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Easy World
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For the first part of the article, please see Easy World: A World of Solutions, Part I.

Easy World: A World of Solutions, Part II

Definition of terms used in this article

  • Easy World (EW): If you're not yet familiar with Easy World, you might want to visit ILiveInEasyWorld.com to get the basics on the amazing alternate reality where everything is easy.
  • Difficult World (DW): The opposite reality to Easy World. I don't have to say much to define DW—I'm pretty sure you know it well!
  • Your Spirit: Your personal Easy World guide who is all-knowing and is always making sure your highest possibilities for well-being are available to you
  • Difficult World Dictator (DWD): the DWD is your fearful ego—the entity within you whose job is to keep you out of Easy World and in the painful, tumultuous reality it creates, sustains, and rules.
  • The Antidote to Resistance is Allowing

    In advance of any serious problem that may arise, it's important for you to internalize the knowing that you can drop resistance and allow yourself to coordinate with the Design for Harmony once again even when you've encountered the harshest of Difficult World situations. The DWD isn't going to let you see that when you're in the midst of something, so knowing it ahead of time is key.

    While it is completely understandable for a human being to be deeply upset and to try to resist what is happening when certain things occur such as illness or death of a loved one, divorce, losing your child, losing your job, losing your home, etc., it doesn't negate the truth that it's your resistance to it that makes it hurt. Resistance creates friction, and friction is what causes pain.

    The amount of resistance you're experiencing is directly proportional with the degree to which you don't want something to be happening. The more you don't want something to be happening, the more resistance you apply. The more resistance you apply, the harder and more painful things get, the more you don't like them, the worse you feel, the deeper you sink into DW, and the darker things are, and so on.

    Like Chinese handcuffs—those little woven straw tubes you insert your index fingers into that tighten up and trap you as you try to pull your fingers back out—Difficult World tightens around you when you resist a situation. It's a trap, indeed.

    We think that resisting something we don't want to be happening will somehow stave it off or lessen its impact, but that's just not true. It's a DWD-induced misconception. It's becoming neutral to a situation—becoming non-resistant—that stops the pain and allows you to move back into Easy World and back into alignment with the Design for Harmony.

    Just like with the Chinese handcuffs, you can't escape until you relax and stop resisting. Breathing, relaxing, allowing, and, as hard as it sometimes is to imagine, enjoying, is the way. You don't have to enjoy the situation that's causing you pain, but finding a way to enjoy yourself, even a tiny bit, is more powerful than you can imagine.

    A Change of Perspective

    When you encounter a problem in Difficult World that your fearful ego gets really hung up on and pulls out all the stops to keep you embroiled in, it's the perfect time to access Easy World by the back door. Using the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System to make an end run around the Difficult World Dictator will always take you to Easy World if you apply yourself to it.

    Raising your frequency works because the higher you go in vibration, not only do you encounter less problems, the less hold the DWD has on your attention, and the greater clarity and wisdom you can access. Then, the solutions begin to reveal themselves, and you are available to receive inspiration and energy about what effective steps you are to take to play your part in their outworking. Remember: problems are created in lower vibrational Difficult World and solved in higher vibrational Easy World.

    Though I can't say with any authority that physicist Albert Einstein was aware he was describing the problem-solving power of moving to a higher vibration, the celebrated genius spoke to this phenomenon in one of his most famous quotes: "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."

    How you perceive a problem—or set of problems—is completely dependent on where you are on the vibrational scale. The lower you are, the darker and more hopeless things look, and the more muddled your thinking. The higher you go, the brighter things are, the more hopeful things look, the clearer your thinking, and the more obvious the solution becomes. And, the more joyful you are.

    When I hear of someone committing suicide because they experienced an unendurable period of darkness and couldn't see a way out of their problems, I so very much wish I could have helped them comprehend that just because what they were seeing appeared to be the truth, didn't mean it was so. I wish I could have helped them see that they were under the spell of the deceitful Difficult World Dictator and that they could escape.

    I wish I had been able to show them that the way out of the abyss was a matter of raising their vibrational frequency. I wish I had been able to show them that they could systematically raise their vibration and choose life—not a life of unrelenting problems and pain, but one of more peace and joy—instead of death.

    Truly—the ascent up the vibrational ladder creates stunning changes in perception and, thus, experience.

