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Conspiracy Theories and Fear: What You Focus On, You Empower

Barely a day goes by that I do not encounter someone on the Internet passionately proclaiming that the world is held captive by a conspiracy of evil and that the helpless, hapless human inhabitants of the planet have been enslaved by a small dynasty of calculating, nefarious men (or aliens) and their wicked organizations. What could be more classically duality-matrix themed than that?

However well-meaning those that espouse this are, and however true these notions may possibly be in one view of reality, it is not a view of reality you want to focus on if creating a world of harmony and joy is your desire! Investing any passion in the duality matrix by being outraged about “evil” does exactly the thing that keeps you—and the rest of humanity—at lower frequency: increasing the power of entities in reverse polarity by feeding them with energy. Whenever you focus on or push against something, you empower it. The key is rising above it.

Have you noticed how much fear you tap into when you read, hear, or think about these ideas of being controlled and manipulated? Have you sensed the drop in your frequency and the diminution of joy that is triggered when you immerse yourself in these conspiracy discussions? What does this tell you? If you’re alert to it, you’ll know that you’ve moved into the territory of the part of you that thrives on fear.

What aspect of you is it that gets excited from and feeds off fear? It’s your reptilian brain. While the reptilian brain does handle some important jobs within you, like controlling your autonomic nervous system and making sure you don’t get run over by a bus, it is not the aspect of you that will lead you to freedom and happiness! Heeding the call of the reptilian brain leads you down in frequency and farther from the Paradise reality of ease and joy.

So, why would you lower your frequency by drinking in—and passing on to others—fearful stuff? In addition to the calling of your reptilian brain for more scary input, your reptilian brain is also about status—the smarter you appear, the higher your status. (In the reptilian brain’s world, status is a key to survival.) Your ego, which is the psychological overlay for your reptilian brain, finds gratification in demonstrating that you are one of the few that have waked up and caught on to the machinations of the evil-doers.

The irony is, however, that the more people with which you share the information, and consequently, the fear, the lower the vibrational frequency and corresponding consciousness level of the whole of humanity. And the more determined people become to overcome the evil by pushing against it, the more it is strengthened. So the more energy given to the theoretical conspiracies, the more the conspiracies—or the fear they generate—are empowered, and the further disempowered humanity is!

The lower your frequency/consciousness, the less you can perceive, and the more easily you are manipulated. So if you are worried about human enslavement (or whatever the conspiracy theory du jour is), the least helpful thing you can do is dwell on it and share the fearful stuff with everyone!

The sadly humorous thing about conspiracy theories is they thrive off fear, and knowing about them does not create some sort of important awareness that leads to moral victory and a triumph of “good” over “evil.” You can’t ”overcome evil” by railing against it or even focusing on it. In order to escape the clutches of evil, you have to opt out of the reality where there is such a thing as “good” and “evil.” And the way you do that is by rising in frequency above the duality matrix through choosing joy and unconditional radiance—the way of the spiritual master. This comes as a disappointment to the reptilian-brain-driven ego, that thrives off the notion that fighting is the way to solve problems!

The most powerful thing you can do with your awareness is to choose to focus on and dwell in joy, and to radiate Love instead of fear, thus bringing the whole of humanity up in frequency. That is what will actually set humanity free. True freedom from the tyranny of fear is found simply by raising your frequency out of fear and into joy by choosing to shift your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want.

Human beings only comprehend their true power when they are at a high enough level of consciousness to do so. So if what you want is to empower humanity, focusing on joy, and raising your own vibrational frequency to the level where joy is your experience, raises the consciousness of humanity and offers your fellow human beings the opportunity to comprehend their power. When you know your own power, it is no longer possible to be a powerless victim. So do yourself, and all humanity, the service of keeping your focus aligned with Love and joy.

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.