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The New-Paradigm Key to Successful Goal Setting: Align With the Design

What if achieving your goals and dreams could be easy? And fun? It can, if they are aligned with the Divine Design for Harmony. If they're not, they'll be anything but easy and will tether you to Difficult World. And I probably don't have to tell you that there's no true success, happiness, or fulfillment to be found there.

As the new year unfolds and you set your intentions and outline your plans, you must remember that times have changed. It's a whole new world—one based on Easy World, the world that Love creates. Don't set your goals according to what you think you ought to be doing toward creating success and that ever-alluring "six-figure income" or what some expert tells you that you have to do—that's the old-paradigm, Difficult World way. Instead, harness the power of alignment with your own Divine Design and experience the magic of everything falling into place with ease!

Gone are the days when it's going to work for you to decide on a plan based on any of these:

  • What seems like a good idea (but doesn't have any juice in it for you)
  • What your ego mind is telling you have to do to get what you want
  • What some external authority tells you is the way you have to do things if you want to be successful

It doesn't matter how successful a certain approach has been for somebody else or how insistent your left brain is that you can't get what you want without doing a certain thing, if it isn't in alignment for you, you will be setting yourself up for failure by following through on it. This new paradigm we're in demands a new and different approach. You might say it requires an Easy World approach: Letting your higher vibrational, Easy World Self—your Spirit—be in charge, and letting it align you, moment by moment, with the Divine Design for Harmony. This Self holds the key to your happiness. Indeed, you can't be happy unless you are aligned with it.

The You that exists above the influence of the ego is able to see the whole of the Whole, so to speak. It knows exactly how you fit into the Divine Design for Harmony, the vibrational framework of Easy World. It also sees how everyone and everything fits as well. This You is aware of what is happening at all times and knows what you need to do in order to coordinate with this design for maximum fulfillment and joy. Unlike your ego which can only guess and which has a perverse aspect that revels in frustrating and undermining you, this higher version of you is always supporting your highest possibilities for well-being and happiness and always guiding you in this regard.

Allowing this omniscient version of you to lead when it comes to choosing the goals and intentions you set—as well as in every other way—is the very linchpin to your success and fulfillment. Because unless what you do is aligned with your own Divine Design, you will not achieve what you desire and that is, bottom line, to be happy and fulfilled.

So how do you come into alignment? First, you surrender. This is, contrary to its normal definition, an act of taking on power—real power—the kind that is only available to you via proper alignment with your Spirit. You simply make the decision to let your Spirit/Higher Self be in charge and be unwilling to act on anything that doesn't come from or at least have the stamp of approval of this higher level of awareness. It doesn’t matter if it comes from your intellect, your life coach, or your mother—if it doesn't have the endorsement of your Easy World Self, forget it.

How do you know what is being offered to you or endorsed by your Spirit? This will be obvious once you truly become receptive to your inner guidance, which is your Spirit's communication, only. This guidance is always active and "speaking" to you. Its primary channel is your feeling nature. Your feelings are your alignment meters. They will tell you what is coming from your higher vibrational Self, and thus in alignment with the Divine Design for Harmony, and what is not.

In the simplest of terms, when you're in alignment—when you're plugged in—you feel good. You feel energized or "juicy." You are designed to experience joy and high energy when you're aligned with your Spirit and thus plugged in to the Divine Design for Harmony. You're designed to experience less than joy and low energy—or just kind of "flat"—when you're not.

It's kind of like that old children's game, "Hide the Thimble," where one person is blindfolded and another hides the thimble and then guides the blindfolded one to it by saying "hotter" or "colder" depending on if the finder is closer or farther away. In the case of you and the Design for Harmony, "hotter" is when you are feeling good and energized about something. That means you're plugged into it. "Colder" is when you're just not feeling any "juice" in something or you're feeling bad. That means you've become unplugged.

So, if it feels juicy, that means it's in alignment and on the right track. If it doesn't, it's not. Or at least it's not currently in alignment. It may very well be at a future time, but you will only be able to stay in Easy World by checking in with your guidance moment by moment. That is crucial because Easy World is the only reality matrix in which your true success and fulfillment will be realized because it's the one that was set up for that very purpose!

Instead of outlining your goals and creating an action plan from a left-brained "this is what I am supposed to do" standpoint, decide what you'd like to do, be, have, or experience based on how thinking about it and considering it makes you feel, and use your inner guidance system to feel things out in the moment, always being ready to adjust immediately based on the feedback. (Don't expect that you can make a plan in January and have it be totally relevant all the way through December!)

When you approach your goals and intentions this way, things will fall into place with utter ease and seemingly magical occurrences will move you forward at a pace that feels just right. You'll be able to trust the process and relax and enjoy the ride instead of being angst-ridden, doubtful, exhausted, and impatient. By aligning with the Divine Design and staying in Easy World, you won't just feel happy and fulfilled once the goal is achieved, you'll be having fun and feeling happy and fulfilled every step of the way! And after all, isn't happiness and fulfillment the point of goals and intentions anyway?

For additional important considerations in following the guidance of your Spirit to achieve your authentic goals and experience fulfillment, check out the Easy World guidelines for action in Chapter 6 of Choosing Easy World "Taking Action in Easy World." For real-life examples of the magic that happens when you do, read the Easy World Magic Lessons series.

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.