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Easy World
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Easy World: A World of Solutions, Part I

Definition of terms used in this article

  • Easy World (EW): If you're not yet familiar with Easy World, you might want to visit ILiveInEasyWorld.com to get the basics on the amazing alternate reality where everything is easy.
  • Difficult World (DW): The opposite reality to Easy World. I don't have to say much to define DW—I'm pretty sure you know it well!
  • Your Spirit: Your personal Easy World guide who is all-knowing and is always making sure your highest possibilities for well-being are available to you
  • Difficult World Dictator (DWD): the DWD is your fearful ego—the entity within you whose job is to keep you out of Easy World and in the painful, tumultuous reality it creates, sustains, and rules.
  • The amazing problem-solving, healing power of Easy World is an extremely important feature for those of us straddling two worlds. Problems are a given in our lives as long as we're living at least part time in Difficult World, because Difficult World is the very world of problems!

    The Difficult World Dictator needs problems to keep you tied up in Difficult World. Problems keep DW turning and the DWD fed. Thus, the Difficult World Dictator works overtime to be sure he turns every situation he possibly can into a problem.

    How Easy World Solves Problems

    When you spend time in Difficult World, you are vulnerable to the turmoil, conflict, fragmentation and de-vitalization there, and the effects are not pretty—to anyone but the DWD, that is.

    On the other hand, the nature of Easy World is to heal, enhance and enliven. When you're in Easy World, you're fully partaking of Life Force (Love), and your wholeness, vitality, joy and total well-being are being perpetually supported. The coherent essence of Easy World ensures that problems cannot possibly exist there. What Easy World does is unite, harmonize, and vitalize.

    With the Design for Harmony under-girding Easy World, and continually harmonizing everything, it's not only that no problems can arise in Easy World, any problem you may have in Difficult World is brought to resolution there. Easy World's  dynamics ensure that everything works out in peaceful, life-enhancing ways for all.

    You can always trust that if you choose Easy World, and act when inspired and energized to, a fitting resolution will occur. That resolution will support your evolution, well-being and joy (if not the short-sighted wishes of your ego-influenced self). The more you're able to trust this process, the more evidence of its perfection will show up in your experience. And, the happier you'll be with the way things work out.

    These solutions—sometimes miraculous-seeming—are often mind-blowing in their ingenuity, efficiency, effectiveness and elegance. Your ordinary level of awareness is accessing but a speck compared to what your Spirit comprehends. Its vast knowledge and the resources it has to draw from (which are limitless) are totally invisible to your limited, ego-influenced mind. It's always a delightful surprise to see what Easy World comes up with, especially when your left brain has been completely stumped!

    Of course, in order to claim and recognize these solutions, you'll need to relax and allow them. In other words, as usual, you'll need to move into Easy World. But how do you do this when you're in the midst of an overwhelming problem and Easy World seems far, far away and impossible to get to? Does Easy World work for serious problems?

    Of course! If your perception is that you have serious problems, you need Easy World more than ever. Don't let the breezy name "Easy World" fool you into thinking it's only for lightweight situations. Choosing Easy World always works, no matter the situation, as long as you truly allow yourself to move into it. And therein lies the rub.

    It's the Resistance

    When something happens that you don't want to have happen—whether its impact promises to be major or minor—the fearful ego makes the judgment that it is bad and clamps down in resistance, creating a barrier to the flow of Life Force/Love. Resistance, of course, is what keeps you out of Easy World.

    What determines the degree of seriousness of any problem, and the pain you experience in response to it, is the amount of resistance you apply in the face of it.

    The Difficult World Dictator uses what we term "serious problems" to get a death grip on you and try to keep you where he needs you to be.The more you want something not to be happening, the more he takes advantage and the deeper into Difficult World you go. Your level of attachment to something determines the level of power the DWD has to keep you imprisoned in Difficult World. The more attached you are, the greater your resistance.

    I realize that what follows may sound a bit clinical and unsympathetic. It is not intended to be. It is intended to empower you. I want you to know what's really happening when a situation arises—how something goes from being just an occurrence, to being a problem—a dark night of the soul.

    Even though I know it doesn't feel like it when you're in the midst of it, any situation—no matter how horrible, undesirable, cataclysmic or heartbreaking it is in our assessment—is only a situationa neutral occurrenceuntil the Difficult World Dictator goes to work and grabs us by the throat and pulls us under.

    Granted, a situation may not be at all in alignment with your plans, may not be at all desirable to you, and may not be at all harmonious-seeming. It may be something that in any human mind would rightly trigger great internal upheaval. It may even be classified a bona fide tragedy.

    But what you need to see is that it's not the situation itself that is actually the problem when it comes to how it affects you. It's that the DWD takes it and makes it a problem by using its bag of tricks to keep you out of alignment with the Design for Harmony.

    Basically, that's the only true problem you'll ever have: being out of alignment with the Design for Harmony. That is actually encouraging news, because you know how to become realigned with it! It just takes longer in some situations than in others.

    The difference between a serious situation and any other, regardless of the details of it, is the depth into Difficult World to which the DWD is able to take you. It's the vibrational distance away from Easy World you find yourself, and the amount of time it takes you to move back into the Design for Harmony. This understanding makes any problem manageable, even if it doesn't seem so when you're in the midst of it.

    I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy.

    For the last part of the article, please see Easy World: A World of Solutions, Part II.

    For more on Easy World, be sure to visit Julia's Easy World site, ILiveInEasyWorld.com

    Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.