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Inner Unity: The Vital Importance of Integrating Your Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine

As children, we are born with our brain hemispheres integrated and working together as they were designed to be. We are adept at navigating an ever-flowing stream of consciousness, going easily from attunement with the diffuse state of the indefinable, to the focused state of the definable. Being comfortable in the unstructured, receptive realm of the inner feminine is vital to receiving Life Force in the form of thoughts and impulses from Spirit. But just as important is being able to instantly switch to the structured, action-taking realm of the inner masculine. This ability to bridge both states is essential in carrying out your Spirit’s purposes in the world. Doing this requires that your brain hemispheres work in concert.

Your inner masculine and inner feminine are the aspects of your body-mind that are in charge of your energy flow. They govern your alignment with your Spirit, thus with Source, and, when properly aligned, keep Life Force Energy flowing through you in balance. Your right brain hemisphere, home to your inner feminine, is designed to interface with your Spirit to receive its impulses and intelligence and communicate them to your left brain hemisphere. Your inner masculine, which resides primarily in your left brain hemisphere, is designed to use its ability to interact with the world of form to take harmonious action on the impulses.

(To say that the inner feminine is resident only in the right brain hemisphere and the inner masculine only in the left is not completely accurate and is, indeed, an over-simplification. But for the purposes of this discussion, we are going to equate the right brain with the inner feminine and the left brain with the inner masculine because it is the easiest way I know to explain this concept.)

It is essential that the whole energy sequence is carried out. It is vital that both aspects of your mind are working toward this end. Your inner feminine must be attuned to receive the flow of energy in harmony with the Whole and your inner masculine must be ready to act upon it. To keep your energy moving and in balance, your inner masculine must take the Life Force Energy and information received via the inner feminine’s attunement, and utilize in appropriate action. Energy that comes in must be projected out.

Because we were born into a world where this energy sequence has been disrupted and the left brain is endeavoring to operate without benefit of the wisdom and energy from Source, we learn to act upon the ego’s impulses rather than our Spirit’s. Most of us have some degree of dis-integration, with the relationship between the inner feminine and inner masculine within us having broken down.

Frequently, the right brain receives instructions from Spirit that the left brain fails to carry out. And the left brain embarks on courses of action based on it’s own interactions with ego’s limited perspective and erroneous messages and input from the five senses, instead of Spirit’s higher wisdom, thus carrying out activities devoid of true meaning, and often, out of harmony with the Whole. Only when the left brain and right brain are operating in concert, and in proper sequence, can you be optimally effective. Or truly joyful.

To better understand this, think of your own life experience. Have you ever had a divinely inspired idea that you were very excited about but couldn’t seem to manage to manifest it? This is what happens when the inner masculine “refuses” to carry out the instructions from Spirit through the inner feminine. Or have you ever felt that you were spending your time in meaningless, frustrating activity that gave you no satisfaction? This is what happens when the inner masculine insists upon taking action based on external cues without information and guidance from Spirit via the inner feminine. These are classic symptoms of inner feminine and inner masculine that are not cooperating.

In order to live a life of ease and joy and do your part to restore the balance of energy on Planet Earth, it is imperative that your inner feminine and inner masculine be working together as they were designed to be; as they were when you arrived on Earth. There are many techniques for re-integrating these two brain hemispheres, such as through sound, through physical movements, through meditation, and through brain exercises, and you may want to research these, but the easiest, fastest way to get them working together is to do what you were designed to do: consciously radiate Love unconditionally. It’s something you innately know how to do and is impossible to achieve without the cooperation of your inner feminine and inner masculine operating as they were designed to.

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.