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Earth Changes and Fearful Prophecy: Changing the Channel

With the recent hurricanes, massive tsunami, earthquakes, volcanic activity, flooding, mudslides, etc., I’d be surprised if you haven’t indulged in at least a moment or two of considering the various apocalyptic Earth-changes prophecies. I must confess I have. And some of the dire prognostications about what is to occur are enough to scare the bejeebers out of you and drag you down in frequency in the process! So I’ve been asking my Self to share some wisdom to help me maintain perspective here, withdraw energy from my fearful self, and keep me focused on our movement upward in frequency. So here’s some of what I was given:

If you don’t like what you’re seeing, change channels! We don’t have to create according to fearful possibilities! If we want something different, it’s time to empower something different. After all—it’s all energy and WE are the Creators. Those that want to create according to an apocalyptic prophecy are free to do so, and are free to experience their creation, but those that don’t want to, don’t have to participate! Global destruction, and all that entails, is not a scenario we are required to empower. We can choose to focus our attention on a different plane of reality, a different dimension, a different possibility. The possibility in which Earth and her children are birthed into Light in great joy.

Every possibility is available to us, and we are continually choosing which plane of reality to attune our consciousness with, and empower, based on our attention and our emotions. While we may have forgotten that we have the power to do so, we can change the locus of our consciousness like we change the channel on a television set. If you tune into the “TV station” that is set to a doomsday “program,” and allow yourself to invest your passion into what you see there, or even just make an ego investment in “knowing what’s going to happen,” you will become a part of the program; you will empower it with your emotional energy, and experience it in all its Technicolor trauma and gore. But if you decide that program is not for you, simply change channels and opt out of that reality! Stop watching the scary stuff, stop creating based on external evidence drawn from the world created by generation after generation of minds out of alignment, and instead, choose to focus on and feel Joy. This does not mean struggling to divorce yourself from your feelings of helplessness or fear—remember, what you resist persists. It means surrendering them to your Spirit whose pure Love will transform them.

Why do so many of us stay at least partially tuned to the trauma-drama channel even though it horrifies us? If you’ve read Recreating Eden, you won’t be surprised to find that it is the doing of the fear-hungry, reptilian brain-driven aspect of ourselves—the mythological “serpent”—seeking more reverse-polarity energy from which to feed. In the ego-dominated world, there is a lot of reverse polarity juice to be partaken of in “drama mode,” and if we’re not conscious of what we’re doing (and we’re usually not when we’re at lower frequency), we will simply follow energy without regard to what it is aligned with, and feed more energy into it, thus lowering our frequency further. Oh, how we love to feel energy moving—even energy in reverse polarity—and with the serpent clamoring to be fed, there can be quite a tug toward focusing on fear-based information, even in those of us who are more awake and, at some level, know better than to do so! But by focusing devotedly on your Spirit instead, you will naturally be subject to that tug less and less. And you will find that you will attract and be attracted to more and more Love-based information instead.

While we may be operating at a frequency where we have at least partially forgotten our power to choose and create, and while in that state, have added to the fear-infused duality-driven consensus reality by default, we actually have limitless choices on what realities we empower. We have free will to choose and create differently. Free will isn’t something that was designed to get human beings in trouble—it was designed so that we can create any scenario we choose to in order that God’s creation be unlimited. Any prophecy is simply one possibility out of an infinite number of possibilities—just one description of one occurrence on one plane of reality. That’s because God is still creating—creating through us by the choices we make. And as the master teacher, Jesus, taught: “my father’s house has many mansions” (Creation has many dimensions). Therefore, if we don’t like the one we’re in, we simply need to choose a different one.

And how do you do that? Change frequency! Transcend fear by tuning into the broadcast of your Spirit, thus withdrawing from duality. Refuse to entertain a lower-frequency broadcast and rise up to a new level of consciousness. Spend your time in the Unified Field of Oneness and Harmony. Focus on your Spirit’s messages of Love and Life and Light and Joy and Peace and Harmony. Act from that place of divine knowing, and in so doing, tune out the frightening stuff that is being generated by the part of you whose entire existence depends on keeping you at lower frequency. Believe me—if you are attuned to your Spirit, and there’s anything you need to do to keep your body and soul out of harm’s way, you will be inspired to do so—not out of fear, but out of the natural response to the impulses of your Spirit.

I know that many of you reading this have a deep knowing that you are to be of service in this time of major planetary transition, and you may see that service as assisting humanity in surviving cataclysm. I’d like to suggest that another possibility for service is in withdrawing energy from “the worst case scenario” and blazing a pathway to a higher frequency where global devastation is not required. Perhaps you’re willing to consider that your greatest path of service is to switch over to the channel of joyful ascension so that, by the power of unified radiance, it is easier for our sisters and brothers to rise in frequency and leave the “all hell is breaking loose” channel behind as well. When we focus our energy on peace and Love, that is what we experience and empower for all of us.

So, friends—it would seem we have a choice to make. I personally don’t wish to participate in manifesting the global chaos and destruction possibility, however likely it may look from here. (Obviously, we’re currently tuned into a station where Earth is going through some fairly drastic physical changes or we wouldn’t even be having this conversation!) I prefer the scenario where we surrender to God In Us, and rise up to a new frequency where the story will read, “While there was a possibility of Mother Earth cleansing through a great cataclysm, we chose, instead, to lift up all Creation through our Love and alignment with Spirit, and thus Earth and her children peacefully became shining and new again in the process.” So I will be setting my consciousness to that channel. Check in and see if your Spirit agrees with this “let’s create it higher” view. If so, please join me in choosing an easy, joyful transition. It’s far easier to create and sustain a reality when we do it together!

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.