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Synergies: Honoring Their Dynamics

Ever since I heard a channeled entity hold forth on the topic of “evolutionary synergies” some ten or fifteen years ago, I have been observing, with great interest, these energetic relationships. A synergy is defined by Webster as a “combined action or operation.” But an evolutionary synergy is that, and more. An evolutionary synergy is the product of two energetic entities coming together and creating an energy phenomenon—a third entity—that is exponentially more powerful than the sum of its parts, with the potential to not only carry the original two entities higher, but to raise the frequency of the Whole of Creation.

You have likely experienced evolutionary synergies hundreds of times in your life. When you are involved in one, you know it, even if you have never been able to name it. It’s the juicy, philosophical conversation you have where all involved are contributing enthusiastically, channeling wisdom, and feeding off of the energy that is being co-created by the group to fuel even more dynamic interaction. Or it’s simply goofing around with a friend, when a kind of alchemy occurs and suddenly everything is hysterically funny, and you find yourselves lifting off to another level, exhilarated. Some of the most exciting synergies are created between lovers who are open-heartedly exploring the delights of their togetherness. When a couple can sustain a long-term evolutionary synergy, this is called “true love.”

As a synergy is building, it feels magnificent! But when it stops building and starts to decline, it feels anything but. Like a balloon with the air suddenly let out, the energy drops in an instant. If you stay engaged even a second too long, you feel your own energy being depleted. When we don’t withdraw from a synergy in time, it turns “inside out” and begins to drain energy. This can be described as the synergy becoming “de-evolutionary,” and just as powerfully as it built energy up, it exponentially depletes the energy of all involved.

The key to staying in the joy space as relates to synergies, is to know when to release them. How? This is a matter of developing energy awareness and sensitivity. We have to be paying attention and voluntarily disengage at exactly the right time, before the synergy collapses and goes de-evolutionary. We must learn to release them while they’re still intact and we’re still feeling joyful. It’s one of those “quit while you’re ahead” propositions—but how do you know when that is? It requires listening to your inner guidance and following it. Imagine that the synergy is a balloon that can only hold so much air, and if you try to add too much, it pops. After you do this once or twice, you know when to stop inflating balloons, and so it is with synergies.

When we’re involved in an evolutionary synergy, it feels so magnificent, our tendency is to want to keep it up and keep the dynamic going and going. But synergies have lives of their own, and we have to honor them as what they are and not try to milk more out of them. Doing so is not only an exercise in futility, it is creating an exponential shift downward in frequency. And downward in frequency is not going to lead to greater joy and harmony! When we learn how to withdraw our conscious focus from a synergy at the right time and move along to what’s next, the momentum of that synergy can continue to generate energy indefinitely.

What is it that “kills” an evolutionary synergy and reverses it so that it drains instead of generates energy? No surprise, it’s ego. Whether it’s simply ego clutching at a moment in time, trying to make it last beyond its season, or ego deciding it can claim this energy for itself by attempting to steer the “ship” in the direction that serves its agenda, or ego not trusting in the wonderful feeling and needing to slow things down, it’s always ego that pops the balloon of this kind of “magical” interaction. If you’ve ever been in a spiritual learning situation where the group energy is really high and an evolutionary synergy is growing, and then someone decided to ask an irrelevant question, or was insensitive to the needs of the whole and insisted on dwelling on something that only they were interested in, you know what it feels like when a synergy is not honored. The energy plummets.

As we expand and become more aware of our participation in dynamic synergies, it is our sacred responsibility to be sensitive to them, monitoring the energy and our relationship to them, so that we do not contribute to these energy entities going de-evolutionary, but, instead, foster evolutionary synergies that continue to leaven the frequency of the Whole into infinity.

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.