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A Truly Transformational Question

The question that floated into my consciousness a few weeks ago that I subsequently tweeted on Twitter was this: What would happen in your life if you decided everything that occurs is for your benefit?

Not only did lots of people resonate with it and re-tweet it, it has made quite an impact on me.

Transformation is not optional

I don’t think anyone is getting out of this current larger cycle of reorganization and transformation without experiencing a personal shift, and for many of us, upheaval. At the least, this is calling us to self-examination, and, if we're sufficiently yielded to Spirit, a greater alignment with our Selves.

In my personal experience, anything that has been out of alignment in my life—be it with my relationships, with my money, with my ideas about security in general, with my career, with my health, with my habits, and most especially, with my Self —has come up in ways that have provided the very strong message that the status quo is not going to work anymore.

A new level of integrity is being called for to match the higher level of vibration we're moving to. Unsound structures cannot withstand this "up-leveling." We see that this is true with our larger societal structures such as our financial and political institutions, but it is true at every level of our existence. We are not only being called to societal wholeness, we're being called to personal wholeness. Transformation is at hand. Resistance is futile. Indeed, resistance is dangerous.

The Magic Lens

I'd like to be able to say that this awareness was my first response to these initially confusing, painful and scary personal events, but I can't! What has helped me accept the seeming chaos and disruption and to diminish the pain is to view them through the lens that everything that is happening, no matter how tumultuous and potentially painful, is for my benefit.

Even though, to my logical mind, things at first, seemed anything but, once I tried that lens on, I started seeing it. I started getting it, and it changed everything. By accepting and trusting that everything that occurs is for my benefit, I am no longer in resistance. I'm even appreciating them. And some of them have completely evaporated!

The Problem is Resistance

Resistance is where the pain is. Resistance is what keeps you at lower vibrational frequency where you are unable to see clearly. Resistance assures that you stay mired in turmoil and struggle. Resistance causes you to make decisions that only intensify your difficulties. Resistance ensures friction and friction causes pain.

Resistance is the problem, not the seemingly problematical events themselves! Dropping resistance is the only way to experience the relief you crave when you're in a scary or painful situation.

When I was able to apply the "everything that happens is for my benefit" understanding to the challenges I was facing—and some of them seemed Earth-shattering—and drop resistance, that's the moment I experienced relief. That's when I was able to see things for what they truly are. That's when I was able to see the blessings in what I originally saw as travesties.

I was able, then, to comprehend that fundamental changes are being called for and that the problems that had arisen were simply notices that a new, more aligned relationship with my Self is necessary. It's when I was able to see that life is providing me the opportunity for a huge vibrational upgrade—or, for huge pain and a compounding of the fear if I should choose to stay in resistance.

I chose to drop the resistance. I decided to trust. Now, I am so excited at the prospects! What is to be will be far greater than what has been. I don't have to work to make this so, I simply have to surrender my resistance and allow it. By dropping resistance and embracing what is with the understanding that my greatest possibilities for well-being are always being supported, things are already turning around. So…

What would happen in your life if you decided everything that occurs is for your benefit?

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.