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To Raise Your Frequency, Just Turn on the Joy!

The feeling response to being filled up with Love from your Spirit is joy. Higher frequency energy—Love—activates a joy response in your emotional body. I like to say that joy is a frequency—but it is more accurate to say that joy is your emotional response to higher frequency. When you are at a certain frequency, feeling the Love from Spirit moving through you to Spirit, the natural feeling you have is joy. And here is something truly empowering to know: when you feel joy, you are at a higher frequency.

Why is that so vital? If you want to raise your frequency, feel joy! You can decide to feel the joy that loving your Spirit puts you in touch with! You can create the feeling of joy within your emotional body and it will shoot your frequency up. While most of us go through life believing that we can only experience emotions in response to an external energy stimulus, the truth is that we can make the choice to feel joy. This will be a totally moot point once you are realigned and constantly radiating Love as you were designed to because joy—no, ecstasy—is the emotional response to the level of frequency you experience when you are back in Eden. But between now and then, you may experience a moment or two where you need to raise your frequency!

How do you cause yourself to “feel” joy? You deliberately turn it on by remembering what it feels like and allowing your body to take on the physical sensations of joy. You know, that giddy feeling that occurs when you are truly joyful? That close-to-tears—happy tears—feeling? That buzz you feel when you are joyful? That magnificent, expansive feeling you have when you first fall in love? Turn it on! Feel the energy rising up in your body and intensifying! Recreate the physical sensation of the butterflies-in-the-stomach, about-to-burst excitement—and you are there! You are in the “joy space.” You are in the vibrational realm of your Spirit, experiencing the response to Love.

As you rise up in frequency toward the level of your Spirit—toward merging and becoming one with your Spirit, you will be spontaneously joyful. As you are in this state more and more, your normal emotional state will default to joyousness! You will no longer need to be joyful “on purpose”—you will experience that as your foundational state. In the meantime, you can move closer to your Spirit by simply deciding to and then feeling it. Isn’t that cool?

Excerpted from Recreating Eden

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.