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A Vital Understanding in Creating An Abundant Life — Nobody Deserves Anything

Nobody deserves anything.

Disappointed? Don't be! This may be one of the most important concepts you can wrap your mind around. It is a hugely important understanding to grasp if you are experiencing any lack in your life. Whether or not you have what you need and desire has nothing at all to do with deserving. It has everything to do with whether you are allowing it.

The notion of deserving or not deserving has no basis at all in Truth, and no reality other than that which we give it. In the eyes of the Divine, there is no such thing as deserving or not deserving. Source gives endlessly, consistently, impersonally and totally without judgment. The only one that withholds the flow of Life Force, Love, abundance or any desirable thing is the human ego.

Yes, the concept of deserving was concocted by the ego-mind as a tool for controlling--and primarily restricting--the flow of Source energy, the font of all forms of abundance. The criteria of deserving and of not deserving are just aspects of yet another form of ego's favorite tool: judgment. Judgment is ego's way of limiting the flow of Love/Life Force and holding us at lower vibrational frequency in the realm where it has power. The deserve/don't deserve gimmick has been hugely successful for ego and is responsible for keeping multitudes of humans stuck in poverty and unhappiness.

If you are laboring under the notion that you must deserve something to have it, you are creating a block in the flow and not allowing the abundance of Source to flow to you the way it is naturally inclined to. You probably have standards in your mind for when you, or someone else, deserves something or not. Maybe it's when you've done enough hard work, or you've been virtuous according to some moral code, or you've endured a certain amount of hardship. But none of these have anything to do with how much or how little abundance you have except that you are using them to decide whether to allow the flow or not.

All that we receive comes from Source through our willingness to allow it. The idea of deserving and not deserving the bounty that is always pouring forth from Source is a purely human device--a choice we make to withhold it from ourselves based on a faulty idea. Source is completely unconditional and gives freely; likewise, we are to receive freely and unconditionally. The more we align with Source and allow the flow of abundance, the happier and more prosperous we'll be. Dropping the notions of "I deserve" and "I don't deserve" allows us to receive all that Source has to offer.

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.