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Respecting the Spiritual Sovereignty of Others

As we ascend in frequency, there is an angst-generating phenomenon that seems to be quite typical. At a certain stage of gaining consciousness, we assume that it's our mission to coerce others into sharing our vision, and into doing what we see as being right for them. When it backfires on us, as it always does, it's frustrating and often painful. At the least, it's exhausting, because it's an impossible mission. And, it takes a toll on your own frequency level.

When you have climbed a little higher up the mountain than someone you care about (or perceive that you have!), you may believe that your expanded view means that you are duty-bound to get them to adopt your understandings as their own, "for their own good." But each of us is on our own adventure, and we really are overstepping—not to mention, attempting the impossible—when we insist that someone see what we see and do as we think they ought to.

This is especially frustrating when it is someone we love dearly, and we see a freight train coming at them—and they can't seem to see it! We so desperately want to save them from being clobbered by the train. But who's to say that the freight-train experience isn't what’s appropriate for them at this time? In fact, that's totally accurate. By the Law of Attraction, we always attract a vibrational match.

Besides, being run over by a metaphorical freight train is often just what someone needs to cause them to surrender to their God-Realized Self and catapult them higher in frequency. Why would you try to deny them this opportunity? Why would you try to usurp the spiritual sovereignty of another? Even if it is your child, your husband, your mother, or your best friend, they are spiritual beings, on their own quest, and you don’t get the privilege of choosing for them. Yes—even those we love dearly have a right to the unlimited experience that free will and autonomy allows—even when it threatens to take them away from us.

Something important to understand if you’re the one trying to get someone to see higher is that if they are vibrating a match to the freight train, and what you want them to see or do came from an understanding you gained from being at a higher level of frequency, there is no way for them to see it. Because those freight-train experiences are lower frequency phenomena, and because the higher understanding is a higher frequency phenomenon, they won’t be able to see what you see because there is a vibrational mismatch. If something is vibrating at a significantly higher frequency than where someone is in consciousness, it is invisible to them, and impossible for them to see.

Who is that wants to impose these "enlightened ideas" on others anyway? Is it the aspect of you that provides the higher-frequency view? No. it is your ego. Ego is the one that is judging that someone else isn't in exactly the right place in consciousness for them, having the experience that is right for them at any given time. Ego is the one that is scared and wants to control what happens in its world. Ego is the one that has decided that the experience someone else has chosen is wrong. Ego is the one that wants others to conform to our own ideas, however lofty or not lofty, because it wants to run the show, even though it is ill-equipped to do so. Ego simply does not have the unlimited view of the Whole of Creation that it would need to make an accurate judgment of what's what. Ego is not fit to run your own life, much less the lives of others!

Poor ego—always trying to do the impossible. The one thing ego is an expert at, though, is keeping us tied to the duality matrix. While trying to coerce someone into doing what you judge that they should do, you are simply holding yourself in duality, and thus at lower frequency. That takes you in the direction you'd rather not go if your intention is enlightenment and greater joy, and actually affects others in a way that is opposite of what we desire for them.

This is not to say we have no real power in the lives of others. We can, indeed, make a powerful difference. We can be the lighthouse—a beacon cutting through the fog—so that when someone we care about is tired of struggling with the monster waves and heavy surf (and the freight trains!), and desires to come to the peaceful waters and safety of higher frequency, we are simply there, shining our Light, offering them an illuminated passage Home. And even more exciting is the understanding that when we stop judging their experience as wrong, staying peaceful and centered in our own beingness, we are higher in frequency, which raises the frequency of the Whole. That is what actually helps others, because when the frequency of the Whole is raised, it has a magnetic effect on each individual that helps them move into higher consciousness spontaneously.

Empower yourself and others by keeping your own frequency high. Do this by staying centered and aligned with your God-Realized Self, thus stopping your ego from running your program and trying to run the programs of others. Radiate Love unconditionally, because this is what you are designed to do and is what raises the frequency of everyone else in an exponential way. Our busybody egos don't like to admit it, but it is true that we are able to offer far more empowerment to everyone else when we simply stay in alignment, mind our own business, and allow others to have their own life adventure without trying to interfere! Raising your frequency, and thus, the frequency of the Whole, is only possible when you “live and let live.”

Illusions are the heaviest of burdens. What a relief to be able to drop the burden of being responsible for everyone else's experience!

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.