do. Despite having lost our way home, our motivation for everything in our lives, from our careers to our addictions, from our relationships to our spiritual quests, from our creative endeavors to our eating habits, stems from our deep, largely unconscious desire to return there; to once again inhabit the “Garden of Eden” and regain what we lost so long ago. . . .

We have forgotten that we can only experience what we are truly longing for by aligning ourselves with Source the way we were designed to be, and were in the beginning, so that we can have it all.

From Chapter 3 — Losing Eden: The First Humans Choose Misalignment

When the first humans vibrationally separated themselves from their Source by falling for the seduction of the serpent and disobeying God, they not only lost Life Force, they lost effortless access to all of God’s vast, unlimited resources, including God’s omniscience. This is quite ironic, being that what they were after in eating the forbidden fruit was greater wisdom! But the type of wisdom they sought was never even a possibility. They weren’t, as we will examine more closely in a moment, designed to know “good” from “evil.” And even more to the point, the crux of the matter wasn’t that God didn’t want them to be able to tell good from evil, the real issue was that He didn’t want them to perceive things in terms of good and evil.

“Good and evil” was a concept that God did not want Adam and Eve to have. Remember, the forbidden fruit came not from the “Tree of Good and Evil” but from the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.” . . .

Why is it important to make this seemingly subtle distinction? Because “good” and “evil” are notions—merely concepts—until humans empower them with their thought-energy. They are not real things until they are given life by the highly creative human mind. Human beings are designed such that their thoughts are potent and have the capacity to create—this was a part of the Divine Design as, if you recall, God had made humans to be co-creators with Him. God knew that once the concept of good and evil became a part of their mental “software,” they would create accordingly. Good and evil could not exist in our reality if we did not have them as “templates” in our minds. They could not exist if we did not empower them with our thought energy. The serpent would have no power if we did not give power to it.

Note from the author: It is important to understand that, while referred to as "He" in this excerpt, God is not a male being, but the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy. The pronoun "He" is used in this instance because it is referencing the biblical story in which God is represented as "He."

From Chapter 7 — Recreating Eden: The time is now!

As I have written this, I have so many times asked the question “Is this really doable? Will this actually work—not just in theory but in reality? Will people really get on board with this, as ego-invested as most are in the current way things are on Planet Earth?” The answer that has come back over and over again is, “Absolutely!”

Why? We all have the memories of Paradise encoded in us. We all know, at least subconsciously, life on Earth is currently but a shadow of that—a dark shadow—and we all know that a radical change is needed but we just haven’t understood the mechanics of what was wrong and how easily it could be changed. Restoring Earth to the Eden it was meant to be has looked like an impossible challenge—something only a band of saints could accomplish. After all, few of us are altruistic enough to make huge, personal sacrifices for the common good, however much we might like to be. Nor are most human beings induced to radical action by the unlikely seeming prospect of a big-picture concept like Utopia, however seductive a notion. If so, it would have been accomplished by now.

But altruism is not a requirement, nor is saintliness or sacrifice! The genius of this system of restoration is that it takes human nature fully into account, and inherent in it is all the motivation needed to get us on board with it. What could be more enticing than immediate life enhancement without hard work? Though human nature doesn’t easily accommodate the giving up of what we personally treasure now for a distant dream of a better life for all, most of us can really get behind something that offers instant benefits for ourselves—something that offers relief from our miseries, and a far better life experience now—and forevermore. Most of us can buy wholeheartedly into something effortless that pays out in vast personal riches—the true riches nothing else will ever fill your yearning for.

That’s the beauty of this process—you can’t recreate Paradise on the planet without making your own experience of life one of exquisite joy and harmony. It can’t be created from anywhere but within yourself. Only by improving your own life beyond measure will the larger story of Heaven on Earth unfold. When you take care of the “small picture,” and do what is necessary to elevate yourself in frequency to the realm of joy, the “Big Picture” will take care of itself! And the only thing you will need to sacrifice is the behavior that got us into this mess—the tendency our ego-minds have to try to “run the show” without the stewardship of our Spirits. That is hardly a sacrifice, as will be evident as your life is brought into harmony by your Spirit!

This plan for restoration is so exquisitely simple, so remarkably easy, and so amazingly ingenious, you would almost think it was designed by the Highest Intelligence! (Please remember, this is not my plan. I’m just describing the Divine Design, in existence well before the first humans were ever created.) Not only is the restoration of Heaven to Earth a cinch to accomplish, the time has arrived for this plan to be implemented and for Eden to manifest once again. It’s been a long, long time coming, but the time is now.