    As you rise vibrationally up out of Difficult World and move toward Easy World, your outlook shifts so that you feel hopeful. As you continue to rise in frequency, solutions to problems magically appear. Beyond that, a most astonishing thing happens when you move fully into Easy World. Problems you had in Difficult World dissolve—they simply cease to exist! In Easy World, you see that everything that occurs is in Divine Order and it's only your misunderstanding about things and resistance to them that makes them appear not to be.

    I'm sure you've experienced this phenomenon before. Something happens in your life that seems really earth-shaking and wrong in the moment, but years later, when you have long-since moved on and detached from whatever it was, you are able to see clearly that the way things happened was necessary to get you where you needed to be.

    You realize that how things worked out was just exactly right to move you and anyone else involved to a higher stage of evolution. (This seems to be especially common in the case of divorce!) When you've completely let go, dropped resistance and, allowed things to simply be, the true picture of what happened and why it was necessary is available to you.

    You can create this to happen while the situation is still unfolding instead of waiting for distance and hindsight. The key is in dropping resistance and raising your vibration. The key is in moving back to Easy World.

    You need to remember that, no matter what, you can choose Easy World, where you will always find relief. You just have to get to the point where you can allow yourself to be there. Making a blanket intention to always return as quickly as possible when you venture out of Easy World creates a sort of safety net for you when you're not able to even think in terms of Easy World.

    That Seems Impossible

    Yes, releasing resistance and getting back to Easy World is the way to resolve any problem and move from sadness, disappointment and even shock, back to joy. But how in heaven's name do you do this when your dreams have been shattered? When someone you love is gone? When something violent has happened? When you don't know where your next meal is coming from? When your home is sold out from under you? When all your resources have seemed to dry up? When you're too weak or depressed or sick to do anything?

    Even though dropping resistance and slipping the painful grip of the DWD can be more challenging the bigger or more serious the problem is perceived to be, the principles are exactly the same. It's just a matter of getting to the point where your desire to feel better is stronger than your unwillingness to release resistance.

    Oftentimes, we need to wallow in Difficult World awhile before we're ready to relax and slip out of the trap. That's perfect, actually. Wallowing is just a form of allowing—it even has the word allowing within it! Remember Step 3 in the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System? It's about wallowing as a way to release resistance.

    There may be times  when the resistance is so strong—when what is happening is so overwhelming—you may feel unable to do anything beyond simply survive.

    Something remarkable I have personally experienced is that when you are absolutely bereft and out of ideas and energy, rock-bottom is a truly powerful place to be, though it may feel anything but. When you are there, the illusion that you, at the human ego level, are in control of what happens, is stripped away. And that means you are ready to let a wiser entity lead.

    Who is that wiser entity? Your Spirit, of course.

    When you are at rock bottom, you are stripped down to your essence, and therein lies your power. That is when you surrender to your Spirit and turn everything over to the one who is always completely devoted to your well-being, knows exactly what you need, and can lead you back to the heart of the Design for Harmony where problems are solved.

    Surrender is the ultimate act of non-resistance and the most empowering thing you can do. It puts you back in proper alignment immediately.

    Know that if, upon expressing your intent to surrender, you can't immediately feel your Spirit's power and Love, it is there, and you'll soon feel it again. If you can't feel it, it just means you haven't yet risen in frequency to the place where you're able to feel it. Even if it feels like nothing is happening, I promise you, it is.

    The more you express your intent to surrender, the higher you'll climb, even if sometimes, it's just millimeters at a time. Be patient with yourself—remember, impatience simply feeds the Difficult World Dictator. Be kind and compassionate with yourself—that really puts the DWD in his place!

    When you're ready to allow yourself to be there—to drop resistance to being in the embrace of Easy World—you'll find yourself ensconced in the Design for Harmony once again, feeling the joy that is your birthright. Your intention is a powerful thing, indeed.

    When you encounter a problem of any magnitude, just get yourself back to Easy World however you can. Your problems are all in Difficult World. Your solutions and your blessings are waiting for you in Easy World. Don't let the Difficult World Dictator keep you from them!

    I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy.

    For more on Easy World, be sure to visit Julia's Easy World site, ILiveInEasyWorld.com

    Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.