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Psychic Sponge Syndrome: The Easy Inner-Centrifuge Remedy

Here’s a nifty trick to use to clear yourself of any psychic “stuff” you may pick up as you move through the world. I learned the basic format for it from a woman who had the booth space adjacent to mine at a tradeshow. Being someone who had not yet mastered the art of being open-hearted without sponging up the energy of others, I was walking around like a zombie on day two of the show, after having been immersed in the circus of conflicting energies the day before . My booth neighbor asked me what was going on with me, as I was obviously not as radiant as I had been on day one. When I explained that I had soaked up too much chaotic energy and didn't know how to rid myself of it, she said, “Oh. You just need to spin it off.” And I said, “Cool! HOW?!”

Here is the basic method she gave me, with my own refinements added.

1. Go somewhere where you can be out of the hustle bustle and get centered (once you are practiced at this, you can do it anywhere, in any situation).

2. Imagine that there’s an axis that starts 12 inches above the top of your head and extends down through your body to 12 inches below your feet.

3. Pretend that you’re a salad spinner and, in your mind, spin your energy counter-clockwise on your axis, imagining any inharmonious, “yucky” energy flying out from you by centrifugal force, just as the water spins out of lettuce in a salad spinner. With each exhale, imagine it spinning faster.

To assure that you’re not adding pollution to the atmosphere around you, you can either imagine that this undesirable "gunk" hits the outside wall of the container, then runs down and drains into Mother Earth where it can transmuted and used as fertilizer, OR, you can see it transforming into golden drops of pure Love as it spins away from your axis, blessing the world as it flies further and further out from center.

I always feel VERY refreshed, enlivened, clear and centered after doing this, and have taught it to many others, who report the same effect! Once you practice it a few times and can do it without needing to focus on it, you can run your inner centrifuge without having to stop--simply "turn it on" sporadically as you go about your business to keep yourself clear.

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.