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Spirit's Language: How to Tell Who's Who in Your Inner Conversations

Your Spirit is continuously beaming communications to you. As long as your mind is properly receptive to your Spirit, this vital communication is received. But if your mind is busy being distracted by its fascination with the world that serves the ego, or by the fear-based broadcasts of the lower self, the communications are not received—or the signals are fuzzy at best. Like a radio broadcast that takes place regardless of who is listening, your Spirit is constantly broadcasting to you, but you can only receive that broadcast if your radio is tuned to the right station and you are paying attention.

Of course, in addition to paying attention and being open and receptive to the wellspring of information coming to you through your Spirit, you need to understand Its language and have confidence in it. Because this language is personal between you and your Spirit, you are the only one who can unlock its secrets through attention and experience. It is not something that someone can give you a special decoder for! There are some generalizations I can offer you, though.

The language of your Spirit is only sometimes verbal—most often, it is presented in a non-verbal format. This language of your Spirit, regardless of the form it takes, is what we are accustomed to calling intuition and can usually best be described as a knowing. It may take the form of an urge, an impulse, a feeling, a dream, a vision, a song you can’t get out of your head, a bodily sensation, a voice—pretty much the sky’s the limit on your Spirit’s resources for getting through to you.

Your Spirit will often give you information via books, movies, things you find on the Internet, spiritual teachers, and even from the mouths of your husband, your mother, your baby sister, complete strangers—pretty much anybody—even people you don’t like! (Of course, these “mouthpieces for Spirit” often have no clue that’s what they are.) Your Spirit knows you intimately and will use any means necessary to deliver Its messages, and sometimes those means are extremely creative—sometimes they have to be!

I can almost hear you asking this next question: How do you know for sure which messages are from your Spirit and which are from your ego or some other lesser, untrustworthy part of you? And which messages are your Spirit speaking through your mother and which messages are simply from your mother? (And yes, your Spirit trumps even your mother in the message hierarchy!) First and most obviously, when it is a message from your Spirit, it is higher in frequency. For this and many other reasons, you will need to learn how to sense and monitor frequency.

You were sent to Earth with both mental and physical equipment for gauging frequency, for discerning things that are in harmony and aligned with Spirit, and those that are not. Though these tools have been largely decommissioned since you arrived on Earth, it is time to re-commission them in service to your Spirit. To develop the ability to recognize the truth coming to you via your Spirit and differentiate it from the ideas coming from a lesser source, learn to pay close attention to what goes on inside your mind and body in relationship to energy, to frequency.

One of the most important frequency-monitoring skills to develop is the ability to sense when your frequency rises and when it drops. When you are aligned with your Spirit, your frequency is high due to the increase of Life Force/Love alignment provides. Likewise, when you attune to the voice of your Spirit, you will experience a rise in frequency. When you are attuned with something lesser, your frequency will drop. Your Spirit’s messages will always be of a high frequency.

When the idea or message is coming to you through your Spirit, you may feel an excitement, a lightness, an openness, a sense of peace, or perhaps a jolt of energy such as a sensation of heat in your solar plexus or a swelling of Love in your heart. You may have the sense that a puzzle piece has clicked into place. Or you may at first be unaware of feeling anything at all. Mentally, you may even experience some resistance.

So often our logic-loving, “it’s not real unless I can see it and it’s not valid unless it fits in my box” minds will try to prove that ideas from Spirit are threatening or illogical, but with careful observation, you will know when that is going on. It is natural for your ego-self to try and prevent you from taking a path that looks to it to be risky, but when you devote yourself to following your inner guidance, the fire of your Spirit will ultimately raise you up to overcome the fear and propel you forward if it is in alignment with the Creator’s Design for Harmony and Wholeness. Your Spirit is always steering you toward the higher path.

On the other hand, you may find that when the idea or message you are considering is not coming through your Spirit, or if your Spirit is trying to steer you away from something, you feel a drop in your overall energy. Remember that when you are receptive to anything other than your Spirit, there is a drop in frequency as you are out of alignment and Life Force is lessened. You may feel a shutting down, a closing in, an uncomfortable feeling in your solar plexus, a sense that there’s a dark cloud present, perhaps a kind of a sticky “thickness” to the energy or, a special signal that you’ll come to recognize with experience. Or you just may have that nagging feeling that something isn’t right. You may notice that when your thinking is out of harmony with the Whole, your body just feels weaker, less alive. Remember that when you are not aligned with your Spirit, your energy—the Life Force moving through you—is diminished.

Another clue for discerning if a communication is coming from your Spirit is that your Spirit is all about ease and simplicity. Messages from your Spirit will be simple and elegant as are all things of higher frequency. If what you are getting is heavy, complex, complicated, or convoluted, it is likely that the message is not purely from your Spirit. Most probably, your mind has presented an answer without your Spirit’s guidance, or has added its own, not-necessarily-accurate take on top of your Spirit’s divine guidance. While one of your logical mind’s jobs is to take what your Spirit tells it and convert it into concrete form, it needs to first allow the energy of it to trip the right mental triggers, not just impatiently grab the message and appropriate it to support its own limited ideas. As you grow in your relationship with your Spirit and raise your frequency, this pure translation will be instantaneous. For now, just be aware that your logical mind isn’t always trustworthy the way your Spirit is!

Your Spirit’s voice will never guide you to do harm to anyone—either in a direct or indirect way—and will always guide you toward greater integrity. Though you may be called upon to speak out or act in ways that challenge the status quo or make the ego-selves of others uncomfortable, your Spirit’s voice will never tell you to do something that will cause damage to anyone. While you’ve probably heard of people who, after committing a heinous act, say that “The voices told me to do it,” or even “God told me to do it,” you can be assured that the voice they were heeding was not their Spirit’s. As I have found, my Spirit’s voice sounding within me sounds just like me talking to myself. If you are hearing a voice or voices that don’t sound like you, you will want to double check that what you are hearing is, indeed, a message from your Spirit.

If, after applying all the foregoing, you are in doubt about the origin of any internal communication, make a firm declaration that you will only heed instructions from your own perfectly-aligned Spirit; declare that you are only willing to respond to energy coming through your Spirit, and that you will ignore anything lesser. Making such a declaration on a regular basis, such as before you ask your Spirit for guidance on any matter, or just as a way to start your day, can expedite your realignment with your Spirit, raise your frequency, and make clear communication easier—and keep the serpent’s input out of your conversations!

Keep in mind that, regardless of the details, your primary instruction from your Spirit, no matter the situation, will always be, “Radiate Love.” As the highest frequency energy in our universe, and our assurance of being aligned with harmony, Love truly is the universal solution to all our problems.

Excerpted from Recreating Eden

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.