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Vibrational Frequency: Ten Signs You've Raised Yours

The level of vibrational frequency at which you are operating is determined by the degree to which you are in alignment with Source, and allowing Source energy—Life Force, which is also known as “Love”—to move freely through you. You align with Source by obeying your inner guidance above all other voices, and you move Life Force through you by loving—by radiating the Love you receive from Source, out to your world.

As we choose to honor the voice of God within us, and allow Love to radiate from us, our vibrational frequency is elevated. When we raise our vibrational frequency, our world changes. Our perceptions are heightened and our ability to stay in the flow increases. Our desire to conform with anything that is not in alignment with Who We Are declines dramatically, and our life becomes about expanding and embracing joy. Here are ten symptoms of operating at higher frequency:

  1. Synchronicities have increased in your experience and you view them as “cosmic winks” and signs that you are on the right track
  2. You are more patient and compassionate and able to offer Love more consistently
  3. You see more and more clearly that you are, indeed, the Creator of everything in your experience—and you embrace that with gusto!
  4. Instead of inconveniences, you are now more likely to see unplanned events as opportunities
  5. Your choices in how you spend your time have changed and you no longer relate to some activities, companions, and entertainment choices you once enjoyed
  6. Your awareness of what is in alignment with your Truth is sharpened, and you are more and more willing to let go of whatever—and whomever—is not in alignment
  7. Things that were once problems have faded into the distance or disappeared altogether
  8. Your ability to gauge the integrity of others is heightened, and you attract more and more people into your life who are committed to living in integrity
  9. Your ego-need to control what happens is greatly diminished
  10. You are frequently joyful for no apparent reason!

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.